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#include "e.h"
/* local subsystem functions */
static void
_cb_settings_theme(void *data EINA_UNUSED, Evas_Object *obj EINA_UNUSED, const char *emission EINA_UNUSED, const char *source EINA_UNUSED)
e_configure_registry_call("appearance/theme", NULL, NULL);
/* local subsystem globals */
/* externally accessible functions */
E_API E_Theme_About *
E_Obj_Dialog *od;
od = e_obj_dialog_new(_("About Theme"), "E", "_theme_about");
if (!od) return NULL;
e_obj_dialog_obj_theme_set(od, "base/theme", "e/theme/about");
e_obj_dialog_obj_part_text_set(od, "e.text.label", _("Close"));
e_obj_dialog_obj_part_text_set(od, "e.text.theme", _("Select Theme"));
"e,action,settings,theme", "",
_cb_settings_theme, od);
return (E_Theme_About *)od;
E_API void
e_theme_about_show(E_Theme_About *about)
e_obj_dialog_show((E_Obj_Dialog *)about);
e_obj_dialog_icon_set((E_Obj_Dialog *)about, "preferences-desktop-theme");