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Carsten Haitzler 3327380d37 update fav's 17 years ago
.cvsignore Thu Sep 1 16:53:13 2005 Michael Jennings (mej) 18 years ago 1. add template files for favorites dir for file selector 17 years ago
_enlightenment_remote zsh completion update from Sanjay Basu. 19 years ago
applications.tar.gz New menu structure. 17 years ago
efm_favorites.tar.gz update fav's 17 years ago
enlightenment_remote Fullscreen policy. Not tested since my stupid laptop only has one res. 18 years ago
icon_example.tar.gz 1. fix valgrind issue - cpufreq was saving a char as an int to eet's 18 years ago shorne whaddya on? :) 19 years ago