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Marcel Hollerbach 4583cc9fda wip 2020-10-10 14:41:01 +02:00
Alastair Poole 8ef9a44214 e_client_volume: remove unused object 2020-09-24 00:37:51 +01:00
Alastair Poole af560c6566 procstats: window resource module.
The module sends messages which the theme displays. Thus, the
module requires a theme with an implemented edj script to be

Currently EFL 1.26 includes a basic text label for this...
Usage is recursive...everything under the window is included.

Rudimentary, as usual...please do something pretty...

RFC. Hopefully I didn't break the universe...again!
2020-09-23 19:57:24 +01:00
Alastair Poole 2c70e9648d xsettings: unbreak config and use standard naming.
Reviewed-by: Christopher Michael <>
Differential Revision:
2020-09-18 10:59:55 -04:00
Alastair Poole 91d98c0183 xsettings: keep the logic "simple".
No need for hook. Wrong use of the API. The widget already does
this when checking various objects.

Set DPI to a default if X application settings enabled else use
the custom DPI.

GTK applications only respect the changes
if they are started when the xsettings is brought up. This is
confusing. Sorry for the noise :(
2020-09-17 19:29:36 +01:00
Alastair Poole 1183f221cc xsettings: restore DPI on X settings disable. 2020-09-17 17:45:45 +01:00
Christopher Michael 9adfc913e4 e_utils: Increase tmpbuf allocated size
Increase size of allocated tmpbuf in order to eliminate compiler
warnings in regard to truncated strings
2020-09-17 12:18:37 -04:00
Christopher Michael 43035f34f7 e_module: Increase 'body' buffer size
Increase size of body text to eliminate compiler warnings about
truncated strings
2020-09-17 12:18:37 -04:00
Christopher Michael 595babc0eb e_intl: Fix formatting
NB: No functional changes
2020-09-17 12:18:37 -04:00
Alastair Poole 9f33fbf62e xsettings: Allow for custom DPI setting.
Until a wayland/X11 solution allow setting a custom DPI in
Settings -> Application Theme -> X Application Settings
2020-09-17 16:50:24 +01:00
Christopher Michael ec1c6b42b4 temperature: Mark hdata paramater as unused
Compiler warns 'hdata' is unused, so mark it with EINA_UNUSED
2020-09-17 11:23:47 -04:00
Carsten Haitzler 695ea554f2 temp - remove unused local var 2020-09-17 10:21:12 +01:00
Alastair Poole 4ac98d41d4 tasks: Icon Size / Config Dialogue.
If "icon only" use the container's dimensions.
Fix config dialogue anomaly.
2020-09-17 00:17:02 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 1d87379d47 temp - move entirely to hwmon based temp sensors on linux 2020-09-11 00:00:38 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler d039b53484 e sys babcklight - streamline setting bl_power 2020-09-07 20:24:57 +01:00
Alastair Poole 721380cb1e cpufreq: fix a VERY misleading comment. 2020-09-07 16:36:10 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 100121bd64 e pointer - on lock push a default pointer and ensure it is ok after
this makes the pointer a default - so no resize animations sticking
around when locked, and on unlock we are restored to default.

2020-09-07 01:04:49 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler aaefc0cafe e intl - fix lanhuage lists to have galacian, romanian and vietnamese
we had the translations but didnt expose them in wizard or lang
dialogs .. fix that. now they get listed

2020-09-06 21:13:30 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler fbaa8984df shot - allow copy of image to selection in addition to shave and share
uses elm cnp to store the image in a selection attached to your
compositor elm win. note... some apps are fussy about what file
formats they accept... we've found through much pain that chrome (and
i assume anything based on it like electron) only accept png for cnp.
firefox accepts most sane formats (png, jpg). libreoffice too accepts
png and jpg, efl accept sjust anout anything you throw at it, so ymmv.
if paste doesnt work either the target for paste doesn't support
pasting images at all or it is fussy about formats - maybe set quality
to 100% to force png and try that as shot saves just png and jpg
(100% quality == png, evrything below is jpg).

if you want pastes of lower quality to work e.g. jpegs in chrome -
file a bug with the chrome team... :)
2020-09-05 15:51:47 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 951bb66fa0 e wl - drm - fix dlopening of libecore_drm2
this should load .so.1 not .so ... and it shouldnt dlclose a null dl
handle. fix a crash

2020-09-05 12:05:49 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 63bc2a8093 backlight - support backlight on non-lid panels and bl_power too
i didn't know bl_ppower existed... i found a device that exposes this
sysfs node and it seems it's a good idea to swizzle it too in addition
to brightness. so fix that and also fix e's backlight handling to find
backlight devices for non-lid panels marked to have a backlight ... i
have such a device here. this makes backlight controls work in this
2020-09-05 11:34:14 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 12311e63de bluez5 - batteyr percent is signed - explicitly.
arm has char as unisnged. make this signed explicitly as we used < 0
to mean no battery.
2020-09-04 19:05:00 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler da1f9bc5f6 e config - move config saving to threads to avoid stutters/io blocks
so our writes sometimes would get stuck because kernel io buffers are
full and writes are slow. on specific machines with super slow write
media and small amounts of ram this was bad.

this moves writing totally to threads. the eet file is opened in a
thread and closed in the same thread. only the eet_write/eet_data_write are
done in the mainloop. this is a 'walk struct, serialise it and compress
it" which compared to blocking for possibly multiple seconds in a
write/close/rename backup cfg files doing real io to kernel 9even
though kernle should buffer these)... is a hell of a lot better.

so sure. we block lock enough to walk the structures/lists, encode the
blob and put it through a fast lz4 compress cycle and drop into memory.
the actual write happens in the thread when the file is closed and
that is a vast improvement if you hit these cases.
2020-09-04 13:58:14 +01:00
Marcel Hollerbach 423e26cb8e music-player: also support constant play and constant pause
this is usefull if you have the buttons for it.
2020-09-02 16:08:55 +02:00
Marcel Hollerbach 124113ad64 e_acpi: add support for bluetooth remote controls
bluetooth remote controls are for example bt headsets with play / pause
/ next / prev interactions.
2020-09-02 15:39:01 +02:00
Marcel Hollerbach 0e0cf36a32 music-control: do not crash if params is NULL
should not happen normally, but it might happen due to a buggy config
2020-09-02 15:38:59 +02:00
Marcel Hollerbach 703f42e099 acpi-bindings: also set params
this seems to have been forgotten, up to this point, you could not add
params to the config.
2020-09-02 15:36:06 +02:00
Alastair Poole 16bb8e7bd7 battery: Add Rudimentary Popup.
Add a popup for battery. It will update if left visible. The popup
avoids polling by using a slightly delayed copy of the battery
state stored in config struct.
2020-08-29 16:20:54 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler b4264801d0 randr - more debug to tell us decision reasons to change setup or not 2020-08-27 11:57:27 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler e767419dca xxx 2020-08-27 11:57:27 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 2ff06deacc bluez5 mod - support battery properties/iface for bt popup list 2020-08-27 11:57:27 +01:00
Alastair Poole caa18034ab pager: ensure this works with legacy themes. 2020-08-26 13:08:35 +01:00
Alastair Poole d4d784e56e pager: Fix pager sizing/resizing when on the desktop.
Adding a pager to the background/desktop caused some issues for
users. This resolves the issue, whilst trying to remain readable.

2020-08-26 12:22:12 +01:00
Alastair Poole 728a04274b tasks: make sure popup goes away.
Playing around with steam/optimus/linux/multiple heads the popup
stuck around when i did something very unusual, so make sure it me i'm a professional....
2020-08-25 17:40:02 +01:00
Christopher Michael a8eb8821f8 e_bindings: Remove unused variable 2020-08-22 14:41:07 -04:00
Alastair Poole e7c4016a69 tasks: fallthrough popup location.
This behaviour can be more intelligent, but for now it covers most
cases. Yet to see tasks in use in the wild outside a shelf, though
it can happen so should be giving something reasonable for this
2020-08-21 10:31:44 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler beb6041646 temp - bring back temp sesor select and nuke leaks on init 2020-08-20 15:20:46 +01:00
Alastair Poole ffbb8464f2 tasks/ibar: Use correct struct members for geom.
Oops :)
2020-08-19 11:53:16 +01:00
Alastair Poole 9be3d2ad58 tasks: Too much padding.
No need to pad that so looked bogus.
2020-08-18 22:48:12 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler b1897a3667 e fps debug - have more details like wake+sleep, rend+rend flush etc.
more mini pixels to tell you a story of debug.
2020-08-18 22:02:38 +01:00
Alastair Poole 088b1b26c9 tasks: Add a Live Preview.
If it breaks, revert the patch. Try again with another batch...

o/ \o/ ???
2020-08-18 21:56:28 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler ead43c40c3 ddc - add as supported as it is compatible for our uses 2020-08-18 12:06:43 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler d32ab7e33d comp fix other 4 corners fo fps display other than top-left 2020-08-17 18:35:04 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler f6ab93b7b0 temperature - remvoe udev support as it causes mainloop stalls
so this was the hiccups have been seeing... it was temperature +eeze+
udev stalling out. tempget backend works without stalls so that is now
the only one.
2020-08-17 18:22:12 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 65a9a6615b icons - fix icons used in code to be better 2020-08-17 18:22:12 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler f6eb6af41a flag data - clean up images of system lang to be simpler 2020-08-17 18:22:12 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 9abcae15f6 comp fps debug - show separate input and output fps 2020-08-17 18:22:12 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 1f4c6b41d8 e comp - remove obsolete comp render animator and lock fps options 2020-08-17 18:22:11 +01:00
Alastair Poole 0a90a188a1 conf_randr: Let user know the mode is doublescan.
2020-08-15 17:03:07 +01:00
Alastair Poole 2027734141 conf_randr: List modes using double scan correctly.
As we can detect for double scan (since randr 1.2), list the mode
as valid, and also ensure the refresh rate is displayed correctly.
Each line is rendered twice, doubles the dot clock, so divide the
settings view by 2 so that it makes "sense". Can always add
flags to settings if deemed necessary.
2020-08-15 16:54:22 +01:00