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Some of the things (in very short form) that need to be done to E17...
(These are in no particular order)
* BUG: e_entry/editable widget is pretty borken in sizing, clipping, initial
state and i think is also now causing segv's (not sure yet), but it needs
a complete going over if not a rewrite. :(
* BUG: "match this window only" doesnt fall back to other unused remembers
* BUG: make window sticky. send window to another desktop - get ghost window.
should 1. make any such operation in the pager useless and do
nothing if the window is sticky and 2. in the pager disallow dragging
out of the pager desktop if the window is sticky.
* BUG: if app asks for borderless in properties - borderless toggle in menu
doesn't have any effect.
* BUG: change exe name in basic mode in eap editor and icon vanishes (don't
extract existing icon and write out to tmp .png while rebuilding).
* BUG: ghost windows happen if windows close when on another desktop or if
windows are very short-lived
* BUG: openoffice 2 when displaying a presentation with xinerama (multiple
zones) weird things happen (the presentation doesnt display - it seemingly
attaches to the 2nd zone, not the first), crashes have been reported too.
* BUG: xdaliclock -transparent doesnt use shaped border (not handling shape
change later)
* BUG: if you iconify a window and while iconified the window unmaps
(rhythmbox does this a lot apparently) e doesnt realize and still thinks
it's iconified.
* BUG: if you have 2 zones and you fill up zone 2 (right) mostly and then run
a big xev (xev -g 1280x1024) that won't fit it gets placed offscreen to the
right of zone 2
* BUG: Hiding the label of e_widget_slider causes the slider line to disappear
* fm2 needs to have right mouse menu on files for rename and delete
* fsel needs "add" button for favorites to add whataver directory is selected
if any dir is selected (create symlink)
* fsel needs to clear the entry when entering a new dir
* fm2 .desktop parser needs to handle i18n
* fm2 needs a mime filter
* fm2 needs to have a mime & filetype -> icon mapping
* fsel needs to display the current dir (for better context) somewhere
* eap editor is broken - segv in advanced mode
* use .desktop files and move eap editor to edit them etc. etc. instead to fix
* if we want to do icons on the desktop - and as part of efm, i am thinking
that we have little choice but to implement a .desktop file loader. this
is not to hard - it's the xml jungle of the system menus that is sucky. the
real problems are where to find the icons for the .desktop files.
* middle mouse on gadgets as a quick move/resize thing?
* language packs: need to have a tool to load/setup a language pack (which
means .mo compiled files from a .po, an optional font and a config file that
specifies the locale and font) and then install the font(s) either as a user
or superuser, and the .mo in the system or a user locales dir.
* finish off icccm support
* finish complete netwm support
* add a "taskbar" module
* add cpu load module
* add a way to access "all" apps app dir (and dnd from it into ibar etc.)
* add setup/install wizard to seed eap files etc. etc.
* support color classes (gui config etc. etc.)
* finish clientinfo dialog for borders (netwm props etc. etc.)
* gui config dialogs for all config
* make it possible to disable border buttons/actions (tell theme what is
* Window Border Icon > "Create Icon" needs to copy the ARGB icon data (into a
temp file?) and use that as the default icon.
* Dragging a non-eap icon from a border to the ibar should automatically
create the icon and add that (instead of warning the user that this can't be
* new fm code doesn't indicate it is still scanning a dir - needs to
* new fm code relays-out a dir every time the queue is processed - maybe try
to speed this up
* new fm code's file scannign isnt insanely fast - icon size calcs etc. speed
up for special cases like list view?
* wallpaper dialog needs to display backgrounds in all of the background path
locations. Currently it is only searching ~/.e/e/backgrounds
* wallpaper dialog needs a "for this screen only" option of containers or
zones > 1 :)
* wallpaper dialog needs to probably use fm2 for list of bg's (use 2 fm views
one for system, one for personal).
* bg import dialog and code needs a big workover - needs a few more options on
import like quality (lossy low, medium, high, perfect), when scaling do you
stretch, scale retaining aspect within the screen or extend beyond screen
boundaries (so nothing is left blank) etc.
* bg needs a gradient dialog that can take a set of pre-drawn png's and edc
recipies and use colored rects and overlayed png's recolored with color
options to create vertical, horizontal, radial etc. gradients quickly and
save to an edc
* fsel could do with an optional preview pane for selected file (bigger icon,
file info (permissions, modification date etc.)
* clientinfo dialog could be nicer - then again it is an obsucre thing.
* desklock needs to sha1 the user password with one-way encryption and never
display it
* desklock's pam profile should be configurable as system-auth doesn't
always work - maybe have some auto-detect and scan of pam files and steal
others like "xscreensaver" or "kscreensaver" that will be perfect for our
job - fall back to system-auth if nothing useful is found :)
* If a user has set a border type on a window, don't bother to check for
* keybindings dialog doesn't conform its formatting or datatype naming to
anything else in e17 - it needs fixing.
* need to do a massive theme spec overhaul. need to namespace signals, special
named parts that are needed, specific what is NEEDED froma theme, what is
optional (in terms of parts, groups and signals). etc.
* when adding some gadgets like pager, ibox, ibar - they default to "plain"
instead of inset. there should be a way for a gagdet to hint a default
preferred look.
* default config for shelf is screwy and needs fixing - related to gadcon
layout algorithm though.
* ipc is a mess. overgrown. hard to work with. what to do? remove?
* EAP cache files can be hit and miss and have problems. move things to be
explicit reloads.
* winlist should support place for window "screenshot" in list as well as
app icon
* winlist could divide windows up into blocks - sub-lists within a container
per desktop (with stick windows considered to live on the "current" desk
when winlist starts)
* make it easy for modules to hook into ipc and extend it for themselves
* full fm2 support as an icon fm needs work - beyond fsel needs and for icons
on the desktop etc. etc.
* winlist and exebuf can let the mouse select items
* switch to desktop of a new window if it opens on another desktop than the
current one (optional too)
* emit signal to submenu entries if they have a submenu shown for them or not
* setup configs for gnome and kde (as options) if they are installed (eg
run gnome-settings-daemon).
* check evas engine can work on a given screen before using it
* non opaque move/resize
* add "osd" subsystem for things like volume controls on keybboards, etc.
that overlay the screen
* file icons on the desktop (people ask for it) - xdnd for these
* improve drag/resize of gadget items
* pager should be able to be configured to control more than the current zone
(select which zone they control)
* optimize clock theme (speed/cpu) (rotation in edje??? or evas???)