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Some of the things (in very short form) that need to be done to E17...
Also look at all the .c files - they have their own localized TODO lists
These are in no particular order:
* fix focus handling (qt apps, openoffice, etc. etc.)
* track mouse location on a border/desktop level
* add desktop object/element management interface (sanitise module hell there)
* add key input focus control for desktop modules
* finish off icccm support
* optimize clock theme (speed/cpu)
* make shading go in all 4 directions
* add virtual desktops
* add keybindings
* add general actions to be hooked to button/key bindings
* add "icon box"
* add iconify (minimize)
* add pagers
* add netwm support
* full colour+alpha cursors
* different cursors for different parts of the screen
* alt+tab status list of windows
* add a "taskbar"
* add cpu module
* add battery module
* add cpu speedstep module
* make root menus configurable (what mouse/key brings up what)
* add favorites apps menu items for editing (at the bottom or such)
* add a way to access all apps
* list window properties then only fetch the ones that exist on window map
* non opaque move/resize
* optimize dropshadow module to blure faster/more efficiently
* change evas and ecore_evas to create shape rect lists directly
* support shaped clients borders etc.
* ibar need to support label pop-ups
* borders need to be able to change border on the fly
* add border menus
* add push-away move
* add window move/resize snap/resist to adjacent window
* add window glueing
* add window tabs (multiple clients)
* add setup/install wizard to seed eapp files etc. etc.
* make ipc try open on other ports numbers if current is taken
* fix error dialogs to also have a themed/edje one with proper text layout
* add clientinfo pane/popdown for borders
* add a button area expansion for borders
* add template button for expanded buttons
* add a status area expansion for borders
* add a status module template for borders
* allow desktop modules to define no-cover zones
* fix eapps to properly follow on disk changes
* support text and color classes
* add tooltips
* add fullscreen support (xvidmode style)
* add xrandr support
* fix multihead support
* xinerama support
* maybe add systray module/support?
* fix all loose ends
* allow object paranoia to be a runtim option too
* detect segv and report it (maybe turn on obj paranoia)
* add sliders, radio and check buttons for clientinfo pane
* display coords while moving/resizing
* add separate app menu bars at top of screen support
* add "osd" subsystem for things like volume controls on keybboards, etc. that overlay the screen
* add really nice "about" box with theme, authors credits list etc etc.