14 Commits (de7e05e8c51fe8bd6465c6c91ad1a9f93e753fcb)

Author SHA1 Message Date
kaethorn 0c40c1cd3e setuid root freqset. Thanks David. 17 years ago
kaethorn 164c43f78f add /etc/enlightenment/sysactions.conf to debian package. 17 years ago
kaethorn 38c4ffa4ff move to CDBS. update standards version. 18 years ago
Horms d6ff630a1b Save and restore autogenerated changelog when debian/rule's clean 18 years ago
shadoi cd9536f25c Don't try to install docs for libe-dev 18 years ago
shadoi 78326c9ffa Debian packaging files, guess they got blown away. 19 years ago
Carsten Haitzler f2b45ed471 bye bye! 19 years ago
Michael Jennings ae9634250b Thu Mar 14 19:18:07 2002 Michael Jennings (mej) 22 years ago
Laurence J. Lane 4a7a4f9997 correction for the configure.{ac,in} mods 22 years ago
Laurence J. Lane 90df14a322 data path correction 22 years ago
Laurence J. Lane 691c596477 various stuff 22 years ago
Term 0986c3331b This probably has a little overkill, but it actually works. Otherwise, 22 years ago
Laurence J. Lane f20dd1edff vanquish more evil 23 years ago
Laurence J. Lane 62b9ae0fb6 e17 build 23 years ago