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@ -12,6 +12,12 @@ TODO:
* start - add watchdog handling to e_start to detect a hung e
* config dialog redo and simplification
* remove e_dnd and use elm's dnd instead
* defer signal emits for init splash and stuff like that until after
mainloop and pre-caching theme file, wallpaper file, own binary,
shared libs and module .so files etc. to minimize any stalls and
have a smooth init (maybe on linux just open /proc/sefl/fd after we
finally hit mainloop and go to sleep and just find every fd that is
a path to a file and load the whole file into ram? simple and effective)
* new gad usability: be able to move, resize etc. without alt
(needs old gadget move/resize mode enable/disable in the menu)
* new gad usability: initial gadget bar setup dnd needs to be normal dnd