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#ifndef EMIX_H
#define EMIX_H
# include "config.h"
#include <Eina.h>
#include <Evas.h>
#ifdef E_API
#undef E_API
#ifdef __GNUC__
# if __GNUC__ >= 4
# define E_API __attribute__ ((visibility("default")))
# else
# define E_API
# endif
# define E_API
enum Emix_Event {
typedef struct _Emix_Volume {
unsigned int channel_count;
// the index of the field is the id of the channel, the value the volume
int *volumes;
} Emix_Volume;
typedef struct _Emix_Port {
Eina_Bool active;
Eina_Bool available;
const char *name;
const char *description;
} Emix_Port;
typedef struct _Emix_Sink {
const char *name;
Emix_Volume volume;
Emix_Volume set_volume;
Eina_Bool mute;
Eina_List *ports;
} Emix_Sink;
typedef struct _Emix_Sink_Input {
const char *name;
Emix_Volume volume;
Eina_Bool mute;
Emix_Sink *sink;
pid_t pid;
} Emix_Sink_Input;
typedef struct _Emix_Source {
const char *name;
Emix_Volume volume;
Eina_Bool mute;
} Emix_Source;
typedef void (*Emix_Event_Cb)(void *data, enum Emix_Event event,
void *event_info);
typedef struct _Emix_Backend {
Eina_Bool (*ebackend_init)(Emix_Event_Cb cb, const void *data);
void (*ebackend_shutdown)(void);
int (*ebackend_max_volume_get)(void);
const Eina_List* (*ebackend_sinks_get)(void);
Eina_Bool (*ebackend_sink_default_support)(void);
const Emix_Sink* (*ebackend_sink_default_get)(void);
void (*ebackend_sink_default_set)(Emix_Sink *sink);
void (*ebackend_sink_mute_set)(Emix_Sink *sink,
Eina_Bool mute);
void (*ebackend_sink_volume_set)(Emix_Sink *sink,
Emix_Volume volume);
Eina_Bool (*ebackend_sink_port_set)(Emix_Sink *sink,
const Emix_Port *port);
Eina_Bool (*ebackend_sink_change_support)(void);
const Eina_List* (*ebackend_sink_inputs_get)(void);
void (*ebackend_sink_input_mute_set)(
Emix_Sink_Input *input, Eina_Bool mute);
void (*ebackend_sink_input_volume_set)(
Emix_Sink_Input *input, Emix_Volume volume);
void (*ebackend_sink_input_sink_change)(
Emix_Sink_Input *input, Emix_Sink *sink);
const Eina_List* (*ebackend_sources_get)(void);
void (*ebackend_source_mute_set)(Emix_Source *source,
Eina_Bool mute);
void (*ebackend_source_volume_set)(Emix_Source *source,
Emix_Volume volume);
Evas_Object* (*ebackend_advanced_options_add)(Evas_Object *parent);
} Emix_Backend;
#define VOLSET(vol, srcvol, target, func) \
do { \
Emix_Volume _v; \
int _pvol = srcvol.volumes[0]; \
if ((_pvol > 80) && (_pvol <= 100) && \
(vol > 100) && (vol < 120)) vol = 100; \
_v.channel_count = srcvol.channel_count; \
_v.volumes = calloc(srcvol.channel_count, sizeof(int)); \
if (_v.volumes) { \
unsigned int _i; \
for (_i = 0; _i < _v.channel_count; _i++) _v.volumes[_i] = vol; \
func(target, _v); \
free(_v.volumes); \
} \
} while (0)
E_API Eina_Bool emix_init(void);
E_API void emix_shutdown(void);
E_API const Eina_List* emix_backends_available(void);
E_API Eina_Bool emix_backend_set(const char *backend);
E_API Eina_Bool emix_event_callback_add(Emix_Event_Cb cb,
const void *data);
E_API Eina_Bool emix_event_callback_del(Emix_Event_Cb cb);
E_API int emix_max_volume_get(void);
E_API const Eina_List* emix_sinks_get(void);
E_API Eina_Bool emix_sink_default_support(void);
E_API const Emix_Sink* emix_sink_default_get(void);
E_API Eina_Bool emix_sink_port_set(Emix_Sink *sink, Emix_Port *port);
E_API void emix_sink_default_set(Emix_Sink *sink);
E_API void emix_sink_mute_set(Emix_Sink *sink, Eina_Bool mute);
E_API void emix_sink_volume_set(Emix_Sink *sink,
Emix_Volume volume);
E_API Eina_Bool emix_sink_change_support(void);
E_API const Eina_List* emix_sink_inputs_get(void);
E_API void emix_sink_input_mute_set(Emix_Sink_Input *input,
Eina_Bool mute);
E_API void emix_sink_input_volume_set(Emix_Sink_Input *input,
Emix_Volume volume);
E_API void emix_sink_input_sink_change(Emix_Sink_Input *input,
Emix_Sink *sink);
E_API const Eina_List* emix_sources_get(void);
E_API void emix_source_mute_set(Emix_Source *source,
Eina_Bool mute);
E_API void emix_source_volume_set(Emix_Source *source,
Emix_Volume volume);
E_API Evas_Object* emix_advanced_options_add(Evas_Object *parent);
#endif /* EMIX_H */