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typedef struct _E_Gadcon_Popup E_Gadcon_Popup;
#define E_GADCON_POPUP_TYPE 0xE0b0104e
struct _E_Gadcon_Popup
E_Object e_obj_inherit;
Evas_Object *comp_object;
E_Gadcon_Client *gcc;
Evas_Object *o_bg;
Evas_Object *content;
Ecore_Event_Handler *autoclose_handlers[2];
Ecore_Idler *show_idler;
Ecore_Animator *show_animator;
Evas_Coord w, h;
Eina_Bool pinned E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool gadcon_lock E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool gadcon_was_locked E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool visible E_BITFIELD;
E_API E_Gadcon_Popup *e_gadcon_popup_new(E_Gadcon_Client *gcc, Eina_Bool noshadow);
E_API void e_gadcon_popup_content_set(E_Gadcon_Popup *pop, Evas_Object *o);
E_API void e_gadcon_popup_show(E_Gadcon_Popup *pop);
E_API void e_gadcon_popup_hide(E_Gadcon_Popup *pop);
E_API void e_gadcon_popup_toggle_pinned(E_Gadcon_Popup *pop);
E_API void e_gadcon_popup_lock_set(E_Gadcon_Popup *pop, Eina_Bool setting);