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#ifndef E_MOD_MAIN_H
#define E_MOD_MAIN_H
#ifdef HAVE_EEZE
# include <Eeze.h>
# include <Eldbus.h>
typedef struct _Config Config;
#define CHECK_NONE 0
#define CHECK_ACPI 1
#define CHECK_APM 2
#define CHECK_PMU 3
#define CHECK_SYS_ACPI 4
#define UNKNOWN 0
#define SUBSYSTEM 2
#define SUSPEND 0
#define HIBERNATE 1
#define SHUTDOWN 2
struct _Config
/* saved * loaded config values */
int poll_interval;
int alert; /* Alert on minutes remaining */
int alert_p; /* Alert on percentage remaining */
int alert_timeout; /* Popup dismissal timeout */
int suspend_below; /* Suspend if battery drops below this level */
int suspend_method; /* Method used to suspend the machine */
int force_mode; /* force use of batget or hal */
/* just config state */
E_Module *module;
E_Config_Dialog *config_dialog;
Eina_List *instances;
Ecore_Exe *batget_exe;
Ecore_Event_Handler *batget_data_handler;
Ecore_Event_Handler *batget_del_handler;
Ecore_Timer *alert_timer;
int full;
int time_left;
int time_full;
int have_battery;
int have_power;
int desktop_notifications;
#ifdef HAVE_EEZE
Eeze_Udev_Watch *acwatch;
Eeze_Udev_Watch *batwatch;
#if defined HAVE_EEZE || defined __OpenBSD__ || defined __NetBSD__
Eina_Bool fuzzy;
int fuzzcount;
typedef struct _Battery Battery;
typedef struct _Ac_Adapter Ac_Adapter;
struct _Battery
const char *udi;
#if defined HAVE_EEZE || defined __OpenBSD__ || defined __DragonFly__ || defined __FreeBSD__ || defined __NetBSD__
Ecore_Poller *poll;
Eina_Bool present:1;
Eina_Bool charging:1;
#if defined HAVE_EEZE || defined __OpenBSD__ || defined __DragonFly__ || defined __FreeBSD__ || defined __NetBSD__
double last_update;
double percent;
double current_charge;
double design_charge;
double last_full_charge;
double charge_rate;
double time_full;
double time_left;
int percent;
int current_charge;
int design_charge;
int last_full_charge;
int charge_rate;
int time_full;
int time_left;
const char *type;
const char *charge_units;
const char *technology;
const char *model;
const char *vendor;
Eina_Bool got_prop:1;
Eldbus_Proxy *proxy;
int * mib;
#if defined(__FreeBSD__) || defined(__DragonFly__)
int * mib_state;
int * mib_units;
int * mib_time;
int batteries;
int time_min;
struct _Ac_Adapter
const char *udi;
Eina_Bool present:1;
const char *product;
Eldbus_Proxy *proxy;
int * mib;
Battery *_battery_battery_find(const char *udi);
Ac_Adapter *_battery_ac_adapter_find(const char *udi);
void _battery_device_update(void);
#ifdef HAVE_EEZE
/* in e_mod_udev.c */
int _battery_udev_start(void);
void _battery_udev_stop(void);
/* end e_mod_udev.c */
#elif !defined __OpenBSD__ && !defined __DragonFly__ && !defined __FreeBSD__ && !defined __NetBSD__
/* in e_mod_dbus.c */
int _battery_upower_start(void);
void _battery_upower_stop(void);
/* end e_mod_dbus.c */
/* in e_mod_sysctl.c */
int _battery_sysctl_start(void);
void _battery_sysctl_stop(void);
/* end e_mod_sysctl.c */
E_API extern E_Module_Api e_modapi;
E_API void *e_modapi_init (E_Module *m);
E_API int e_modapi_shutdown (E_Module *m);
E_API int e_modapi_save (E_Module *m);
E_Config_Dialog *e_int_config_battery_module(Evas_Object *parent, const char *params EINA_UNUSED);
void _battery_config_updated(void);
extern Config *battery_config;
* @addtogroup Optional_Gadgets
* @{
* @defgroup Module_Battery Battery
* Shows battery level and current status, may do actions given some
* thresholds.
* @}