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Mike Blumenkrantz a0a6962b5c another array offset error
SVN revision: 83133
2013-01-23 09:24:44 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz be131c90fa fix array offset for conf2 option in fileman
SVN revision: 83132
2013-01-23 09:23:12 +00:00
ChunEon Park 2eab902bc1 e/shot - removed unnecessary line
SVN revision: 83129
2013-01-23 09:07:02 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 0b6dbb9bbb /vtorri for demarchi

SVN revision: 83128
2013-01-23 08:33:26 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 18bd14af98 module error dialog is no longer remembered across restarts: this caused a crash for me on two different machines, so there's another strange and related bug here somewhere...
SVN revision: 83126
2013-01-23 08:25:54 +00:00
ChunEon Park ef2d139967 e/action - removed unnecessary line. already structure is clean.
SVN revision: 83122
2013-01-23 05:30:59 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana 55a72b5e2d updating catalan translation
SVN revision: 83108
2013-01-22 23:06:01 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana 32a0657b89 updating spanish and italian translation
SVN revision: 83104
2013-01-22 21:25:08 +00:00
José Roberto de Souza 2253d00f91 e/appmenu: Only register AppMenu.Registrar iface when we have a instance
Patch by: José Roberto de Souza  <>

SVN revision: 83102
2013-01-22 19:32:09 +00:00
José Roberto de Souza 4f78547dd5 e/appmenu: Relase bus name when shutdown module
Patch by: José Roberto de Souza  <>

SVN revision: 83101
2013-01-22 19:32:02 +00:00
Igor Murzov 3a3cf9c42e Better gettext usage in Quickaccess.
This also fixes incomplete <br> tag.

SVN revision: 83088
2013-01-22 15:00:21 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 0a8c14fb90 send conf2 option change event when applying option
SVN revision: 83086
2013-01-22 14:08:50 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 3767fe1ce6 typo for conf2 option to disable screen effects
SVN revision: 83085
2013-01-22 14:06:15 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 35f01480ac conf2 entry matching now even more accurate
SVN revision: 83084
2013-01-22 13:51:11 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 89cbf7d653 text searching in conf2 will now be much more accurate when one "word" contains multiple tags
SVN revision: 83083
2013-01-22 13:44:28 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana 59a62b437f updating catalan translation
SVN revision: 83079
2013-01-22 12:11:52 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 9707e23024 reenable nocomp_fs by default now that it's fixed
SVN revision: 83078
2013-01-22 11:41:13 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 6d4ccf159c finally fix bug with "don't composite fullscreen windows" option
ticket #1558

SVN revision: 83076
2013-01-22 11:34:45 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz b93d7aeb23 change a couple comp DBGs to WRN
SVN revision: 83075
2013-01-22 11:31:07 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz f217f7e0b3 set comp log level to info
SVN revision: 83074
2013-01-22 11:29:24 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 0c524f1094 add null checks to external comp api
SVN revision: 83068
2013-01-22 10:18:53 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz b0c585cedd comp now has and uses its own log domain
SVN revision: 83067
2013-01-22 10:04:26 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 65aaca959f move ecore-x checks in comp to beginning of comp init
SVN revision: 83066
2013-01-22 09:59:22 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 7923a0937c fix desktop gadget dragging near screen edges
ticket #2108

SVN revision: 83063
2013-01-22 09:39:04 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 68c11dfc68 possibly fix possibly existing clock popup crash
ticket #2090

SVN revision: 83062
2013-01-22 09:01:25 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 7f22a1e36a don't need to be rebuilding illume edj files all the time, these haven't changed since dinosaurs roamed the earth
also probably fixes ticket #2084

SVN revision: 83060
2013-01-22 08:54:25 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz bbff627334 better fix for initial placement of wine windows, also fixes bug where windows would be placed slightly offscreen
SVN revision: 83059
2013-01-22 08:39:10 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana e834ff0d6e updating italian translation
SVN revision: 83018
2013-01-20 16:29:23 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz 8fcf2cbcca remove old e_msg-based comp api as well as e_manager_comp api, replacing both with e_comp functions and events
this completely breaks anything external which used comp, so module api version has been bumped

SVN revision: 82973
2013-01-18 12:47:14 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz e75bc273b2 e_comp.h now includes other comp headers, explicitly including comp headers is not necessary
SVN revision: 82972
2013-01-18 11:22:05 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz fc287ad767 make "fast" comp effects initially disabled if effects are disabled
SVN revision: 82971
2013-01-18 10:50:33 +00:00
Mike McCormack 66c08a536d e: Remove unused variable warnings
Signed-off-by: Mike McCormack <>

SVN revision: 82966
2013-01-18 06:45:55 +00:00
Chidambar Zinnoury f0eb778f50 e mixer and battery modules: reuse notifications.
SVN revision: 82931
2013-01-17 10:47:53 +00:00
Samuel F. Baggen 2494e166eb added missing conf for screen_limits (new lost windows)
SVN revision: 82913
2013-01-17 00:57:53 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana d959b75a78 updating italian translation
SVN revision: 82908
2013-01-16 21:21:35 +00:00
Christopher Michael f117b3de1d Add function for setting monitor position text.
Fix some comments.
When the monitor object gets moved, update the position text.

NB: Hopefully this helps a little for people having monitor "black
out" issues after moving things around. At least now you can See what
the position will be.

Signed-off-by: Christopher Michael <>

SVN revision: 82887
2013-01-16 13:33:27 +00:00
Christopher Michael f47f526805 Add monitor position text for the monitor object.
NB: Raster, You may want to recolor or retheme this

Signed-off-by: Christopher Michael <>

SVN revision: 82886
2013-01-16 13:33:24 +00:00
Christopher Michael a654fac1c1 Add position text to monitor.
Signed-off-by: Christopher Michael <>

SVN revision: 82885
2013-01-16 13:33:18 +00:00
Christopher Michael 37908f9b73 When searching for the next resolution to snap to, do Not skip
refresh_rate checks (allows resize events which keep the current rate).

Signed-off-by: Christopher Michael <>

SVN revision: 82884
2013-01-16 11:56:44 +00:00
Christopher Michael 01eb2c4cc0 Various fixes for some resizing issues as reported by Thanatermesis.
- Don't bother trapping mouse movements outside of the monitor.
 - Simplier test for resizing above/below max/min resolution.

Signed-off-by: Christopher Michael <>

SVN revision: 82883
2013-01-16 11:56:36 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 350496bb38 rationalise speaker gadget... same look as cpufreq/clock - just deeper
conical inset speaker look.

SVN revision: 82873
2013-01-16 11:09:04 +00:00
Miculcy Brian cc6581a8f9 Shelf option 'overlapping' made clearer and disabled when window automatic movement on shelf hide isn't set.
SVN revision: 82871
2013-01-16 09:56:50 +00:00
Christopher Michael 39e9f03048 No need to convert frame geometry to virtual...we can just compare
actual canvas geometry when doing collision detection.

Port the previous "JackDanielz" fix (using frame geometry vs using
object geometry) to the actual move function also.

Signed-off-by: Christopher Michael <>

SVN revision: 82868
2013-01-16 09:01:30 +00:00
Christopher Michael 4a49bf8b05 When moving monitors around, use the geometry of the monitor frame to
determine collision/intersection for cloning reasons (needed due to
monitor object itself having some padding around the frame which was
causing erroneous intersection calculations).

NB: Calling this one the JackDanielZ fix ;)

Signed-off-by: Christopher Michael <>

SVN revision: 82867
2013-01-16 08:41:48 +00:00
Christopher Michael 44b62de0b6 Add monitor function to return geometry of the actual frame object.
Signed-off-by: Christopher Michael <>

SVN revision: 82866
2013-01-16 08:41:34 +00:00
Christopher Michael f518182cf8 Use output name first instead of monitor name. Fall back to monitor
name if output has no name.

Signed-off-by: Christopher Michael <>

SVN revision: 82863
2013-01-16 08:07:00 +00:00
Christopher Michael 272907949e Pass the new orientation to map remove so we can resize the frame
When we start a rotate event, record the starting rotation.
When we stop rotating, mung in the starting rotation value.
Just fetch geometry once when we stop rotating.
Update the current orientation After we are done removing the map (on
rotate stop).

Signed-off-by: Christopher Michael <>

SVN revision: 82862
2013-01-16 08:06:57 +00:00
Christopher Michael 1cca680d13 When getting the amount of rotation, use the frame geometry (as that
is where the rotation event actually happens), instead of the geometry
of the whole monitor object.

Signed-off-by: Christopher Michael <>

SVN revision: 82861
2013-01-16 08:06:54 +00:00
Christopher Michael 2c034a27b9 Add function to remove an applied map (for making bg and text look
proper after rotation).

Signed-off-by: Christopher Michael <>

SVN revision: 82860
2013-01-16 08:06:40 +00:00
Leif Middelschulte 421a884174 Yet another LC_ALL=C infront of 'svnversion' command in
SVN revision: 82824
2013-01-15 16:17:36 +00:00