7 Commits (48fbad5d6ba9a17195fe352a7acbb86e5b1e3997)

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Daniel Kolesa e9eda9b173 Merged with pkgE 15 years ago
Daniel Kolesa c8f572337b Prepared for merge with pkgE debian stuff 15 years ago
Daniel Kolesa e210d1a2ab Added some files to trunk/e/debian. Don't know why didn't were they before 15 years ago
Daniel Kolesa ae1f63ad81 Removed debian subfolders - prepared for a new set of debian subdirs. 15 years ago
kaethorn 59c24b5b10 Update Debian rules. 15 years ago
kaethorn 20d084b450 Fix Debian package. 16 years ago
kaethorn 1e2a81ce72 Merge with Debian files from PkgE. 16 years ago