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#include <Eina.h>
#include <Eet.h>
#include "e_macros.h"
#define E_TYPEDEFS
#include "e_config_data.h"
#include "e_config_data.h"
static Eina_Hash *config_hash = NULL;
E_API void
e_config_descriptor_free(E_Config_DD *edd)
eina_hash_del_by_key(config_hash, eet_data_descriptor_name_get((Eet_Data_Descriptor*)edd));
E_API E_Config_DD *
e_config_descriptor_new(const char *name, int size)
Eet_Data_Descriptor_Class eddc;
E_Config_DD *edd;
if (!eet_eina_stream_data_descriptor_class_set(&eddc, sizeof (eddc), name, size))
return NULL;
/* FIXME: We can directly map string inside an Eet_File and reuse it.
But this need a break in all user of config every where in E.
edd = (E_Config_DD *)eet_data_descriptor_stream_new(&eddc);
if (!config_hash) config_hash = eina_hash_string_superfast_new(NULL);
eina_hash_set(config_hash, name, edd);
return edd;
E_API E_Config_DD *
e_config_descriptor_find(const char *name)
return eina_hash_find(config_hash, name);