9 Commits (f4e0d7612e7f7aadce96186a5d0d11e643a81922)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Chris Michael 0a94e8ba71 enlightenment: Make E build again with EFL from git 8 years ago
Mike Blumenkrantz 2d0c34fc28 another change I've been wanting to make for a long time: e_entry_dialog now has the data param first 11 years ago
Vincent Torri c3b0637802 e17: whitespaces-- 11 years ago
Lucas De Marchi 6638a10e20 FORMATTING 13 years ago
Carsten Haitzler 71be7e7882 sys actions have status/info/progress dialogs that should work right for all 17 years ago
sebastid 19bbe60f7e - const 17 years ago
Carsten Haitzler d104992051 * border property patch - dont generate on moves 17 years ago
Carsten Haitzler 6061e12844 asparagus time! 17 years ago
Christopher Michael 057af1edf4 Added an entry dialog ala confirm dialog for getting user input. 17 years ago