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Carsten Haitzler 01c64f95f0 readme remove typo in compil and install 2022-06-04 16:50:33 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 1cd1bded2c improve notes 2022-06-04 15:24:48 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 4d08f166b9 improve readme formatting 2022-06-04 15:22:33 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 53e7c9999f use readme specific icon 2022-06-04 15:17:35 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 632ed6f6cf readme icon 2022-06-04 15:17:10 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 3846dc81f0 move readme to markdown and include install info 2022-06-04 15:14:05 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler d4bada44bc remove file we dont need anymore 2022-06-04 14:07:12 +01:00
l05o dceb969857 e-remote - added -window-sendtodesktop 2022-06-04 13:29:16 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler d641d418c7 update TODO ... 2022-06-03 23:30:02 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler f374da2ef0 sys - add support for logind/systemd lock/unlock dbus api's
2022-06-03 11:46:34 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 60d94f771c e comp - fix noisy debug printf due to previous fix
removes noise from 4c6dd08e25

2022-06-03 11:06:28 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler fc13afced0 add support for org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver dbus inhibit api
this also then can list the inhibitors in a blanking block submenu of
the main menu = select one to remove it as a blocker...

2022-06-02 18:50:00 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 5e793df529 msgbus - tidy up code a bit preparing to expand 2022-06-02 10:02:17 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler c6612a7d8a dbus - move service strings to defines completely 2022-06-02 09:24:24 +01:00
maxerba 915875051f Updating french and italian translations 2022-06-01 13:54:26 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler 0d0c49e616 shot - allow escape to escape the shot dialog 2022-05-23 17:35:28 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 422c0b6765 efm - support system provided desktop files for actions
right clikc -> actions -> ... here

you might want desktop files that have


in them - then they will be included in that menu and whatever is
executed is passed the dir when run as an argument. example:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Dir xmessage
2022-05-20 13:24:35 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler cfefb25647 remove tabs and replace with spaces in printf's in main 2022-05-19 19:16:42 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 0ac04f0545 fix enlightenment help and version optiosn to exit after print
2022-05-19 19:15:55 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 4c6dd08e25 gtk frame porp change - if deleted for an existing csd app then adjust
assume it went to 0 size if removed and already a csd frame window
which is what chomium does going fullscreen - i didnt see this as i
used chromium with system titlebars not its own.

2022-05-19 18:08:51 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 877fde5eaa e comp wl - fix warning for uninit var
actually code path wouldn't care, but this silences a warning

2022-05-18 13:03:48 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler d869db87ce popup - simplify buffer alloc for popup body and silence warning
2022-05-18 12:58:23 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 7c6adbd6fe open - fix warning with possible uninitted var
2022-05-18 12:58:19 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 51e09f2a77 e config - use new eet_sync_sync to ensure data is synced to disk
sync data before the rename - ensure it is on disk first with new eet

2022-05-16 14:00:22 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 027a810e84 e config - fix config fallback handling - it was broken
loaded the wrong filename pattern due to a change i made ages to it
from file.N.cfg to file.cfg.N.

2022-05-16 13:59:29 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler a1600a137f client evas objects - fix - dont use precise for shaped input
shaped input doesnt affect or make custom copies of pixel data, thus
precise inside can't work (it can only work if the pixel data is local
- thus textur efrom pixmap is not going to produce valid data thus...
you get the drift). this fixes some odd focus/event things with some
windows that use shaped input only

2022-05-14 23:13:06 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 5cf747d45d wayland support - add watermark and bug message and pause
this will clearly alert a user they are using e in wayland mode. this
is needed as there seems to be far too much confusion if e is in
wayland or not and when it is people having issues. this makes sure
e's wayland session desktop also has the label in it so it's clear etc.
2022-05-13 20:36:58 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 5ad1680a7d e nice/pri change - centralise to util code
also getrlimit to know if we can lower nice level, you will want
something like:

*                -       nice            0

in /etc/security/limits.conf to allow for users to both raise and
lower nice level up until this limit (ie not negative nice levels).

perhaps enlightenment_system needs to do this...
2022-05-13 20:36:58 +01:00
Spam Me e0ccb08d0a Add german translations 2022-05-09 11:28:08 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler c8b1077de6 gadcon - fix disabled items... this is a radio and switches a/b/c ...
just because an item is not the selected one does not mean it should
be disabled. that is not how radios work. you choose 1 of n menu
items... only items you should NOT select (are not available for
selection) should be disabled.

2022-04-27 14:51:55 +01:00
Alastair Poole b413ee5d03 procstats: Handle e_client fullscreen requests.
Add an event handler for E_CLIENT_FULLSCREEN. Remove the client,
destroying the popup and icon region.

This resolves the issue where a client fullscreen request would
leave a rogue icon region and popup if switching to full screen
with some applications.

@fix T8996
2022-04-25 15:21:19 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler e4768d53f0 config - remove duplicate bindings for the same acpi event
this is bad - same event does 3 things. dim, undim and show brightness

2022-04-15 12:50:50 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 582cbf8af8 e config - remove upgrade blocks for luncher + sysinfo
these are not even around so... dont enable them if going from a very
old cfg

2022-04-15 11:03:15 +01:00
maxerba f9b5d44681 Updating french and italian translations 2022-04-13 20:25:44 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler d24370afb6 touchpad input synaptics - fix tap to click props to work
if the driver if synaptics tap to click didnt work. this fixes that.
it didn't get the property values right in the "bitmask" enabling

2022-04-13 15:21:38 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 7e6736e743 shot - be clear about the shot uploads being unecrypted and available
we were clear, but just to be sure - tell people more expicitly that
it's all totally out-there-public data...
2022-04-12 13:16:25 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 1fe64f8b01 focus action - raise/unshade/uniconify on focus dir/next/prev action
it's not right that windows stay shaded, iconified or stacked below
when you use a binding to switch focus like "focus prev" to cycle just
with a plain key. this fixes that

2022-04-11 12:29:14 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler ff90c852a7 ptr - fix cursor getting stuck in resize after blanking
i now saw this... i don't know why now... and consistently. fixed.

2022-04-07 22:17:43 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 19724dc3e8 pointer - null out deleted strings
avoids them being accessed incorrectly later
2022-04-04 15:02:38 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler bb8874930b fix more unfullscreen clicker/toggle when window is small...
another codepath for the fullscreen flicker bug via the job handler

2022-04-02 11:01:01 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 1051c77d31 fix fullscreen flicker/toggle when window is small and we get mouse out
we get a spurious mouse out if your window is small then told to go
fullscreen which then causes in ponter focus a unfocus event which
causes e to restore window to its non-fulscreen mode which then may
cause a mouse in again if mouse is positioned right which causes a "go
fullscreen now again" and so on... fix this and ignore that mouse out
right after going fullscreen.

2022-03-25 10:40:00 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler f81387470f xkb - use new feature to ignore just xmodmap changes
this avoids e re-setting kbd layouts on just "xmomdmap" changes. needs
new feature in efl slated for efl 1.27
2022-03-24 17:54:30 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 5d430a3fa6 qrt bug workaround - qt does not remove WM_STATE when withdrawing
as per icccm - client should remove WM_STATE when withdrawing... and
qt relies on WM_STATE to know if it re-show a window - the property
it itself refused to remove...
2022-03-22 12:42:33 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 6f59af7e9f winlist - fix 0 item lenth rows - have at least 1 item
this fixes winlist large mode sometimes losing windows in the view.

2022-03-22 12:41:01 +00:00
Alastair Poole 0fc17828f6 procstats: fix popup state on maximize/unmaximize 2022-03-08 10:51:21 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 9e23feb482 comp - fix event shape to account for txt/texblock and img properly
2022-03-08 01:30:57 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 6bdd1abbe2 comp - fix shapoe event to skip clippers 2022-03-08 01:30:57 +00:00
Simon Lees 3331e87184 Tasks: choose a readable default preview size.
The preview at 32px is practically unreadable 240px is probably
a much more sensible default value
2022-03-04 19:11:15 +10:30
Carsten Haitzler 6dac5c5cd0 remove unused var. 2022-03-02 11:44:02 +00:00
maxerba d61b06aa77 Updating french and italian translations 2022-02-25 14:28:52 +01:00