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#ifndef E_MOD_MAIN_H
#define E_MOD_MAIN_H
#include "e.h"
E_API extern E_Module_Api e_modapi;
E_API void *e_modapi_init(E_Module *m);
E_API int e_modapi_shutdown(E_Module *m);
E_API int e_modapi_save(E_Module *m);
typedef struct _Instance Instance;
typedef struct _Context_Notifier_Host Context_Notifier_Host;
typedef struct _Instance_Notifier_Host Instance_Notifier_Host;
typedef struct _Notifier_Item Notifier_Item;
struct _Instance
E_Gadcon_Client *gcc;
Evas *evas;
Instance_Notifier_Host *notifier;
Evas_Object *gadget;
} ui;
Ecore_Job *size_apply;
} job;
void systray_notifier_host_init(void);
void systray_notifier_host_shutdown(void);
Evas_Object* systray_notifier_host_new(const char *shelfstyle, const char *style);
extern E_Module *systray_mod;
* @addtogroup Optional_Gadgets
* @{
* @defgroup Module_Systray Systray (System Icons Tray)
* Shows system icons in a box.
* The icons come from the FreeDesktop.Org systray specification.
* @see
* @}