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#ifndef E_WIDGET_H
#define E_WIDGET_H
E_API Evas_Object *e_widget_add(Evas *evas);
E_API void e_widget_del_hook_set(Evas_Object *obj, void (*func) (Evas_Object *obj));
E_API void e_widget_focus_hook_set(Evas_Object *obj, void (*func) (Evas_Object *obj));
E_API void e_widget_activate_hook_set(Evas_Object *obj, void (*func) (Evas_Object *obj));
E_API void e_widget_disable_hook_set(Evas_Object *obj, void (*func) (Evas_Object *obj));
E_API void e_widget_on_disable_hook_set(Evas_Object *obj, void (*func) (void *data, Evas_Object *obj), void *data);
E_API void e_widget_on_focus_hook_set(Evas_Object *obj, void (*func) (void *data, Evas_Object *obj), void *data);
E_API void e_widget_on_change_hook_set(Evas_Object *obj, void (*func) (void *data, Evas_Object *obj), void *data);
E_API void e_widget_data_set(Evas_Object *obj, void *data);
E_API void *e_widget_data_get(Evas_Object *obj);
E_API void e_widget_size_min_set(Evas_Object *obj, Evas_Coord minw, Evas_Coord minh);
E_API void e_widget_size_min_get(Evas_Object *obj, Evas_Coord *minw, Evas_Coord *minh);
E_API void e_widget_sub_object_add(Evas_Object *obj, Evas_Object *sobj);
E_API void e_widget_sub_object_del(Evas_Object *obj, Evas_Object *sobj);
E_API void e_widget_resize_object_set(Evas_Object *obj, Evas_Object *sobj);
E_API void e_widget_can_focus_set(Evas_Object *obj, int can_focus);
E_API int e_widget_can_focus_get(Evas_Object *obj);
E_API int e_widget_focus_get(Evas_Object *obj);
E_API Evas_Object *e_widget_focused_object_get(Evas_Object *obj);
E_API int e_widget_focus_jump(Evas_Object *obj, int forward);
E_API void e_widget_focus_set(Evas_Object *obj, int first);
E_API void e_widget_focused_object_clear(Evas_Object *obj);
E_API Evas_Object *e_widget_parent_get(Evas_Object *obj);
E_API void e_widget_focus_steal(Evas_Object *obj);
E_API void e_widget_activate(Evas_Object *obj);
E_API void e_widget_change(Evas_Object *obj);
E_API void e_widget_disabled_set(Evas_Object *obj, int disabled);
E_API int e_widget_disabled_get(Evas_Object *obj);
E_API E_Pointer *e_widget_pointer_get(Evas_Object *obj);
E_API void e_widget_size_min_resize(Evas_Object *obj);