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E_Volume *_e_fm_main_udisks_volume_add(const char *udi, Eina_Bool first_time);
void _e_fm_main_udisks_volume_del(const char *udi);
E_Volume *_e_fm_main_udisks_volume_find(const char *udi);
void _e_fm_main_udisks_volume_eject(E_Volume *v);
void _e_fm_main_udisks_volume_unmount(E_Volume *v);
void _e_fm_main_udisks_volume_mount(E_Volume *v);
E_Storage *_e_fm_main_udisks_storage_add(const char *udi);
void _e_fm_main_udisks_storage_del(const char *udi);
E_Storage *_e_fm_main_udisks_storage_find(const char *udi);
void _e_fm_main_udisks_init(void);
void _e_fm_main_udisks_shutdown(void);
void _e_fm_main_udisks_catch(Eina_Bool usable);