13 Commits (ab268a42b017b798e7a98e79d6ac632091713469)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Cedric BAIL 08dbfd4c7f e: let's make all preview asynchronous with edje. 10 years ago
Mike Blumenkrantz 36c7e47745 formatting 11 years ago
Vincent Torri c3b0637802 e17: whitespaces-- 11 years ago
Carsten Haitzler bf16ac763d make sure livethumbs have alpha! never made sure of that before. just 12 years ago
Lucas De Marchi 6638a10e20 FORMATTING 13 years ago
Cedric BAIL c6a118d738 * e: remove warning due to Ecore API change. 13 years ago
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri e5c4d62fd4 Set member_{add,del} to NULL. 15 years ago
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 18966c828b Add calculate callback to Evas_Smart_Class. 15 years ago
Carsten Haitzler a960cd070b move a chunk of stuff to use evas_smart_class_new() - evas_smart_new() will 16 years ago
sebastid 6a638a7806 Fix EAPI warnings. 17 years ago
Christopher Michael 10255a0904 Remove unused variables 17 years ago
Carsten Haitzler f503db40a0 more ilist widget work... but more fix up livethumb to be cleaner 18 years ago
Carsten Haitzler 99dafd01e7 ading "livethumb" - it uses the ecore evas buffer engine stuff to make a 18 years ago