20 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Mike Blumenkrantz 28783cfc23 use evas size hints for image widget internals if internal obj is not edje obj 5 years ago
Carsten Haitzler 3779086a63 e icon - use new skip header async preload to make icon loads async 6 years ago
Chris Michael 0a94e8ba71 enlightenment: Make E build again with EFL from git 8 years ago
Mike Blumenkrantz 9e8e755cdf formatting: all at once 10 years ago
Christopher Michael 7f9afaa54e E: Remove unused variable in image_add_from_file. Add trap in case 11 years ago
Mike Blumenkrantz d199c58904 finally kill off the last of the e_icon_object_set uses; 11 years ago
Vincent Torri c3b0637802 e17: whitespaces-- 11 years ago
Lucas De Marchi 6638a10e20 FORMATTING 13 years ago
Christopher Michael 6ab63682dd Fix API Inconsistency in regards to e_widget_min_size_* . Renamed to 13 years ago
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 5de1c63e87 Add const to e_widget_image file and part. 15 years ago
Viktor Kojouharov 78a83575db e_widget_image will use the min group size of the edje being added, if no min width or height are given. a few helpful functions for e_widget_frame* 16 years ago
Sebastian Dransfeld 7de0bc630a const char for file. 16 years ago
Carsten Haitzler b089c7d1e3 add a preview widget (includes a livethumb for live downscaling - notice 17 years ago
Carsten Haitzler 2cc0fa56bc no mroe leak - and simply bad changes to smart objects. BAD BAD. 17 years ago
sebastid 6a638a7806 Fix EAPI warnings. 17 years ago
codewarrior 97cc78cdb0 - make e_thumb fork internally 17 years ago
sebastid b9c35a74b1 Unused variables. 17 years ago
codewarrior 3d4aa3f39c - add fileselector capability to efm 17 years ago
codewarrior 66b3b98d70 - more work on internal eap editor 17 years ago
codewarrior 0924b0a717 - add entry widget 17 years ago