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typedef struct _E_Grab_Dialog E_Grab_Dialog;
#define E_GRAB_DIALOG_TYPE 0xE0b0104A
struct _E_Grab_Dialog
E_Object e_obj_inherit;
E_Dialog *dia;
Ecore_X_Window grab_win;
Ecore_Event_Handler_Cb key;
Ecore_Event_Handler_Cb mouse;
Ecore_Event_Handler_Cb wheel;
Eina_List *handlers;
void *data;
E_API E_Grab_Dialog *e_grab_dialog_show(Evas_Object *parent, Eina_Bool is_mouse, Ecore_Event_Handler_Cb key, Ecore_Event_Handler_Cb mouse, Ecore_Event_Handler_Cb wheel, const void *data);