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Hannes Janetzek c9c75b2420 'everything' 13 years ago
default update config with new fields/versions, add texture form pixmap option to gl 14 years ago
illume Better description for Illume profile (remove useless breaks in 13 years ago
illume-home Add softkey config source file. 13 years ago
minimalist Optimised PNG files. 13 years ago
netbook Optimised PNG files. 13 years ago
scaleable Optimised PNG files. 13 years ago
standard 'everything' 13 years ago
.cvsignore some mixer fixes (icon, code), a connman module - beware. not fully working 15 years ago Suffix rules are only supported by GNU make 14 years ago
profile.src allow for a default installed config file set.. and use it.. and allow the 15 years ago