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config_standard = ['e.src', 'e_bindings.src',
config_standard_output = ['e.cfg', 'e_bindings.cfg',
i = 0
foreach cd: config_standard
custom_target(' '.join(['config_dist_standard', cd]),
input: cd,
command: [eet, '-e', '@OUTPUT@', 'config', '@INPUT@', '1'],
output: config_standard_output[i],
install: true,
install_dir: join_paths(dir_config, 'standard')
i += 1
config_dist_standard = ['enlightenment-standard.png', 'profile.desktop']
install_dir: join_paths(dir_config, 'standard')
foreach cd: config_standard_output
out = join_paths(dir_config, 'standard', cd)
meson.add_install_script(chmod, 'a+r', out)