19 Commits (master)

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Mike Blumenkrantz 99db9e2557 more E_BITFIELD conversions 5 years ago
Chris Michael 0a94e8ba71 enlightenment: Make E build again with EFL from git 8 years ago
Mike Blumenkrantz 471dcb24cb __UNUSED__ -> EINA_UNUSED 8 years ago
Mike Blumenkrantz 9e8e755cdf formatting: all at once 10 years ago
Vincent Torri c3b0637802 e17: whitespaces-- 11 years ago
Hannes Janetzek ff346d8e3a e17: leak-- 11 years ago
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 6f2213cb25 convert init/shutdown to EINTERN, move some to _update(). 12 years ago
Sebastian Dransfeld 3c12d4daba __UNUSED__ last 12 years ago
Lucas De Marchi 6638a10e20 FORMATTING 12 years ago
Carsten Haitzler 4edb627ea6 extending comp to allow "expose" and other such things - other modules 13 years ago
Cedric BAIL c6a118d738 * e: remove warning due to Ecore API change. 13 years ago
Sebastian Dransfeld 78b294c4a8 make clang happy 13 years ago
Cedric BAIL f8c05999e4 * e: Cleanup use of Eina data structure. 13 years ago
Cedric BAIL 1087de2397 Remove Evas list and replace them with Eina list. 14 years ago
sebastid 800ba0cc79 Join strings into malloc 17 years ago
stffrdhrn 218717c8dc Clean up compile warnings: 17 years ago
sebastid 6a638a7806 Fix EAPI warnings. 17 years ago
Carsten Haitzler d8c635f964 more stringshare work 17 years ago
Carsten Haitzler 4fa5c6343c generic msg system - really intended mostly to go hand-in-hand width the 18 years ago