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Ross Vandegrift 9c4b442335 attempt to dlopen first
The backwards-incompatible changes in are documented at - a quick grep says that the only affected
symbol appearing in E is ddca_set_global_sleep_multiplier (which is already

This change does not make any of the changes suggested in the "Library
Initialization" section of the above doc.
2024-04-03 22:03:54 -07:00
maxerba 4e32c90b7d Updating spanish translation 2024-04-01 18:35:16 +02:00
maxerba 5e25ae24f8 Adding french comment and updating italian 2024-03-14 18:49:10 +01:00
rafspiny 3def50bd6a Use proper icon
Add icon to edj file

Correct icon

Enable sync for edje keyboard lock/unlock
Fix keyboard signals in icon
Using the correct part from the edje
2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny 318de512f2 Make instances extern
2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny 5efba6f8a3 Remove unused code 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny f34460bf96 Introduce version for config 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny bd1ebaebad Add e prefix to signales 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny 74cd743aa0 Add typedef enum
Specify no parameters on some functions
2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny 16bf105f34 Fix icon and translate strign 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny dcf621326b Rebase 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny bb37914492 Fix icon 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny e7fb1684ce Allegedly using the icon from edj 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny a2bdd3c3ff Move icon for convertible configuration to screen section 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny 801e552985 Add border to icon
Add filling to icon
2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny 8c184e7ef0 Address shadowing warnings 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny 5992d94c85 Silly me. Order! 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny 6939a34c1d Prefix local functions static. 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny 1f36cc158b Prefix local static functions with underscore. 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny b12978c7c9 Prefix local static functions with underscore. 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny ffd51d8fca WIP 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny 5e7fa42b8c Make some functions static 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny d60a6fd16b Forgot to update reference to renamed enum values 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny 5b042e08e2 Forgot to update reference to renamed enum values 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny fbfd52f679 Forgot to update reference to renamed enum values 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny faa5c6ae84 Functions renaming 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny 095e14f439 Syntax sugar in for loops 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny fc30c75946 More readable strcmp in ifs 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny a139e88811 Enum with all caps values. 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny 43b233348a Other minor changes 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny 4ea8172e51 Correctly defien function with no params 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny 479b83eb81 Other minor changes 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny d2ccd898f9 Use strdup 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny 3c3a1ac603 Removed dbus initialization 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny 608e2fcebf Address calloc failure 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny ff71a650c2 Address linting comments. 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny 1edbc5cca4 Fix icon 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
rafspiny 7f33315dcd First attempt at integrating convertible module 2024-03-12 07:19:50 -07:00
Carsten Haitzler e10a0d2be1 clock module - fix - free handlers on mod shudtown
2024-03-06 18:57:43 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler efe2f7b267 wl - put in hardcoded 16x16 image for wl logo if file not found
if someone has removed the wl logo png file or it fails to load - use
a hardcoded low res 16x16 image data set instead of the wl logo. this
way we have a watermark that works so we know it's wayland or not.
2024-03-04 20:18:37 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler ed64f9e0b8 desklock - fix kbd layout set for desklock so it works
e just didn't store the kbd layout - set it up if it is not on desklock
based on layout name stored.

2024-02-24 20:43:03 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 5a5059b058 notification - timeout - handling was jut broken - fix
this totally didnt' get timeout was in ms - it mis-handled setting the
value thinking it was  double or float - it wasn't.. this fixes it.

Fixes #63

2024-02-09 18:09:59 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 7eea5fb897 fix 2nd pager copy of same zone not updating selected state
this fixes #29

2024-01-28 12:21:18 +00:00
maxerba 6bfef9f30c Updating polish translation 2024-01-26 21:46:07 +01:00
maxerba c9bf720f9e Updating french and portuguese translations 2024-01-24 11:05:21 +01:00
maxerba 9377f96932 Updating all po files 2024-01-23 21:55:23 +01:00
maxerba 6c5358f4cd Copyright notice update 2024-01-23 21:10:11 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler a6d7a2235a copying - update dates 2024-01-22 10:53:02 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler cc4df8d320 paranoia for silly people - check efl version aty runtime via eina
enlightenment_start checks the efl version and complains if it's too
old. this shoulpd at runtime give some sensible output for shen
someone did somthing very silly. it'll write this to stderr AND to
2024-01-17 18:37:31 +00:00
maxerba 25640ae2fa Updating french, italian and portuguese translations 2023-12-28 15:16:24 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler aa5fbfb1d3 systray - fix re-fill on gadcon re-create e.g. when changing shelf cfg
change shelf config like orientation and systray goes blank. this
fixes it - delays re-fill to after main loop return with 0 sec timer

fixes #53

2023-12-27 13:57:34 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler c0cf9176dc go back to .99 devel ver 2023-12-26 23:24:06 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 22d130f3ce release - 0.26.0 2023-12-23 16:08:09 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 5a493a5594 fix crash on trying to writer to non-writable input method file 2023-12-18 15:38:00 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 98e9c79246 make xrandr command use an actual option 2023-12-14 07:40:05 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 3311cc0790 Merge branch 'NorwayFun-master' 2023-11-14 09:54:20 +00:00
Andre Schulz 850c1ad41a mixer: alsa: Handle error from _alsa_card_create()
_alsa_card_create() can return NULL which can lead to a segmentation
fault inside ALSA when NULL is passed to snd_mixer_first_elem() in
_alsa_cards_refresh(). See the following crash dump excerpt:

Thread 1 (Thread 0x7fe64b227780 (LWP 3320) "enlightenment"):
#0  0x00007fe64c2fbd92 in __libc_pause () at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/pause.c:29
        sc_ret = -514
        sc_cancel_oldtype = 0
        sc_ret = <optimized out>
#1  <signal handler called>
No locals.
#2  list_empty (p=0x20) at /var/tmp/portage/media-libs/alsa-lib-1.2.9/work/alsa-lib-1.2.9/include/list.h:114
No locals.
#3  snd_mixer_first_elem (mixer=mixer@entry=0x0) at /var/tmp/portage/media-libs/alsa-lib-1.2.9/work/alsa-lib-1.2.9/src/mixer/mixer.c:803
No locals.
#4  0x00007fe63b2a376f in _alsa_cards_refresh () at ../enlightenment-0.25.4/src/modules/mixer/lib/backends/alsa/alsa.c:304
        buf = "hw:0\000le.emix.cfg\000C\236:\245U\000\000\035\221.;\346\177\000\000`>[;\245U\000\000\260g\302:\245U\000\000pL[;\245U\000\000ʁ-:\245U\000\000/home/andre/.e/e/config/standard/module.gadman.cfg", '\000' <repeats 710 times>...
        mixer = 0x0
        device_name = <optimized out>
        elem = <optimized out>
        source = 0x0
        sink = 0x0
        err = <optimized out>
        card_num = 0
        tmp_source = 0x0
        tmp_sink = 0x0
2023-11-14 09:53:09 +00:00
maxerba 4072be6ee7 Updating serbian translation 2023-11-14 09:53:09 +00:00
Andre Schulz 4bd15e3fec mixer: alsa: Handle error from _alsa_card_create()
_alsa_card_create() can return NULL which can lead to a segmentation
fault inside ALSA when NULL is passed to snd_mixer_first_elem() in
_alsa_cards_refresh(). See the following crash dump excerpt:

Thread 1 (Thread 0x7fe64b227780 (LWP 3320) "enlightenment"):
#0  0x00007fe64c2fbd92 in __libc_pause () at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/pause.c:29
        sc_ret = -514
        sc_cancel_oldtype = 0
        sc_ret = <optimized out>
#1  <signal handler called>
No locals.
#2  list_empty (p=0x20) at /var/tmp/portage/media-libs/alsa-lib-1.2.9/work/alsa-lib-1.2.9/include/list.h:114
No locals.
#3  snd_mixer_first_elem (mixer=mixer@entry=0x0) at /var/tmp/portage/media-libs/alsa-lib-1.2.9/work/alsa-lib-1.2.9/src/mixer/mixer.c:803
No locals.
#4  0x00007fe63b2a376f in _alsa_cards_refresh () at ../enlightenment-0.25.4/src/modules/mixer/lib/backends/alsa/alsa.c:304
        buf = "hw:0\000le.emix.cfg\000C\236:\245U\000\000\035\221.;\346\177\000\000`>[;\245U\000\000\260g\302:\245U\000\000pL[;\245U\000\000ʁ-:\245U\000\000/home/andre/.e/e/config/standard/module.gadman.cfg", '\000' <repeats 710 times>...
        mixer = 0x0
        device_name = <optimized out>
        elem = <optimized out>
        source = 0x0
        sink = 0x0
        err = <optimized out>
        card_num = 0
        tmp_source = 0x0
        tmp_sink = 0x0
2023-09-14 20:22:17 +02:00
maxerba 942a6bf135 Updating serbian translation 2023-08-22 19:20:55 +02:00
NorwayFun f1fb27aa2d po: update Georgian translation 2023-07-23 04:50:46 -07:00
Carsten Haitzler d8acc8d563 fix ukrainian lang entry to uk_UA from uk_UK 2023-07-01 19:04:05 +01:00
maxerba 1974113d1a Updating french and italian translations 2023-06-20 13:02:45 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler b775f51c82 Add option to set hidden state or not 2023-06-17 11:56:57 +01:00
maxerba 54c65ae38a Updating portuguese translation 2023-04-29 12:28:09 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler 81d7fb15ab exec - store out incremented sutartup id to avoid clashes - fix
2023-04-17 12:27:33 +01:00
Ross Vandegrift c18c52f36a Avoid using "mips" as a variable
"mips" is a gcc system-specific predefined macro on mipsel & mips64el.  This
fixes compilation on those platforms.


Fixes T8781

Test Plan: built on a debian mipsel porterbox

Reviewers: raster, devilhorns

Subscribers: cedric, zmike

Tags: #enlightenment-git

Maniphest Tasks: T8781

Differential Revision:
2023-04-08 21:42:02 -07:00
maxerba 39cb8e6280 Updating french and italian translations 2023-04-01 10:56:35 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler d15de275f8 po - update po files with any missing etc. strings 2023-03-29 19:35:27 +01:00
maxerba 36236e6e46 Updating french translation 2023-03-23 19:04:10 +01:00
Nekobit 766360359b xinput: Fix typo, add config check 2023-03-18 01:37:00 -07:00
Nekobit 78470d03d9 xinput: Adjust style 2023-03-18 01:37:00 -07:00
Nekobit 98a9609f8c xinput: Add support for flat mouse acceleration and Hi-Res scrolling
Flat mouse accel is fairly obvious.
Hi-Res scrolling is an option that is useful on certain mice that technically support 'pixel-perfect' scrolling, but still 'click' like regular mice would when you scroll. Some mice are designed to use pixel-perfect scrolling, so keeping it optional is useful.
2023-03-18 01:37:00 -07:00
maxerba 7baf84c1dc Updating french translation 2023-03-14 17:59:37 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 0c6b0645bd mixer - ignore Peak detect named out src from pavucontrol
pavucontrol does the same thing e and emixer do - monitor
input/recording sources to show a vu meter to show current input
levels when appropriate. ignore these as they are not actually
recording audio - just monitoring them and thus from a user experience
point of view probably should be ignored.
2023-03-07 08:00:51 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler ef788779f9 evrything - fix handling of broken strings without looping forever
this should fix #20

2023-03-05 09:35:51 +00:00
maxerba 1b9d1c9796 Updating french translation 2023-03-01 21:27:52 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 1cb02d3480 dpms - fix cases where screensavwr was off but dpms still on
2023-02-16 22:48:43 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler a6038af68f icon theme - set elm icon theme to same theme as e one ... sync them 2023-02-16 08:28:47 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 13454ff0bb randr - add some more debug info to log 2023-02-16 08:28:47 +00:00
NorwayFun 9542815c2c po: add Georgian translation 2023-02-13 11:45:20 -08:00
NorwayFun 2b00b6fbc9 po: add Georgian translation 2023-02-13 11:45:20 -08:00
Carsten Haitzler 72d639d1a6 desklock - fix compile warn after last change (no real bug) 2023-02-12 20:23:56 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler cb2bc1d1c1 desklock - use immediate show for lock on suspend etc.
makes lock more correct and not fade in on lock on suspend

2023-02-10 22:21:54 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler fd3e4a645d e state - add simple string glob listener callbacks 2023-02-10 08:48:23 +00:00
kikadf e5e3750ce1 Use default way to locale listing on OpenBSD
Listing /usr/share/locale doesn't work, and
already OpenBSD has support for locale.
2023-02-10 00:47:27 -08:00
kikadf 1b6d81a352 Fix hibernate command on OpenBSD 2023-02-10 00:46:40 -08:00
Carsten Haitzler 9882110357 mixer - be explicit on pluse started flag being false
while runtime linking/compiler will make sure these are zero  by
default normally... be explicit.
2023-02-07 09:51:33 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 42eedd5fe8 randr - fix xrandr output off/on/config gen to not miss outputs 2023-01-23 21:13:58 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler fd64bd69c6 e - bump efl version needed to git 2023-01-20 20:27:45 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 882261d8e2 odd to miss void for no params - be clear its no params 2023-01-20 14:47:45 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 21ac62127c state system - add start of it
Why this? A way to have a shared store of "variables" or states that
any part of e or modules can store some simple things in and thus also
broadcast changes to state, listen to changes in state and react.

I am thinking of things like advertising:

  "/power/ac"               = [ true | false ]
  "/power/battery/low"      = [ true | false ]
  "/power/battery/charging" = [ true | false ]
  "/power/state"            = [ "on" | "sleep" ]
  "/screen"                 = [ "on" | "dim" | "blank" ]
  "/screen/locked"          = [ true | false ]
  "/network/online"         = [ true | false ]
  "/network/location"       = "name of network detected"
2023-01-20 14:47:45 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler acb59e1c78 randr - for now don't just suspend when on battery and end up at 0 scr 2023-01-20 14:47:45 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 5c4f26f251 power - add some debug printfs for info on what is going on 2023-01-20 14:47:45 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 53a21b1b0d mixer - add params to allow increase/decrease by a given percentage
now can pass a value like 1 or 2 or 3 to go up 1, 2 or 3% instead of
the default (with no params) of 5%
2023-01-20 14:47:45 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler e584097d45 backlight - fiddle some to try make backlight work better 2023-01-20 14:47:45 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 239d989e59 randr - fix xrandr cmdline gen to turn screens off too 2023-01-20 14:47:45 +00:00
maxerba 0ef9451d2c Updating french translation 2023-01-08 17:03:08 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 913b7d701a desklock - dont care if we suspend or not when we run lock/unlock apps
2022-12-29 12:13:27 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 5a6fb2450c music control - dont add another desklock handler if one is already
2022-12-29 12:05:48 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 6cca3f77e8 ibar - kill off ibar not in order icon if last window for exe goes away
2022-12-12 19:52:46 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 6122bf24bb client - handlie class names with a space and guess first word as dsktp
stolen idea from moksha - wrote it differently :)
2022-12-12 19:03:14 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler a6c68aaf5e blanking/screensaver/dpms - in x poll 10s and force blank settings
so some apps/clients mess with screensaver/blanking/dpms behind e's
back. work around this - every 10 sec poll and check (ugly) and if
things are nto set as they should be ... force them to be set that
way. may lead to fights over this but too many people complaining
about steam or other apps messing with this.
2022-12-09 08:44:59 +00:00
Christopher Michael 5ccfb44404 wl_drm: Fix formatting
You know...If we actually enforced our code formatting rules before
commit, then I could be saving a lot of time by not having to make a
bunch of formatting commits just so code is readable :/

NB: No functional changes
2022-12-07 07:00:05 -05:00
Carsten Haitzler a8f174e6c7 dbus - fix some ref/unref's for conns
2022-11-21 08:28:23 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler bcf795d47f x11 comp randr - allow/use xrandr cmdline for screen cfg
Something has changed in x where now rotated displays if you have
multiple screens don't vcome up right - an alternate for now is to run
xrandr commandline if it exsts. Not stricly a fix - a workaround.
2022-11-21 08:28:23 +00:00
maxerba 7d21b19347 Updating french translation 2022-11-20 09:23:10 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler e4cfb3c50c notification - fix crash if clicking close while close anim happens
2022-11-19 14:27:27 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 2386831529 notification - stop allocating wrong struct type for noti actions
the structs size was bigger so it didnt cause any real problem other
than allocating too much mem. this fixes that
2022-11-19 14:27:27 +00:00
maxerba 79a7c8e95c Updating french translation 2022-11-07 19:46:33 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 1a58e0e582 procstats - delete callbacks when client is deleted
evas object may still be around and call callbacks still registered
when client sis del'd - so remove callback in client delete in

2022-11-06 09:39:16 +00:00
maxerba 38178d8c46 Updating portuguese and italian translations 2022-10-30 14:45:18 +01:00
maxerba 5d49dceb36 Updating french translation 2022-10-27 13:11:10 +02:00
maxerba 456713da90 Updating french and portuguese translations 2022-10-19 23:09:40 +02:00
Marcel Hollerbach 928cf22f3e fix error message 2022-09-16 01:36:53 -07:00
Marcel Hollerbach f1d43c42a3 e_pointer: try to be sane with x11 and wl
wl does not have fallback rendering, therefore we always fallback to
default. In x11 we fallback to x11 rendering the cursor.

This should logically now not result in the cursor canvas beeing
2022-09-16 01:36:53 -07:00
Marcel Hollerbach 5cc6f31035 e_pointer: do not call x11 setup when on wl path 2022-09-16 01:36:53 -07:00
Marcel Hollerbach 9778dc9738 more output 2022-09-16 01:36:53 -07:00
Carsten Haitzler 319b307c59 enlightenment_system - harden - no sysactions.conf - deny all actions 2022-09-15 15:17:53 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler cc7faeccf7 enlightenment_sys - fix security hole CVE-2022-37706

fixes that.
2022-09-15 14:38:21 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler fe0945600a win - shapes - set pass events if we have shaped wins but no rects
could be an EMPTY set of input rects but shaped still... so pass
events on the comp obj.

fixes recordmydesktop

2022-09-11 15:35:54 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 47e9eae4ed wl desktop session file - some dm's dont like VAR=x without env
add env at the start as they dont seem to like running things with just

VAR=x VAR2=y cmd

enlightenment happily does this... sddm does not it seems.
2022-09-11 11:59:30 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 2e30f391fb notification - fix property name for suppress sound 2022-09-09 09:40:38 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 05e150ad43 e wl - force gl for wl mode now due to kernel breaks
also make session file do this by default for wl mode.

@fix (work around kernel changes?)
2022-08-26 08:53:03 +01:00
Christopher Michael a5d004a49b e_int_client_prop: Fix ICCCM/NetWM dialog issues
Make this dialog resizable for reading longer text (window titles,
etc). Also, fix the layout silliness that was going on by aligning the
table entries properly.

This dialog looked like crap :( Let's fix that :)
2022-08-20 11:12:00 -04:00
Carsten Haitzler 2294ea9f8a update id - use longer sha1 hash for id 2022-08-20 08:51:50 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 3c46a6796a blanking block menu - show more info like reason. 2022-08-09 09:25:10 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 88d7e3b836 screensaver blanking dbus api - also support /ScreenSaver path 2022-08-09 09:19:19 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler c93c976069 use XSession type - it seems some dm's are enforcing a non-standard
they insist on Type=XSession or you end up with a blank screen. this
was never defined as the standard. wm's have been using
Type=Application for decades! it's still documented in many places as
the way to add a custom session too. this is a workaround these stupid
DM's insisting on this. There is no good reason to make these changes.
2022-08-03 15:28:54 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler aaf317b61d mesgbus - fix nukll name dbus string send
This fixes #11
2022-08-01 17:11:42 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 225cbac56f watchdog - fix size of ping seq buffer entries 2022-07-20 15:53:56 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler bea94314bd allow multiple mimes and actions on files in efm 2022-07-20 15:36:30 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler db3ea64dd3 terms - expand fallback list of term desktops 2022-07-05 13:06:21 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler c2869268d8 term list - move to a single file to list possible terminal desktops 2022-07-05 12:48:19 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 5980468f7f enlightenment_open - handle Terminal=true properly not just scheme
This makes termina-ltrue launch properly from enlightemnent_open as
you might expect as it works from core e already when it launches/

2022-07-05 12:34:58 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler daabedaac1 execution - add more terminal desktops to fallback list 2022-07-05 11:56:38 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 130535af97 win - first map - fix energyxt unmap bug by wiping ignore unmap
For some reason I have yet to divine we don't get an initial unmap
event due to the reparent of the energyxt dialog windows and the
"ignore that first unmap" flag does not get cleared because it doesn't
happen. later when the dialog is withdrawn {9unmapped) this is ignored
then when you close the dialog... thus keeping it around as far as e
is concerned.

so to fix this - add a small timeout to clean this flag after a

2022-07-05 09:25:35 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler a39341d4a6 fix typo 2022-06-23 11:32:12 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 3d4789531d fix readme a bit 2022-06-23 11:31:05 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 70a5f83cf7 reamde - note nvidia issues 2022-06-23 11:25:19 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 2bc9efc261 e sound - forgot to call init - call init 2022-06-18 12:24:41 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 2b095b67d1 notification - play sound samples and advertise it in caps 2022-06-18 12:23:02 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 91e797eab7 add simple sound play api to play samples 2022-06-18 12:20:05 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler b312bb3aa6 notifications - send signals for cateogry and urgency 2022-06-18 10:09:40 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler cdad184547 notification module - handle misnamed desktop files e.g. firefox 2022-06-18 09:35:51 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler bfd175e985 notification - remove unused func 2022-06-18 09:26:52 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler b23eedae98 notifications - extend to support actions, links and img tags
we didn't support enough of noktifications to make everyone happy -
this is why ffox, chrome etc. did their own notification windows and
didn't use e's notifications. we now advertise doing everything. we
say w edo sound though don't.... will add that later, but this now
means we really do a lot more and thus pushes these other
notifications into e's notifications so we're much better now and this
annoyance i have noticed is now gone.

2022-06-18 00:46:12 +01:00
maxerba 1933f745f2 Updating french and italian translation 2022-06-18 00:04:37 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler 7dcf43051f watchdog - enable. it seems to work fine for me... and that's good. 2022-06-16 15:45:29 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler dbcc56014c fix move to defines for msgbus dbus services for iface/core 2022-06-16 15:45:03 +01:00
Simon Tischer c823c9e97c remove unused 'restore default bindings', default are none bindings 2022-06-15 16:11:46 +02:00
Simon Tischer f0470e0cfd remove unused 'restore default bindings', default are none bindings 2022-06-15 16:10:17 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler 9b0379693d watchdog (currently not used) - fix alloc of right sized ping buf 2022-06-08 11:48:13 +01:00
Christopher Michael bc15cd91e8 readme: Fix some typos, grammar, etc 2022-06-07 10:36:12 -04:00
Carsten Haitzler 495506924c readme - fix icon link 2022-06-06 20:45:45 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler a3ae31ce3f adjust reame icon to be nicer like main page icon 2022-06-06 20:45:07 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler d30f3fcfc3 not using NEWS anymore - it's on and has been for a long time 2022-06-04 17:53:56 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 9720f05cc5 readme - format improvement 2022-06-04 17:52:09 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler c1d913ff91 readme - clarify xsession errors 2022-06-04 17:49:02 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler e14073ac20 readme - improve formatting 2022-06-04 17:46:13 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler f8a89ce6c8 readme - add one more rule 2022-06-04 17:45:37 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler d0a1539ee1 readme - expand readme a bit more and some fixes. 2022-06-04 17:44:53 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 14313ac0ce readme - add info on running e for your login 2022-06-04 17:31:35 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 4b13181f3f readme - add more shots 2022-06-04 17:19:06 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 82bea2f0a3 update TODO 2022-06-04 17:09:46 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 601a23954a move todo to 2022-06-04 17:04:55 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 843efc94fd readme - mention system.conf too 2022-06-04 16:52:30 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 01c64f95f0 readme remove typo in compil and install 2022-06-04 16:50:33 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 1cd1bded2c improve notes 2022-06-04 15:24:48 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 4d08f166b9 improve readme formatting 2022-06-04 15:22:33 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 53e7c9999f use readme specific icon 2022-06-04 15:17:35 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 632ed6f6cf readme icon 2022-06-04 15:17:10 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 3846dc81f0 move readme to markdown and include install info 2022-06-04 15:14:05 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler d4bada44bc remove file we dont need anymore 2022-06-04 14:07:12 +01:00
l05o dceb969857 e-remote - added -window-sendtodesktop 2022-06-04 13:29:16 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler d641d418c7 update TODO ... 2022-06-03 23:30:02 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler f374da2ef0 sys - add support for logind/systemd lock/unlock dbus api's
2022-06-03 11:46:34 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 60d94f771c e comp - fix noisy debug printf due to previous fix
removes noise from 4c6dd08e25

2022-06-03 11:06:28 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler fc13afced0 add support for org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver dbus inhibit api
this also then can list the inhibitors in a blanking block submenu of
the main menu = select one to remove it as a blocker...

2022-06-02 18:50:00 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 5e793df529 msgbus - tidy up code a bit preparing to expand 2022-06-02 10:02:17 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler c6612a7d8a dbus - move service strings to defines completely 2022-06-02 09:24:24 +01:00
maxerba 915875051f Updating french and italian translations 2022-06-01 13:54:26 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler 0d0c49e616 shot - allow escape to escape the shot dialog 2022-05-23 17:35:28 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 422c0b6765 efm - support system provided desktop files for actions
right clikc -> actions -> ... here

you might want desktop files that have


in them - then they will be included in that menu and whatever is
executed is passed the dir when run as an argument. example:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Dir xmessage
2022-05-20 13:24:35 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler cfefb25647 remove tabs and replace with spaces in printf's in main 2022-05-19 19:16:42 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 0ac04f0545 fix enlightenment help and version optiosn to exit after print
2022-05-19 19:15:55 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 4c6dd08e25 gtk frame porp change - if deleted for an existing csd app then adjust
assume it went to 0 size if removed and already a csd frame window
which is what chomium does going fullscreen - i didnt see this as i
used chromium with system titlebars not its own.

2022-05-19 18:08:51 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 877fde5eaa e comp wl - fix warning for uninit var
actually code path wouldn't care, but this silences a warning

2022-05-18 13:03:48 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler d869db87ce popup - simplify buffer alloc for popup body and silence warning
2022-05-18 12:58:23 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 7c6adbd6fe open - fix warning with possible uninitted var
2022-05-18 12:58:19 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 51e09f2a77 e config - use new eet_sync_sync to ensure data is synced to disk
sync data before the rename - ensure it is on disk first with new eet

2022-05-16 14:00:22 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 027a810e84 e config - fix config fallback handling - it was broken
loaded the wrong filename pattern due to a change i made ages to it
from file.N.cfg to file.cfg.N.

2022-05-16 13:59:29 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler a1600a137f client evas objects - fix - dont use precise for shaped input
shaped input doesnt affect or make custom copies of pixel data, thus
precise inside can't work (it can only work if the pixel data is local
- thus textur efrom pixmap is not going to produce valid data thus...
you get the drift). this fixes some odd focus/event things with some
windows that use shaped input only

2022-05-14 23:13:06 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 5cf747d45d wayland support - add watermark and bug message and pause
this will clearly alert a user they are using e in wayland mode. this
is needed as there seems to be far too much confusion if e is in
wayland or not and when it is people having issues. this makes sure
e's wayland session desktop also has the label in it so it's clear etc.
2022-05-13 20:36:58 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 5ad1680a7d e nice/pri change - centralise to util code
also getrlimit to know if we can lower nice level, you will want
something like:

*                -       nice            0

in /etc/security/limits.conf to allow for users to both raise and
lower nice level up until this limit (ie not negative nice levels).

perhaps enlightenment_system needs to do this...
2022-05-13 20:36:58 +01:00
Spam Me e0ccb08d0a Add german translations 2022-05-09 11:28:08 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler c8b1077de6 gadcon - fix disabled items... this is a radio and switches a/b/c ...
just because an item is not the selected one does not mean it should
be disabled. that is not how radios work. you choose 1 of n menu
items... only items you should NOT select (are not available for
selection) should be disabled.

2022-04-27 14:51:55 +01:00
Alastair Poole b413ee5d03 procstats: Handle e_client fullscreen requests.
Add an event handler for E_CLIENT_FULLSCREEN. Remove the client,
destroying the popup and icon region.

This resolves the issue where a client fullscreen request would
leave a rogue icon region and popup if switching to full screen
with some applications.

@fix T8996
2022-04-25 15:21:19 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler e4768d53f0 config - remove duplicate bindings for the same acpi event
this is bad - same event does 3 things. dim, undim and show brightness

2022-04-15 12:50:50 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 582cbf8af8 e config - remove upgrade blocks for luncher + sysinfo
these are not even around so... dont enable them if going from a very
old cfg

2022-04-15 11:03:15 +01:00
maxerba f9b5d44681 Updating french and italian translations 2022-04-13 20:25:44 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler d24370afb6 touchpad input synaptics - fix tap to click props to work
if the driver if synaptics tap to click didnt work. this fixes that.
it didn't get the property values right in the "bitmask" enabling

2022-04-13 15:21:38 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 7e6736e743 shot - be clear about the shot uploads being unecrypted and available
we were clear, but just to be sure - tell people more expicitly that
it's all totally out-there-public data...
2022-04-12 13:16:25 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 1fe64f8b01 focus action - raise/unshade/uniconify on focus dir/next/prev action
it's not right that windows stay shaded, iconified or stacked below
when you use a binding to switch focus like "focus prev" to cycle just
with a plain key. this fixes that

2022-04-11 12:29:14 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler ff90c852a7 ptr - fix cursor getting stuck in resize after blanking
i now saw this... i don't know why now... and consistently. fixed.

2022-04-07 22:17:43 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 19724dc3e8 pointer - null out deleted strings
avoids them being accessed incorrectly later
2022-04-04 15:02:38 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler bb8874930b fix more unfullscreen clicker/toggle when window is small...
another codepath for the fullscreen flicker bug via the job handler

2022-04-02 11:01:01 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 1051c77d31 fix fullscreen flicker/toggle when window is small and we get mouse out
we get a spurious mouse out if your window is small then told to go
fullscreen which then causes in ponter focus a unfocus event which
causes e to restore window to its non-fulscreen mode which then may
cause a mouse in again if mouse is positioned right which causes a "go
fullscreen now again" and so on... fix this and ignore that mouse out
right after going fullscreen.

2022-03-25 10:40:00 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler f81387470f xkb - use new feature to ignore just xmodmap changes
this avoids e re-setting kbd layouts on just "xmomdmap" changes. needs
new feature in efl slated for efl 1.27
2022-03-24 17:54:30 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 5d430a3fa6 qrt bug workaround - qt does not remove WM_STATE when withdrawing
as per icccm - client should remove WM_STATE when withdrawing... and
qt relies on WM_STATE to know if it re-show a window - the property
it itself refused to remove...
2022-03-22 12:42:33 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 6f59af7e9f winlist - fix 0 item lenth rows - have at least 1 item
this fixes winlist large mode sometimes losing windows in the view.

2022-03-22 12:41:01 +00:00
Alastair Poole 0fc17828f6 procstats: fix popup state on maximize/unmaximize 2022-03-08 10:51:21 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 9e23feb482 comp - fix event shape to account for txt/texblock and img properly
2022-03-08 01:30:57 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 6bdd1abbe2 comp - fix shapoe event to skip clippers 2022-03-08 01:30:57 +00:00
Simon Lees 3331e87184 Tasks: choose a readable default preview size.
The preview at 32px is practically unreadable 240px is probably
a much more sensible default value
2022-03-04 19:11:15 +10:30
Carsten Haitzler 6dac5c5cd0 remove unused var. 2022-03-02 11:44:02 +00:00
maxerba d61b06aa77 Updating french and italian translations 2022-02-25 14:28:52 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler fd7b1e4b37 overlay resize regions - properly sety shape rects to account for them
e didn't set shape rects for input overflow areas for the resize
handles in theme to work on top of other clients and client areas.
this should make that all work now and make the resize handle area
bigger than it actually looks.

2022-02-24 18:44:14 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler bffe5a426c notification - get rid of useless appendix code...
themes have supported notification for as logn as e17 was released
so remove useless "appendix" of code that handles if it isnt.
2022-02-20 11:53:15 +00:00
maxerba 8368850157 Updating french translation 2022-02-18 20:52:28 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 12cbf43ae2 pkgkit - count pkgs total in gadgets
2022-02-07 10:45:17 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler e8c5e18fdf deskmirror - donbt show iconified windows
2022-02-02 19:35:41 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 2eb76774ef build - fix cc.links for bsd case to use args not link args
2022-02-02 18:17:58 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 6ed1e61996 focus - fix some lingering mis-focus issues
finally fix T8980 (i hope)
2022-02-01 12:30:00 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler b4a05429d0 modules - add procstats to whitelist 2022-02-01 12:28:49 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 93fa4e6393 pager - don't keep building up more popups on popups on switches
re-use the existing popup and stop stacking more and more.

2022-01-31 11:39:15 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 6fe4d9c9b7 efm - recent - fix up mis-sorting on re-load and make icons better
was missing thumbnails - now do them. fix re-sorting of items weirdly
on re-load later.

2022-01-30 11:34:51 +00:00
Marcel Hollerbach 349acb214d e_client: fix more focus weirdness
parent should be raised, even though it is not the modal.
2022-01-28 18:26:00 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 18a86f2f64 efm - do same mime lookup method as efm in recents menu
2022-01-27 17:13:36 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler aa93a66b5f desklock settinghs - fix kbd layout list to fill vert
2022-01-24 14:14:31 +00:00
maxerba 244e479bc3 Updating french and italian translations 2022-01-22 20:33:54 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler cef95a0189 shot - reset cnp flag once cnp'd
otherwise we segv assuming we are doing cnp still and access a null

2022-01-22 18:45:38 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler ea97371770 focus out - ignore all ungrabs as we unfocus a window that should be
this fixes a boundary case on mouse ungrabs

2022-01-21 21:05:32 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 921f5208e7 xkb config - fix segv on close advanced mode dialog
didnt remove the lists with del callbacks that accessed the cfdata
struct to set lisrts to null on del before cfdata was freed...
callback hell. yay.

2022-01-21 16:10:38 +00:00
Christopher Michael 6d2b5e9144 e_about: Update copyright year 2022-01-20 11:37:36 -05:00
Carsten Haitzler b84fc34d08 bz5 - dont ping devices on unpowered adapter
2022-01-20 11:12:22 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler dcc02e3bd2 notification - fix shadow around extra notifications when all shown
if you show notifications on all screens the extra ones not on the
current screen get a shadow - this is wrong. this fixes that

2022-01-19 11:52:36 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 264b59c42f gesture - add an option to turn it all on or off
so - some people have issues if we open devices. why... i don't know,
but add an option to toggle this and be conservative and have it off
by default

2022-01-18 21:17:54 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 29e1a12da3 backlight - add option for ddc to work or not
just because libddcutil is installed doesnt mean someone always wants
backlight on monitors controlled, so allow an option.
2022-01-17 22:23:07 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 58462390be ibar - emit left/right a;ign if gadcon is left/right vertical
2022-01-17 20:56:45 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler f615a2120d theme - ibar/ibox label overlay - properly align with text min size
2022-01-17 20:56:03 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 6ad07d07c2 fileman - fix favorites to scale
2022-01-12 14:24:34 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler b6da0ac873 bluez5 - dont need the force conenct option it seems - cant find a need
if connected AND trusted it should conenct again next time you power
them on etc. ... so .. let's remove extra option cruft we seemingly
don't need - less confusion for users

2022-01-09 16:40:21 +00:00
Marcel Hollerbach f7708c6e74 focus: leave frame focus setting here
that might cause bugs, however, everything else might end up in a
endless recursion.
2022-01-09 17:38:55 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 47767cf645 bluez mod - on unload deregister gadcon class
fix leak of this class on unload.

2022-01-09 15:26:03 +00:00
Marcel Hollerbach 841c8f477f focus: do not revert to another client when client is unfocused
This was a nice idea to fix most focus bugs at once. However, due to the
runtime of e many things can get "randomly" focused, for exmaple: volume
control on the frame, internal dialogs, config value screens when
grabbing for keys, widgets when they get created in a gadget. The list
is quite long. However, fixing all those little bugs is hard and partly
impossible as the behaviour is correct in the context of a toolkit, not
in the context of a compositor.

Long term we should split window-focus and canvas-focus from each other,
then bugs like these would not be a problem anymore.
2022-01-09 15:51:34 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler aff854b2ea e focus - volume - dont allow obj focus that disturbs the rest of e
this messes up focus on windows etc. ... quick fix - dont allow the
slider to be focused... :)

2022-01-09 14:48:26 +00:00
maxerba a471788444 Updating french and portuguese translations 2022-01-09 09:31:34 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 61584a5f57 e focus - fix previous commit segv on no windows left
if window deleted is the focused on... oops - BOOM. not handled.
handle it. also revert x focus to root so bindings work.

fixes previous 2d86d75139

2022-01-07 00:10:13 +00:00
Marcel Hollerbach 1f69e41daa add forgotten header define 2022-01-06 21:40:14 +01:00
Marcel Hollerbach 2d86d75139 e_client: revert focus instead of setting it to NULL
When closing a client a few different things can happen:
1. Client hides, this will destroy the e_client object, which will
   reverts focus to another client.
2. Client hook del, this will recover focus to the root window if no
   e_client is focused.
3. Client unfocus event, setted the focused to NULL and sets the focus field to 0.

when first 1 happens then 2 or 3 everything is fine. However, it seems
that sometimes first 3 happend, then 2, then 1. Which results in focus
beeing first NULL, then recovered to the root window, resulting in the
wrong things happening.
2022-01-06 20:57:38 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler e2e1b1956d e_icon - switch from edj/std icon to custom img file properly
2022-01-05 11:50:33 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 0f17a85674 systray - add more debugging to find clients that act oddly
2022-01-05 11:50:11 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 32e65c1f21 let's go back to dev mode .99 2022-01-03 12:11:05 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 0603300828 e - border list - fix list to filter volume out
the volume style is not a border but the gadget - a mistake made long
ago when this was added. cant change now due to theme compat to filter
out in code

2021-12-31 13:25:45 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler ba156d2f46 gesture - vm (vbox) detect hack to work around xorg no display bug
so... you go through wizard - only in vbox it seems (or maybe other
vm's - don't know - only tried vbox - this doesnt happen on real
systems). at the end e restarts... and it's blank. e is actually
rendering. you can screengrab (eg import -window root out.png) and see
the screen drawn just fine. xrandr is all set up right - everything is
kosher... but nothing will display except the curosr. xorg is just not
displaying rendered content. somehow e's gesture code and use of
logind/libinput to get inpiut devices for gestures tickles this xorg
bug. i don't quite know why as xorg doesnt seem to be complaining.
once you restart the xorg process everything works fine from there on.
it's some bug inside xorg that just refuses to display output.
manually changing resolution with xrandr will reset things and have
things render... until e restarts. a fukll xorg re-run is needed to
fix it... there just is nothing i can see that e is doing wrong or to
fix in e... so this is a workaround the xorg side by just not using
the gesture support if on a vm. they won't have touchpads anyway and
emulate mice so ... no real loss. this won't affect peolpe on real
systems and it may not always work as a workaround as it relies on
systemd-detect-virt or hostnamectl.

2021-12-30 17:03:35 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 0404e68632 windows - netxcloud app - fix constant show/hide cycles
e is not ignoring the first unmap event on this reparent ... this
fixes that and the nextcloud app stops making e sit and spin at full
cpu and flickering tasks etc.

2021-12-28 18:38:52 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 45bd61df30 release - 0.25 2021-12-26 14:22:41 +00:00
maxerba 73cf441836 Updating french translation 2021-12-21 14:16:04 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 8ff55a1ded profiles - update icons to be flat 2021-12-21 01:35:07 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler a85b1e0884 backgrounds - add a nice simple flat squiggle 2021-12-20 14:18:37 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler db6a839e55 slight tuning of flat backgrounds to add some noise 2021-12-20 13:30:59 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler f72b5fec36 config change - no edge bindings by default
if you want them you'll have to set them up manually later on.
2021-12-20 13:03:20 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 8469f57ab1 add more wallpapers 2021-12-20 00:04:23 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler a6f7ce0ef4 add another hand designed bg with centered image anbd pattern 2021-12-19 21:20:32 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 973ca266ec remove old wallpapers - lower res and replace with newer high res 2021-12-19 21:11:46 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 3ef107e9bc add another wallpaper 2021-12-19 19:26:51 +00:00
Marcel Hollerbach 1766779b19 it should be edd not eed ... :( 2021-12-17 13:19:28 +01:00
Marcel Hollerbach b237764161 e_pointer: improve overall
do not allow a dangling pointer, and check all entities that require the
pointer object to be alive.
2021-12-17 13:12:02 +01:00
Marcel Hollerbach 36eafd9a0e do not crash when context is NULL 2021-12-17 13:09:55 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler d936a22ff6 e temp - use labels not paths to match sensors - more reliable
the device PATHS may change - depending on probe times/order and luck,
so use the labels to match as these should be more reliable boot to

2021-12-14 19:53:02 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 988df49def e wallpapers - dont install old wallpaers for now as i add new ones 2021-12-14 19:52:40 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 8012144ee2 e wallpaper - add a photo-modified mountain wallpaper 2021-12-13 00:37:48 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 4bd62b55ea e backgrounds - add a textures stone pattern bg too 2021-12-12 23:39:02 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 260367ae38 e wallpapers - add new flattish design wallpaper number 2 2021-12-12 23:32:42 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 628f3326eb wallpaper - add new wallpapers for a flat world - first one 2021-12-12 18:48:31 +00:00
maxerba 51eb4226e8 Updating french localization 2021-12-11 09:43:42 +01:00
Christopher Michael b13a34cfeb shot: Remove unused variables and unused function 2021-12-07 09:03:43 -05:00
Carsten Haitzler 5ce8d65020 shot - make initial size fit as best as possible and be big 2021-12-07 12:52:12 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler f098843f01 lokker - remove extra ptr pop that doesnt seem needed - fix blanking ptr 2021-12-07 12:52:12 +00:00
maxerba 3dfdd3af34 Updating french and italian translations 2021-11-30 00:37:07 +01:00
maxerba 6b51750cec Update for french localization 2021-11-25 07:43:57 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 01ff5b2958 paledit - make the major colors uses bigger 4x4 items in pal thumb 2021-11-24 20:25:46 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 03f6b0bfe6 settings - add a palette entry under look and in main menu for shortcut
now paledit is where you'd expect it in settings
2021-11-24 19:13:55 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 07274b9495 e transitions - add theme anim duration multiplier setting
this is a universal knob for "make those transtions faster". set it ot
0 and edje animations will essentially stop and be instant (take 0
time). if set to 1 - they will go at "theme defined", 2.0 == take
twice as long etc. ... so for people who want "things to go faster"
slid this down to where you like it. they dont actually go faster... e
goes just as fast - just some transtion takes less time (fewer
frames)... :) this has been in elm and edje for a long time but this
makes the setting obvious to find.
2021-11-24 18:39:11 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 901ad50f25 e wp gen - use threads to speed up encode of wp edj file 2021-11-21 21:14:56 +00:00
maxerba da57d62f37 Translated strings for french, italian and portuguese 2021-11-16 14:45:13 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 726bcf194d fprint - fix thumb and little finger swap on right hand in both hands 2021-11-15 10:47:35 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler cb0090e051 fprint - fix index and ring finger on right hand both - they got swapped 2021-11-15 10:31:45 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 88d66f3ed7 paledit - fix main window ot be named main 2021-11-14 15:17:09 +00:00
Simon Tischer 60eb60aa75 add e-fprint-gui to e
add e-fprint-gui to e

e-fprint-gui is a frontend for fprint (Fingerprint Config)
you can enroll/delete/verfiy fingerprints.

Reviewers: devilhorns, raster, bu5hm4n, morlenxus

Subscribers: cedric, zmike

Tags: #enlightenment-git

Differential Revision:
2021-11-14 15:17:02 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 1b02c4c6ab connman gadget popup - fix sizing to scale better 2021-11-12 22:47:16 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler fc5ec2b00c virtual desktop bgpreview - dont do min size so we loop forever
this fixes T8968
2021-11-12 19:16:30 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 8edf2fc0a3 e start - force stdout/err to go to specific log files
~/.e-log.log is now the stdout/err from e and child processes. finally
it always goes to a single known file. always. e will rename the old
old ~/.e-log.log.old on start - e_start handles this before it execs e.
2021-11-11 14:25:44 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 86dd52026a e start - make e exit with parent when possible
also clean up some formatting
2021-11-11 13:37:18 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 422b757080 e start - remove valgrind run infra - i don't see people using it
also it seems to have broken. simplifying e start to flesh it out in
more useful ways for more people
2021-11-11 12:05:09 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 98ebe14ffd e start - clean out some unused junk in code and output 2021-11-11 11:31:17 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 662caef984 e - shape input - dont change/reset shape input on override wins
this will wipe out what the client set - this is valid for managed
clients only, not override windows.

this fixes teams and its big fullscreen sized window eating up events.

2021-11-09 15:47:21 +00:00
Christopher Michael de1cd33e75 e_bindings: Minor formatting fixes
NB: No functional changes
2021-11-06 13:16:16 -04:00
Marcel Hollerbach d28c105c99 e_main: shutdown e_dnd before comp
otherwise we are crashing as e_comp is freed by that time.
2021-11-02 17:43:11 +01:00
Marcel Hollerbach e64e7d77c6 music-control: do not crash when no config is selected
this is a fresh config crash.
2021-11-02 17:10:46 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 3bfb563679 paledit - add undo/redo with escape as undo
now you can rescue yourself from badness...
2021-11-01 12:49:59 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler c3189d60e7 paledit - add a bunch of tooltips to help the UI 2021-10-31 18:49:43 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 1166e4e7ed paledit - make del button become reset if there is a shadow sys pal 2021-10-31 18:24:48 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 921e379155 paledit - use new api's to list available cc's
this makes paledit friendlier

still things to do:

1. reset a palette (rm the user copy)
2. undo/redo
3. tooltips
2021-10-31 11:46:31 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 356d2a6428 ibar - go back to a traditional del timer/add dimer and no reset model
for mousover menu show... as per the subject
2021-10-27 18:02:50 +01:00
Marcel Hollerbach 28b0ce28ac e_bindings: do not crash when action is not found 2021-10-17 10:43:30 +02:00
maxerba 448d65099c Updating italian translation 2021-10-17 09:07:40 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler b8dacd7087 e exec recent files - filter out files that don't exist at some points
if files do not exist anymore, then filter them out.
2021-10-15 20:18:01 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler c63b005b92 e - exec - recent - fix loading of prevous recent data on append first 2021-10-15 08:56:29 +01:00
maxerba 512a6e5d91 Updating french translation 2021-10-11 14:00:15 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler 8b16ea75a0 efm - add a rfecent files menu (up to 30) wirth minimal mime icons
efm now tracks the most recent 30 files opened with timestamps in
100th of a second and a menu with these recent files under
main menu -> navigate ... the icons are plain mime type icons and not
thumbnails as the efm code isnmt really usafle to create icons in
menus without a lot of work. something to keep in mind for the redo of
efm... :)

at least you can easily access recently opened files with efm now :)

2021-10-09 11:59:59 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler c7999bb789 protect against possible junk fullscreen windows in list 2021-10-04 13:35:08 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 36dac31c8f mixer - add some more device icons 2021-09-29 08:45:26 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 32255d0122 e - fix a null csd property on a ssd x win - new chrome does odd things
new chrome versions now set a CSd gtk property of 0 0 0 0 on
windows.... but set it later on thus confusing e into seeing
information changes for csd frame insets for a window that has no csd
frame but is ssd! this drops into a logic hole of "this shouldn't
happen" and weird stuff does happen. avoid this weirdness and just
assume a ssd window as normal then.

2021-09-23 12:51:48 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler c9070fc03f add details to error complaint of setting csd frame on ssd win 2021-09-23 12:50:37 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler d74aaba994 remove old - dont need it anymore 2021-09-17 00:10:00 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler ac70f6ce26 tasks - handle shutdown case with still existing clients in list
avoid accessing possibly freed/deleted clients in the case of a clean
shutdown if clients still exist.

2021-09-17 00:07:53 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 4cd3bb45c4 convert a whole lot of CRIs to ERRs that will not be useful with aborts 2021-09-12 09:14:42 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler f8d8d82d34 temp - we free sleeper in the cthread cancel cb 2021-09-08 08:56:15 +01:00
Alastair Poole 572955d2e5 procstats: revert dont dont block.
2021-09-08 07:26:14 +01:00
Alastair Poole fd42187935 procstats: shutdown dont wait.
Don't block.
2021-09-07 22:01:46 +01:00
Alastair Poole 1f6ab7d860 procstats: name and feedback thread.
Struggled to read my own code. This seems clearer now.
2021-09-07 21:23:07 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 664b44631d procstats - make use of gadget nicely 2021-09-07 14:05:56 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler c794168da6 procstats - dont leak objects - was not even needed 2021-09-07 12:15:50 +01:00
Alastair Poole 4fd87f338e procstats: delete don't dismiss.
Don't animate and less cleanup needed...also leak.
2021-09-07 09:12:13 +01:00
Alastair Poole 79a15be294 procstats: check null return / ptr. 2021-09-07 08:15:08 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 5d3f6ad594 e utils - delayed dia del - try avoid multiple entries 2021-09-06 17:09:14 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 59753eab23 e util - set idler to null first in case some del func hook adds it back 2021-09-06 08:28:01 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 8095472f5d e util - fix leak - someone forgot to free their iterator 2021-09-06 08:28:01 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 3e691525eb e util - handle empty array when clearing out the current dialog
missed having no array...
2021-09-06 08:28:01 +01:00
Alastair Poole 94ceea2a74 procstats: use after free.
Don't set callbacks on objects that persist longer than module.
Delete safely.
2021-09-06 00:14:51 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 47aaa31886 e utils - ensure the delays dialog array does not have refs to freed dia 2021-09-05 19:25:24 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler d12acf0d01 ibox - track timer and elete it when icon deleted... bad tracking of tmr
if you create a timer for some object and are passing in that ptr to
the timer later.. what happens if that icon (object, struct etc.) is
deleted BEFORE the timer fires? timer fires passing in a junk ptr to
freed memory... and this causes bad things™. don't do this. track your
timers and delete them...
2021-09-04 08:51:50 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 02ab631524 randr - use new refrsh api to work around server-side problems
in some situations the xserver randr driver doesn't refresh edid's on
its own. it should, but doesn't. for example - optmus setups. this
seems to fix it. works around that.

2021-09-03 09:10:17 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 45938e3b48 e - fix dont blank with fs windows when a fs window exits 2021-08-20 12:17:06 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 0bd602b7ed check glapi better and report errors sensibly if it fails init 2021-08-05 14:14:31 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 1c225c082d remove unsed vars 2021-07-26 21:34:27 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 28258cf105 pager - remove desk show coede on swap as it just locks up desk switchn
middle mouse drag on pager to swap whole desks is a bit borken with
this code - remove it.

2021-07-26 20:29:50 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler a4626f87fd randr - allow custom names for screen (not output but model) 2021-07-22 10:56:02 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler a5efea6b52 askpass - pretty up a bit 2021-07-21 11:07:58 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 01a4b5ece2 talk about confs/
make that compile and install more std in readme
2021-07-18 01:42:40 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 926a50d358 todo++ - fprint in polkit auth 2021-07-17 23:32:30 +01:00
maxerba 084807d63b Updating french and italian translations 2021-07-16 00:39:45 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler ce933dd5c1 efm - fix exif data parse - do by hand because sscanf is stupid
2021-07-14 17:35:47 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 571a188eb0 client list - other prop - not just stacking, keep internal wins out 2021-07-13 20:05:05 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler b2e79f46c8 e - netwm - dont include intnernal marker layer clients in clients prop 2021-07-13 19:53:44 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 7d694d6eea xkb settings - fix typo copy & paste for advanced add ctrl opts
this fixes T8947

2021-07-08 17:51:02 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 32e2825e93 auth - fprint - support any finger for auth instead of just first one 2021-07-07 13:12:27 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 1fefd5aef9 mixer - fix accesses to invalid objects
one was a result of not turning off the source monitor and the other
not nulling out an obj handle.
2021-07-07 11:11:05 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 28a43e0e7c auth - fprint - handle no finger reg and use default right index 2021-07-06 22:54:53 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 32d642d338 system ddc - more of a delay at start after modprobe
it seems on starts while xrandr is busy talking to screens sometiems
one of my screens doesnt respond... unless we wait a bit. so .. wait
2021-07-04 12:34:58 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler a197e3c1db ddc - support latest major version 2021-07-04 10:06:13 +01:00
maxerba 8927930002 Updating french translation 2021-07-03 20:44:41 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler de5f13df12 update todo - did fprint 2021-07-03 15:19:31 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 2fbbb52f94 auth - fprint - only start after verify stop done 2021-07-03 00:18:42 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 1cf5595208 auth and desklock - support auth by fingerprint and show status 2021-07-02 13:26:05 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler bf44092492 polkit- use nicerr icon when not told which icon to display
use lock icon.
2021-07-01 16:48:15 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler fe32c5d679 connman - warning remove after disabling econnman settings 2021-06-28 00:15:04 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 58f0c652de coonman gadget - thats it - no more settings to run econnman
this just confuses people. disable.
2021-06-26 21:51:52 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 14a83251bf mixer - use double progress bar for a decay "max vu" value 2021-06-24 15:54:29 +01:00
maxerba 5881da2264 Updating french translation 2021-06-19 17:34:39 +02:00
Marcel Hollerbach e7781b4b89 e_comp_x: do not display this error a million times
once is enough.
2021-06-15 13:16:49 +02:00
maxerba 5edbca6e04 Updating french translation 2021-06-12 08:53:31 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler 92d33f8ca2 mixer - add actions for vol+- mute of mic/input/source device 2021-06-07 16:18:32 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 15733e53ef mixer - printf debug - remove 2021-06-07 15:32:48 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 9376490ba8 mixer - show a mic/recording slider if someothing is and icons
so now display icons for clients/apps that are playing anything back
right now next to the vu meter. also if some app is recording
something, display a slider for mic/input source volume and a list of
icons that are recording too and a vu meter too for this (95% of the
time things wont record so hide it then and only show when something
2021-06-07 15:19:47 +01:00
maxerba c5c994658d Updating portuguese translation 2021-06-02 22:06:52 +02:00
maxerba e26931e091 Adding portuguese locale in wizard module 2021-06-02 22:05:02 +02:00
maxerba 7d712615dd Updating Potfiles 2021-05-28 09:52:55 +02:00
Alastair Poole 37a3dd3dfc temp: OpenBSD support all temperatures reported by driver. 2021-05-25 12:05:19 +01:00
Alastair Poole 57d3edc3de procstats: hide popup when iconic/hidden. 2021-05-21 21:52:41 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 8421011f78 temp - split bsd and linux code to make it easier to read 2021-05-20 14:50:47 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 808f15957b check return of system ... less warnings 2021-05-20 13:44:48 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 883cf23ceb move a bunch of public runnable tools into src/bin/tools 2021-05-19 18:35:51 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler eb9f23979b provide more info when dbus error on e_filemanager is run
alos paledit now is enlightenment_paledit
2021-05-19 18:34:23 +01:00
maxerba ae85482ab0 fix typo in desktop file and update french and italian translations 2021-05-19 14:28:26 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler 745b00a131 pkgkit - clean up version title 2021-05-18 13:40:20 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 2ca99f2079 pkgkit - swap labels in double label 2021-05-18 13:36:51 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 9243554dd8 pager - allow pager popup action to stay up and dnd windows 2021-05-18 12:14:28 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler b94fe921a0 paledit - make copy and new actually work... 2021-05-17 00:28:28 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 96e7e42fbb fps debug - slim code a bit and order events so they do go up and right 2021-05-16 18:36:30 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler e6b544a7ef e comp and actually 0.5 delay is .. better...
debug just was noisy .. but more now
2021-05-16 15:29:01 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler d61c69a357 comp debug - go back to no delay for comp anim plus more fps debug 2021-05-16 15:26:07 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 15e395b88e blanking - fiddling with it to try find a vbox bug... fix some things
make dpms delay longer - 10 sec.
force pointers to not render if comp not rendering
nuke open menus on blank
remove unused vars
2021-05-12 23:13:16 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 66d7f6f43a wayland scanner - use non-deprecated option for code gen 2021-05-12 20:00:22 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler aa10dede13 comp - stop playing with frametime as ... we are getting it wrong
also doesnt work with vsync on which is most of the time...
2021-05-12 19:47:38 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 4c6248324b paledit - silence warning about alignment - it's fine
the pointers we get are aligned and the strides will be too as a
result so this is a bogus warning in this case.
2021-05-12 12:06:11 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 24840b2f6b e - paledit - add palette editor tool 2021-05-11 19:44:38 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler bc8a4f9a89 e - wl - fix re-adding wl listener twice to the same list
this causes calling the same cb multiple times and this causes mayhem.
2021-05-11 03:33:42 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler fe499cecff e actions - cast to avoid alignment warning that is not needed 2021-05-10 16:25:27 +01:00
José Romildo Malaquias d936eb7059 actions: Simplify the 'Grow in Direction...' action
Summary: @fix

Reviewers: devilhorns

Subscribers: cedric, zmike

Tags: #enlightenment-git

Differential Revision:
2021-05-08 11:42:37 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 2718516b42 bluez5 - if bz says it's busy when trying to power on, keep trying again 2021-05-07 00:37:04 +01:00
maxerba 56e3d705ed Updating french and dutch translations 2021-05-05 21:20:05 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler 3faf1a4627 move to eina's new fnmatch 2021-05-03 20:59:27 +01:00
José Romildo Malaquias 835221e29a actions: Add 'Grow in Direction...' action
Add an action to grow a window until it touches the nearest edge in
the direction specified. Edges are the outer edges of other windows,
or the desktop boundaries.

Reviewers: devilhorns, raster

Subscribers: cedric, zmike

Tags: #enlightenment-git

Differential Revision:
2021-05-03 20:49:13 +01:00
maxerba 8e00e808db Updating french translation 2021-05-02 14:40:10 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler 69bbc08449 efm - look for exif tags in other chunks too 2021-04-29 13:45:16 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler ea14bdf0d7 e blanking - only us iconic, not hidden when blanked
this is enough and doesnt now interfere with hidden state when on
other desks.
2021-04-26 09:05:19 +01:00
Alastair Poole 07ced06649 mixer: :) 2021-04-25 11:40:39 +01:00
Alastair Poole 5133b018a5 mixer: simplify icon logic. 2021-04-25 11:30:53 +01:00
Alastair Poole b59c07ea33 mixer: name can be null w/OpenBSD.
Without further investigation checking for NULL here fixes
an issue with OpenBSD, which is a bit "special".
2021-04-24 09:28:42 +01:00
maxerba b3705261ea Updating frech translation 2021-04-23 18:13:01 +02:00
Alastair Poole c66af9c6a8 scripts: openbsd helper script.
These are likely to diverge, so it's a good idea to keep the Free
and OpenBSD scripts separate.
2021-04-23 11:52:02 +01:00
Alastair Poole e6a8d1c03c mixer: sink icon for A***** Echo. 2021-04-22 17:29:04 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler ab905c599f e comp x - clean up some core removing if 0'd out code and comment some 2021-04-21 13:23:12 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 0e158491e2 evry - fix self feeding event loop for stacking of override windows 2021-04-21 13:22:34 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 335f5fee8c evry - clean up some window handling that isnt needed 2021-04-21 13:22:10 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler dd61dc4c6b tasks - fix focus mess with preview popup so focus stays where it is 2021-04-21 11:04:29 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 32cab564d7 mixer - remove debug printf 2021-04-21 10:34:05 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 4a545f99d9 fix build break - looks like this edit didnt make a commit 2021-04-20 21:58:43 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 3112e2ba1a e - restore iconified windows on restart to iconified 2021-04-20 20:06:08 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 403435f9fd blanking - when screen blanks (pwsave freeze) set windows to iconic
also make them hidden too for good measure. this causes many clients
to stop rendering. saves power and useless cycles drawing stuff you
can't see.
2021-04-20 19:03:02 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 9145276a20 pager - remove debug printf 2021-04-20 18:58:08 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 1df6c16fc3 backlight - stop being noisy in debug - hard to debug other things 2021-04-20 18:57:46 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler f98a8e82d2 clock - save some power and send freeze to clock when screen is blanked
don't tick quietly in the background when screen is off. no point
2021-04-20 10:16:53 +01:00
maxerba fbcaa773ff Updating french translation 2021-04-20 08:33:18 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler 18c0fb89cf connman - fill in missing content of error and req browser reqeusts
these wwre not filled in. fill them in.
2021-04-19 11:43:11 +01:00
maxerba e8d964322a Updating italian and french translations 2021-04-17 17:09:59 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler a8fb845242 e module and gad icons - fix some icons missed thay were hiding 2021-04-17 13:53:26 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 8e128abb28 e module icons - final push to flatten... 2021-04-17 13:41:26 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 08ae4e5e5d cpufreq - silence switch falltrhough warnings 2021-04-17 12:32:40 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler c92f75b52d cpufreq - fix powersave cpufreq restore to normal governor
2021-04-17 12:31:26 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 00b2f0f5f7 TODO++ 2021-04-17 11:27:31 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler c99bea2e39 update 2021-04-17 10:55:48 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 502a03fd3e x input devices - have config apply when you hit apply not just on start 2021-04-16 15:53:21 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler d277df0a51 pager - fix asan report on use after free on gadget shutdown 2021-04-16 15:53:02 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler d96c75b8d5 e - wl - fix buffer referencing to not have junk on surface del
we were losing refs to buffers when clients quit and surface were
deleted thus causing junk and errors in binding these now deleted
buffers as fds now were invalid. keep them around longer until hide
anim is done. this is callback-hell...

2021-04-16 03:27:11 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 92695f10fc modules - flattenify icons of more categories - conf to go... 2021-04-14 23:26:55 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler e09e75062d battery - work on pinephone.
it's a ... simpler battery.
2021-04-14 16:13:42 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 17c2d33a32 battery - handle missing vendor, model, invalikd lifespan capacity etc 2021-04-14 00:04:59 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 0e0d80159e fix restarts with windows with hideen state win hints
this fixes the previous commit
42cc4e8c16 ith retarts and windows on
other desktops
2021-04-13 18:05:59 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 42cc4e8c16 e x netwm - set _NET_WM_STATE_HIDDE when win hidden
this can serve as a market - irrespective of icccm state that the
window is not visible. still - some apps like chrome/chromium. set
this so they are happier but this has side-ffects which are
client-local problems.

fixes T8923 ... i hope (seems to). ... but with side effects

2021-04-12 16:02:06 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 11065a905c e - fix restore of window visiblity and events on e restarts
you no longer have to cycle virtual desks to fix window events. this
fixes that.

2021-04-12 16:01:20 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 2fa0181286 gesture - ifdef eplut after include e.h 2021-04-12 13:56:50 +01:00
Alastair Poole e1eed5190b freebsd: make elput optional. 2021-04-12 12:47:27 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 56d2cdc294 build - find environe and build when found
meson didnt look for environ thus it was never found and defined. this
is a fallback for having no clearenv() so essentially no os work
talking about is in this situation anymore.
2021-04-12 11:05:23 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 7e02c59a43 e startup - nuke some code that eina takes care of
eina has eina_convert_strtod_c() which ignores locale... so use that
instead of a workaround.
2021-04-12 11:05:23 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler f9607a9084 mod bz5 - fix hw that comes with bt rfkill on and bz adapters empty
so - it seems on some hardware and./or os combinations the list of bt
adapters is empty from bluez5 entirely if the adapter is rfkilled off.
this means e doesnt see it at all - has no idea it's there. bz doesnt
expose it. without that we can't turn it on even. so - if our bt
adapter list is empty, then assume this is an error and manually list
rfkillable devines and forcibly unblock them ot make them appear in
bulez5... not so much a bug fix as a system brokenness workaround with
bz5 just ignoring rfkill bnlocked devices and not even telling us
about them.

2021-04-12 11:05:23 +01:00
Alastair Poole 128459b6bf confs: freebsd helper script.
Disable gesture recognition.
2021-04-10 10:24:41 +01:00
Alastair Poole 52d7ca6486 procstats: show above window. 2021-04-09 11:32:52 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 5d08df0746 e theme icons config - force elm theme for elm icons as they match now
yes - possibly need yet another config value for this, but at least
for now force the elm internal icon theme so icons match.
2021-04-06 17:15:52 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler f8721df53a e client - override - stack above fullscreen
popup menus for fs apps would otherwise disappear.

2021-04-06 15:35:16 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 484c9f5818 e - module icons ... the great flattening begins... (partly done)
did a chunk of the module icons, but not all. it now matches flat.
2021-04-05 23:45:47 +01:00
Marcel Hollerbach 2bab67bdef swipe: add a help screen that tells where to find debug output 2021-04-05 21:14:15 +02:00
Marcel Hollerbach 424a6a1930 move gesture recognition to e itself 2021-04-05 20:41:55 +02:00
Marcel Hollerbach 59ae22f8ec swipe_config: only warn on x not on wl 2021-04-05 18:29:56 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler 50d31fb87f shot - comment out unused func 2021-04-04 18:17:14 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 0187eb5fe6 winlist - add list window miniatures option you can turn off 2021-04-04 12:50:24 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler a9890ce7b6 expose dither option for comp - on by default 2021-04-03 21:42:38 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler e2786dd50f mod mixer - unput monitor sources as they may be already
this results in no vu meter if they are muted... unmut them so we get
a working vu
2021-04-02 17:54:04 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler e0f40e7a83 mixer - remove debug printfs 2021-04-02 17:17:32 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler b778103299 mod mixer - add vu meter to popup 2021-04-02 17:14:11 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 6ad7fb9c3a mod packagkit - a bit of polish on the popup 2021-04-02 16:15:23 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 46894c8326 shot - move to std icons for zoom buttons and overlay style 2021-04-02 12:33:25 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 17303d0762 mixer - new glob for earbuds 2021-04-01 21:05:44 +01:00
Marcel Hollerbach ed5dcfbd60 gesture_recognition: Rework to use elput
With this:
- Support for gestures in X *and* wayland. Wayland does not require the
  libinput group hack
- Hotplugging support thanks to udev support

This requires a new rebuild of efl.
2021-04-01 15:15:11 +02:00
Carsten Haitzler fa836d5d6b mixer - add more globs for sony headphones
thanks for the info bushman :)
2021-04-01 12:11:30 +01:00
Alastair Poole c077e3dc33 e_start: Fix typo in error string. 2021-03-31 19:20:35 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 0509814168 mixer - fix sink icons first map for buil in audio 2021-03-30 22:00:04 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 0f742bbb45 winlist large mode - make it the default now flat is in master 2021-03-30 17:20:36 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 0f90c6a10a mod - mixer - visual cleanups of mixer look and feel. more polish 2021-03-30 14:52:23 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler aa4f3ce308 mixer - emix - use heading tag 2021-03-30 12:03:48 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 71409186b9 emix - fix dynamic output sink change with monitoring 2021-03-30 11:50:31 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler e6c05913c6 emixer - handle source del properly - shut down src mon 2021-03-30 01:51:21 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 9444e5d55d e mixer - add ability to monitor streams with vu meters too
it's generic infra where you can get a general waveform (44.1khz
stereo floats per strea) for playback (sink inputs), output (sinks)
and inputs (sources). the emix gui will put a vu meter (actually it's
not a vbu meter - it's a peak sample measure over any frame period)
with a progress bar there. very useful now.

2021-03-30 01:12:26 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 0564846adb mixer - fix sink icons 2021-03-30 01:12:26 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler cf31032d1b mixer - more icon mappings for sinks 2021-03-30 01:12:26 +01:00
Alastair Poole 52d8bbd88d procstats: remove duplicate calc. 2021-03-29 20:24:34 +01:00
maxerba 0b67c7d8ed Updating POTFILES 2021-03-29 19:17:14 +02:00
maxerba 383b8bf8c3 Updating italian translation 2021-03-29 19:16:05 +02:00
Alastair Poole 2915a51a93 procstats: send message to theme edje object. 2021-03-29 14:03:31 +01:00
Alastair Poole e46fbcb951 procstats: Remove the massive objects.
TODO: Send messages to the theme...
RFC as always...
2021-03-29 12:31:54 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 6beec55b74 mixer - add icon database for sink icons for mixer popup
this will allow us to have specific icon for different sinks - eg a
screeen for hdmi sinks etc. - need to build a "database" in
sink-icons.txt over time. format is:


where glob/glob2 are file globs to match the strng of a sink name and
icon-name/icon-name2 are the naime of the icon in the elm icon theme
for xdg/fdo standard icons or extended icon names we added in the elm
theme. add more lines as needed. first match "wins" so put most
specific matches at the front and least specific at the end.
2021-03-29 01:25:28 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 27c5126c20 desktop gadgets - use new gadgets icon for settings 2021-03-28 22:52:44 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 4deaeaad20 mod battery config icon- fix to use from theme 2021-03-28 22:29:48 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler a51f226d09 conf and other toolbar/list icons - go up to 40 by default 2021-03-28 22:16:05 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 21e5da5322 emixer - update icon to match new flat look 2021-03-28 20:14:30 +01:00
maxerba 84353f9908 updating french translation 2021-03-28 18:10:03 +02:00
Alastair Poole ded482d817 emixer: avoid segv when no default sink is set. 2021-03-27 20:29:28 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler c50eec9d81 e - comp - wl - fix garbage pixles on rpi4 - properly do fmts/mods
we didnt properly do formats/modifiers. this meant that qwhen
something like the rpi4 started using interesting ones we ended up
with garbage pixels. this fixes that - uses new evas gl feature so
will need efl git master and eventiually efl 1.26 (already do anyway)

2021-03-26 20:36:03 +00:00
Alastair Poole 2ee80c2335 xkbswitch: Alternative lookup path.
2021-03-26 10:20:30 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler b10be21d3d tasks - fix initial sizing in some cases to fill + expand 2021-03-25 12:17:20 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 753ffef8d0 swipe - fix icon up after change of name 2021-03-22 13:32:41 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 95d4a5a3dd tasks - fix sizing of items in box 2021-03-22 10:37:48 +00:00
maxerba a4258e3702 Updating serbian translation 2021-03-20 22:26:54 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler f158ffbe93 emit signals for ac on/off explicitly to battery gad 2021-03-18 11:21:31 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 12853a3bab COMP - log if comp goes on or off 2021-03-18 11:21:31 +00:00
maxerba cb8ccb9a79 Updating french translation 2021-03-16 12:04:59 +01:00
Carsten Haitzler 09e4f2f8b5 bat popup - match gadget content better 2021-03-14 11:51:58 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler fec75537b6 battery - polish popup list item content 2021-03-13 23:06:35 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 5b48077b19 comp - fps debug - dont use null pixel ptrs for debug data
2021-03-12 16:10:26 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler b170259db1 add exif to README 2021-03-11 21:08:58 +00:00
Alastair Poole 02713d9bc6 temperature: Remove dead struct. 2021-03-11 19:09:30 +00:00
Alastair Poole 5d19ae6a5b battery: missed that.
2021-03-11 11:50:56 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler