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# This file is put in the public domain.
# Jose Biosca Martin <>, 2005.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: 0.0.1\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2005-11-29 23:48+0000\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2005-12-02 17:26-0000\n"
"Last-Translator: Guillermo Movia <>\n"
"Language-Team: PON-E TEAM <>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Poedit-Language: Spanish\n"
"X-Poedit-Country: SPAIN\n"
"X-Poedit-SourceCharset: utf-8\n"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:1193
msgid "Are you sure you want to exit?"
msgstr "¿Está seguro de querer salir?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:1195
msgid "You requested to exit Enlightenment.<br><br>Are you sure you want to exit?"
msgstr "Eligió salir de Enlightenment.<br><br>¿Está seguro de querer salir?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:1200
#: src/bin/e_module.c:544
#: src/modules/randr/e_mod_main.c:317
msgid "Yes"
msgstr "Si"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:1202
#: src/bin/e_module.c:545
#: src/modules/randr/e_mod_main.c:318
msgid "No"
msgstr "No"
#: src/bin/e_apps.c:413
#: src/bin/e_apps.c:1787
#: src/bin/e_utils.c:223
#: src/bin/e_fileman_file.c:354
#: src/bin/e_fileman_file.c:405
msgid "Run Error"
msgstr "Error de ejecución"
#: src/bin/e_apps.c:414
#: src/bin/e_utils.c:224
#: src/bin/e_fileman_file.c:355
#: src/bin/e_fileman_file.c:406
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Enlightenment was unable fork a child process:\n"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment no es capaz de crear un proceso hijo\n"
"para ejecutar la línea:\n"
#: src/bin/e_apps.c:1788
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Enlightenment was unable run the program:\n"
"The command was not found\n"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment no puede ejecutar el programa\n"
"No se pudo encontrar el comando\n"
#: src/bin/e_config.c:377
msgid ""
"Configuration data needed upgrading. Your old configuration\n"
"has been wiped and a new set of defaults initialized. This\n"
"will happen regularly during development, so don't report a\n"
"bug. This simply means Enlightenment needs new configuration\n"
"data by default for usable functionality that your old\n"
"configuration simply lacks. This new set of defaults will fix\n"
"that by adding it in. You can re-configure things now to your\n"
"liking. Sorry for the hiccup in your configuration.\n"
msgstr ""
"Los datos de configuración necesitan ser actualizados. Tu\n"
"configuración antigua ha sido eliminada y se han establecido\n"
"valores por defecto. Esto ocurrirá frecuentemente durante el\n"
"desarrollo, no reportes un bug. Esto es necesario porque\n"
"a veces los datos de configuración se modifican y la antigua\n"
"configuración no es compatible. Ahora puedes reconfigurarlo\n"
"a tu gusto. Lo sentimos por las molestias.\n"
#: src/bin/e_config.c:391
msgid ""
"Your configuration is NEWER than Enlightenment. This is very\n"
"strange. This should not happen unless you downgraded\n"
"Enlightenment or copied the configuration from a place where\n"
"a newer version of Enlightenment was running. This is bad and\n"
"as a precaution your configuration has been now restored to\n"
"defaults. Sorry for the inconvenience.\n"
msgstr ""
"Tu configuración es más MODERNA que Enlightenment. Esto es muy\n"
"extraño. No deberia ocurrir a menos que desactualices\n"
"Enlightenment o hayas copiado la configuración de un sitio donde\n"
"está instalada una versión de Enlightenment más moderna. Esto es malo\n"
"y como precaución tu configuración se ha reestablecido a los\n"
"valores por defecto. Lo sentimos por las molestias\n"
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2002
msgid "Configuration Upgraded"
msgstr "Configuración actualizada"
#: src/bin/e_container.c:118
#, c-format
msgid "Container %d"
msgstr "Contenedor %d"
#: src/bin/e_error.c:196
#: src/bin/e_error.c:205
#: src/bin/e_module.c:404
#: src/bin/e_config_dialog.c:113
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:245
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:325
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:367
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:1692
msgid "OK"
msgstr "Ok"
#: src/bin/e_error.c:352
msgid "Enlightenment: Error!"
msgstr "Enlightenment: ¡Error!"
#: src/bin/e_gadman.c:626
msgid "Automatic Width"
msgstr "Ancho automático"
#: src/bin/e_gadman.c:637
msgid "Half Screen Width"
msgstr "Ancho a la mitad de la pantalla"
#: src/bin/e_gadman.c:643
msgid "Full Screen Width"
msgstr "Ancho a toda la pantalla"
#: src/bin/e_gadman.c:655
msgid "Center Horizontally"
msgstr "Centrar horizontalmente"
#: src/bin/e_gadman.c:673
msgid "Automatic Height"
msgstr "Altura automática"
#: src/bin/e_gadman.c:684
msgid "Half Screen Height"
msgstr "Alto a la mitad de la pantalla"
#: src/bin/e_gadman.c:690
msgid "Full Screen Height"
msgstr "Alto a toda la pantalla"
#: src/bin/e_gadman.c:701
msgid "Center Vertically"
msgstr "Centrar verticalmente"
#: src/bin/e_gadman.c:713
msgid "End Edit Mode"
msgstr "Finalizar el modo edición"
#: src/bin/e_init.c:38
#, c-format
msgid "X reports there are no root windows and %i screens!\n"
msgstr "¡X informa que no hay ventanas raíz y %i pantallas!\n"
#: src/bin/e_init.c:102
msgid "Disable this splash screen in the future?"
msgstr "¿Quiere deshabilitar esta pantalla en el futuro?"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:82
msgid "Favorite Applications"
msgstr "Aplicaciones favoritas"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:92
msgid "Modules"
msgstr "Módulos"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:99
msgid "Desktops"
msgstr "Escritorios"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:106
msgid "Windows"
msgstr "Ventanas"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:113
msgid "Lost Windows"
msgstr "Ventanas perdidas"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:120
msgid "Gadgets"
msgstr "Dispositivos"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:127
msgid "Themes"
msgstr "Temas"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:135
#: src/bin/e_about.c:41
msgid "About Enlightenment"
msgstr "Acerca de Enlightenment"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:142
msgid "Run Command"
msgstr "Ejecutar"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:148
msgid "Files"
msgstr "Archivos"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:155
#: src/bin/e_module.c:477
msgid "Configuration"
msgstr "Configuración"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:163
msgid "Restart Enlightenment"
msgstr "Reiniciar Enlightenment"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:168
msgid "Exit Enlightenment"
msgstr "Salir de Enlightenment"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:465
msgid "(No Applications)"
msgstr "(Sin aplicaciones)"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:547
msgid "New Row of Desktops"
msgstr "Nueva línea de escritorios"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:551
msgid "Remove Row of Desktops"
msgstr "Borrar línea de escritorios"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:555
msgid "New Column of Desktops"
msgstr "Nueva columna de escritorios"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:559
msgid "Remove Column of Desktops"
msgstr "Borrar columna de escritorios"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:631
#: src/bin/e_configure.c:58
msgid "Configuration Panel"
msgstr "Panel de configuración"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:635
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:74
msgid "Eap Editor"
msgstr "Editor de íconos"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:693
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:981
msgid "(No Windows)"
msgstr "(Sin ventanas)"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:708
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:995
msgid "No name!!"
msgstr "¡¡Sin nombre!!"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:724
msgid "Cleanup Windows"
msgstr "Reordenar ventanas"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:803
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:589
#: src/modules/clock/e_mod_main.c:328
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:947
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:647
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_main.c:454
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:621
#: src/modules/start/e_mod_main.c:230
#: src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:922
msgid "Edit Mode"
msgstr "Modo de edición"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:809
msgid "(Unused)"
msgstr "(Sin usar)"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:841
#: src/bin/e_theme_about.c:41
msgid "About This Theme"
msgstr "Acerca del tema"
#: src/bin/e_intl.c:292
msgid "Input Method Error"
msgstr "Error en el método de entrada"
#: src/bin/e_intl.c:293
msgid ""
"Error starting the input method executable\n"
"please make sure that your input\n"
"method configuration is correct and\n"
"that your configuration's\n"
"executable is in your PATH\n"
msgstr ""
"Hubo un error abriendo el ejecutable del método de entrada\n"
"por favor, asegúrese de que la configuración de\n"
"su método de entrada es correcto y\n"
"de que el ejecutable de la configuración\n"
"está en su PATH\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:195
#, c-format
msgid ""
"\t-display DISPLAY\n"
"\t\tConnect to display named DISPLAY.\n"
"\t\tEG: -display :1.0\n"
"\t-fake-xinerama-screen WxH+X+Y\n"
"\t\tAdd a FAKE xinerama screen (instead of the real ones)\n"
"\t\tgiven the geometry. Add as many as you like. They all\n"
"\t\treplace the real xinerama screens, if any. This can\n"
"\t\tbe used to simulate xinerama.\n"
"\t\tEG: -fake-xinerama-screen 800x600+0+0 -fake-xinerama-screen 800x600+800+0\n"
"\t-profile CONF_PROFILE\n"
"\t\tUse the configuration profile CONF_PROFILE instead of the the user selected default or just \"default\".\n"
"\t\tBe good.\n"
"\t\tBe evil.\n"
"\t\tBe psychotic.\n"
msgstr ""
"\t-display DISPLAY\n"
"\t\tConecta al display DISPLAY.\n"
"\t\tEJ: -display :1.0\n"
"\t-fake-xinerama-screen WxH+X+Y\n"
"\t\tAñade una pantalla xinerama FALSA (en lugar de la real)\n"
"\t\tdada una geometría. Añade todas las que quieras. Todas\n"
"\t\tellas reemplazan las pantallas xinerama reales, si existen. Esto se\n"
"\t\tpuede usar para simular xinerama.\n"
"\t\tEJ: -fake-xinerama-screen 800x600+0+0 -fake-xinerama-screen 800x600+800+0\n"
"\t-profile CONF_PROFILE\n"
"\t\tUsar el perfil de la configuración CONF_PROFILE en lugar del del usuario elija el predeterminado o sólo \"default\".\n"
"\t\tSea bueno.\n"
"\t\tSer un demonio.\n"
"\t\tSer psicótico.\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:264
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot Initialize Ecore!\n"
"Perhaps you are out of memory?"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment no puede iniciar Ecore!\n"
"Quizá no tiene la memoria suficiente"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:277
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot initialize the File system.\n"
"Perhaps you are out of memory?"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment no uede iniciar el sistema de archivos.\n"
"Quizá no tiene la memoria suficiente"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:288
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot set up an exit signal handler.\n"
"Perhaps you are out of memory?"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment no puede elegir un manejador de la señal de salida.\n"
"Quizá no tiene la memoria suficiente"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:294
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot set up a HUP signal handler.\n"
"Perhaps you are out of memory?"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment no puede iniciar el manejador de la señal HUP.\n"
"Quizá no tiene la memoria suficiente"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:305
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot initialize its X connection.\n"
"Have you set your DISPLAY variable?"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment no puede iniciar la conexion con las X.\n"
"¿Tienes establecida la variable DISPLAY?"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:313
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot initialize its emergency alert system.\n"
"Have you set your DISPLAY variable?"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment no puede iniciar su sistema de alertas de emergencia.\n"
"¿Tienes establecida la variable DISPLAY?"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:320
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot setup xinerama wrapping.\n"
"This should not happen."
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment no puede iniciar xinerama.\n"
"Esto no deberia ocurrir."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:336
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot initialize the connections system.\n"
"Perhaps you are out of memory?"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment no puede iniciar el sistema de conexiones.\n"
"Quizá no haya memoria suficiente"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:344
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot initialize the IPC system.\n"
"Perhaps you are out of memory?"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment no puede iniciar el sistema IPC.\n"
"Quizá no haya memoria suficiente"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:352
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot initialize the Evas system.\n"
"Perhaps you are out of memory?"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment no puede iniciar el sistema Evas.\n"
"Quizá no haya memoria suficiente"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:358
msgid ""
"Enlightenment found ecore_evas doesnt support Software X11\n"
"rendering in Evas. Please check your installation of Evas and\n"
"Ecore and check they support Software X11 rendering."
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment informa que ecore_evas no soporta el renderizado\n"
"por software de X11 en Evas. Por favor, comprueba la instalación\n"
"de Evas y Ecore y comprueba que soportan el renderizado por\n"
"software de X11."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:368
msgid "Enlightenment cannot initialize the Thumbnailing system.\n"
msgstr "Enlightenment no puede iniciar el sistema de miniaturas.\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:377
msgid "Enlightenment cannot initialize the File manager.\n"
msgstr "Enlightenment no puede inicializar el manejador de archivos.\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:388
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot create directories in your home directory.\n"
"Perhaps you have no home directory or the disk is full?"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment no puede crear carpetas en su directorio home.\n"
"Quizá no tenga un directorio home o el disco esté lleno"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:396
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its config system."
msgstr "Enlightenment no puede iniciar su sistema de configuración"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:403
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot set up paths for finding files.\n"
"Perhaps you are out of memory?"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment no puede establecer caminos para encontrar archivos.\n"
"Quizá no tenga memoria suficiente"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:411
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its intl system."
msgstr "Enlightenment no puede iniciar su sistema internacional"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:418
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its actions system."
msgstr "Enlightenment no puede iniciar su sistema de acciones"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:425
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its bindings system."
msgstr "Enlightenment no puede iniciar su sistema de asignaciones de teclas"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:432
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its popup system."
msgstr "Enlightenment no puede iniciar su sitema de ventanas emergentes"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:443
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its font system."
msgstr "Enlightenment no puede iniciar su sistema de fuentes"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:453
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its theme system."
msgstr "Enlightenment no puede iniciar su sistema de temas"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:462
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot set up init screen.\n"
"Perhaps you are out of memory?"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment no puede iniciar su pantalla de inicio.\n"
"Quizá no tenga memoria suficiente"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:471
msgid ""
"Enlightenment set up window management for all the screens on your system\n"
"failed. Perhaps another window manager is running?\n"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment falló para iniciar su sistema de manejo de ventanas para todas sus pantallas.\n"
"Quizás haya otro manejador de ventanas ejecutándose\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:478
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its app system."
msgstr "Enlightenment no puede iniciar su sistema de aplicaciones"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:485
msgid "Enlightenment cannot setup remember settings."
msgstr "Enlightenment no puede iniciar su sistema de recuerdos"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:501
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot set up the IPC socket.\n"
"It likely is already in use by an existing copy of Enlightenment.\n"
"Double check to see if Enlightenment is not already on this display,\n"
"but if that fails try deleting all files in ~/.ecore/enlightenment-*\n"
"and try running again.\n"
"If you use AFS then maybe you might want to make a symlink from\n"
"~/.ecore to /tmp/my_directory/ecore where sockets can be made."
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment no puede establecer el socket IPC.\n"
"Seguramente esta en uso por una instancia de Enlightenment activa.\n"
"Comprueba que Enlightenment no este cargado en este display y si no es así, prueba\n"
"borrando todos los ficheros en ~/.ecore/enlightenment-* y volver\n"
"a ejecutarlo.\n"
"Si usas AFS, entonces quizá quieras hacer un enlace simbólico desde\n"
" ~/.ecore to /tmp/my_directory/ecore hacia donde se puedan crear los sockets."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:517
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its msg system."
msgstr "Enlightenment no puede iniciar sus sistema de mensajes"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:524
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its dnd system."
msgstr "Enlightenment no puede iniciar su sistema de dnd"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:531
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its input grab handling system."
msgstr "Enlightenment no puede iniciar su sistema de manejo de agarres"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:538
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its module system."
msgstr "Enlightenment no puede iniciar su sistema de módulos"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:545
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its window list system."
msgstr "Enlightenment no puede iniciar su sistema de lista de ventanas"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:551
msgid "Enlightenment IPC setup error!"
msgstr "¡Error en la configuración IPC de Enlightenment!"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:552
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot set up the IPC socket.\n"
"It likely is already in use by an existing copy of Enlightenment.\n"
"Double check to see if Enlightenment is not already on this display,\n"
"but if that fails try deleting all files in ~/.ecore/enlightenment-*\n"
"and try running again."
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment no puede establecer el socket IPC.\n"
"Seguramente esta en uso por una instancia de Enlightenment activa.\n"
"Comprueba que Enlightenment no este cargado en este display y prueba\n"
"borrando todos los ficheros en ~/.ecore/enlightenment-* y volver\n"
"a ejecutarlo."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:568
#: src/bin/e_about.c:50
msgid "Enlightenment"
msgstr "Enlightenment"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:570
msgid "Enlightenment Starting. Please wait."
msgstr "Enlightenment se está iniciando. Espere por favor."
#: src/bin/e_module.c:111
#, c-format
msgid "There was an error loading module named: %s<br>No module named %s could be found in the<br>module search directories.<br>"
msgstr "Ocurrió un error cargando el módulo: %s<br>No se pudo encontrar ningún módulo llamado %s en<br>los directorios de búsqueda de módulos.<br>"
#: src/bin/e_module.c:115
#: src/bin/e_module.c:128
#: src/bin/e_module.c:152
msgid "Error loading Module"
msgstr "Error cargando un Módulo"
#: src/bin/e_module.c:122
#: src/bin/e_module.c:146
#, c-format
msgid "There was an error loading module named: %s<br>The full path to this module is:<br>%s<br>The error reported was:<br>%s<br>"
msgstr ""
"Ha ocurrido un error cargando el módulo: %s\n"
"El path completo de este módulo es:\n"
"El error producido fué:\n"
#: src/bin/e_module.c:166
#, c-format
msgid "Module API Error<br>Error initializing Module: %s<br>It requires a minimum module API version of: %i.<br>The module API advertized by Enlightenment is: %i.<br>"
msgstr "Error en el API del módulo<br>hubo un error iniciando el módulo: %s<br>Necesita una versión mínimadel API del módulo: %i.<br>La advertencia de Enlightenment para el API del módulo es: %i.<br>"
#: src/bin/e_module.c:171
#, c-format
msgid "Enlightenment %s Module"
msgstr "Módulo %s de Enlightenment"
#: src/bin/e_module.c:388
msgid "(No Loaded Modules)"
msgstr "(No hay módulos cargados)"
#: src/bin/e_module.c:462
msgid "About..."
msgstr "Acerca..."
#: src/bin/e_module.c:466
msgid "Enabled"
msgstr "Disponible"
#: src/bin/e_module.c:539
msgid "Would you like to unload this module?<br>"
msgstr "¿Quiere deshabilitar este módulo?"
#: src/bin/e_startup.c:68
#, c-format
msgid "Starting %s"
msgstr "Iniciando %s"
#: src/bin/e_utils.c:269
msgid "Cannot exit - immortal windows."
msgstr "No se puede salir - ventanas inmortales"
#: src/bin/e_utils.c:270
msgid ""
"Some windows are left still around with the Lifespan lock enabled. This means\n"
"that Enlightenment will not allow itself to exit until these windows have\n"
"been closed or have the lifespan lock removed.\n"
msgstr ""
"Existen algunas ventanas con el bloqueo de ciclo de vida (Lifespan lock) activado. Esto significa\n"
"que Enlightenment no podrá salir hasta que esas ventanas\n"
"hayan sido cerradas o se les haya quitado el bloqueo de ciclo de vida.\n"
#: src/bin/e_winlist.c:122
msgid "Select a window"
msgstr "Elija una ventana"
#: src/bin/e_about.c:55
msgid "Copyright &copy; 1999-2005, by the Enlightenment Development Team.<br><br>We hope you enjoy using this software as much as we enjoyed writing it.<br><br>This software is provided as-is with no explicit or implied warranty. This software is governed by licensing conditions, so please see the COPYING and COPYING-PLAIN licence files installed on your system.<br><br>Enlightenment is under <hilight>HEAVY DEVELOPMENT</hilight> and it is not stable. Many features are incomplete or even non-existant yet and may have many bugs. You have been <hilight>WARNED!</hilight>"
msgstr "Copyright © 1999-2005, por el Equipo de Desarrollo de Enlightenment.<br><br>Esperamos que disfrutes utilizando este software tanto como nosotros nos hemos divertido escribiéndolo.<br><br>Este software se distribuye as-is sin garantías implícitas o explícitas. Este software está controlado por las condiciones de licencia, por favor lee los ficheros de licencia COPYING y COPYING-PLAIN que están en el sistema.<br><br>Enlightenment se encuentra bajo<hilight>INTENSO DESARROLLO</hilight> y no es estable. Muchas características están incompletas o no existen aún y otras tienen fallos. Estas <hilight>¡AVISADO!</hilight>"
#: src/bin/e_about.c:80
msgid "<title>The Team</title>"
msgstr "<title>El equipo</title>"
#: src/bin/e_configure.c:44
msgid "Enlightenment Configuration"
msgstr "Configuración de Enlightenment"
#: src/bin/e_configure.c:61
#: src/bin/e_int_config_focus.c:44
msgid "Focus Settings"
msgstr "Opciones de foco"
#: src/bin/e_configure.c:62
#: src/bin/e_int_config_desks.c:45
msgid "Desktop Settings"
msgstr "Opciones de escritorio"
#: src/bin/e_configure.c:63
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:48
msgid "Window Manipulation"
msgstr "Manejo de ventanas"
#: src/bin/e_configure.c:64
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:49
msgid "Window Display"
msgstr "Mostrado de ventanas"
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:1243
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:272
msgid "General"
msgstr "General"
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:1252
#, c-format
msgid "File:"
msgstr "Archivo:"
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:1261
#, c-format
msgid "Size:"
msgstr "Tamaño"
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:1270
#, c-format
msgid "Type:"
msgstr "Tipo"
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:1279
msgid "Protect this file"
msgstr "Proteger el archivo"
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:1285
msgid "Let others see this file"
msgstr "Permitir a otros ver este archivo"
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:1289
msgid "Let others modify this file"
msgstr "Permitir a otros modificar este archivo"
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:1293
msgid "Dont let others see or modify this file"
msgstr "No dejar que otros vean o modifiquen este archivo"
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:1297
msgid "Custom settings"
msgstr "Configuraciones personalizadas"
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:1334
msgid "File Info:"
msgstr "Información del archivo"
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:1357
msgid "Permissions:"
msgstr "Permisos: "
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:1360
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:1369
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:1378
msgid "r"
msgstr "l"
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:1362
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:1371
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:1380
msgid "w"
msgstr "e"
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:1364
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:1373
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:1382
msgid "x"
msgstr "x"
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:1408
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:2289
msgid "Properties"
msgstr "Propiedades"
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:2240
msgid "Open"
msgstr "Abrir"
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:2251
msgid "Copy"
msgstr "Copiar"
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:2259
msgid "Cut"
msgstr "Cortar"
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:2270
msgid "Rename"
msgstr "Renombrar"
#: src/bin/e_fileman_smart.c:2278
msgid "Delete"
msgstr "Borrar"
#: src/bin/e_config_dialog.c:86
msgid "Advanced Settings"
msgstr "Configuraciones avanzadas"
#: src/bin/e_config_dialog.c:101
msgid "Basic Settings"
msgstr "Configuración básica"
#: src/bin/e_config_dialog.c:114
msgid "Apply"
msgstr "Aplicar"
#: src/bin/e_config_dialog.c:115
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Cancelar"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_focus.c:144
msgid "Click Window to Focus"
msgstr "Elegir ventana para enfocar"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_focus.c:146
msgid "Window under the Mouse"
msgstr "Ventana bajo el mouse"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_focus.c:148
msgid "Most recent Window under the Mouse"
msgstr "La ventana más reciente bajo el mouse"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_focus.c:164
msgid "Focus"
msgstr "Foco"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_focus.c:166
msgid "Click to focus"
msgstr "Elegir para hacer foco"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_focus.c:168
msgid "Pointer focus"
msgstr "Puntero del foco"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_focus.c:170
msgid "Sloppy focus"
msgstr "Foco descuidado"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_focus.c:174
msgid "New Window Focus"
msgstr "Foco en ventanas nuevas"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_focus.c:176
msgid "No new windows get focus"
msgstr "Ninguna ventana nueva obtiene el foco"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_focus.c:178
msgid "All new windows get focus"
msgstr "Todas las ventanas nuevas obtienen el foco"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_focus.c:180
msgid "Only new dialogs get focus"
msgstr "Sólo los diálogos nuevos obtienen el foco"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_focus.c:182
msgid "Only new dialogs get focus if the parent has focus"
msgstr "Los diálogos nuevos obtienen el foco solamente si su padre tiene el foco"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_focus.c:186
msgid "Other Settings"
msgstr "Otras configuraciones"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_focus.c:187
msgid "Always pass on caught click events to programs"
msgstr "Pasar siempre los clics tomados a los programas"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_focus.c:189
msgid "A click on a window always raises it"
msgstr "Un clic en una ventana siempre la levanta"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_focus.c:191
msgid "A click in a window always focuses it"
msgstr "Un clic en una ventana siempre le da el foco"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:65
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:78
msgid "Window Locks"
msgstr "Bloquear ventana"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:293
msgid "Generic Locks"
msgstr "Bloqueos genéricos"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:294
msgid "Lock the Window so it does only what I tell it to"
msgstr "Bloquear la ventana para que haga solamente lo que le indico"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:296
msgid "Protect this window from me accidentally changing it"
msgstr "Proteger a esta ventana ante un cambio accidental que le haga"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:298
msgid "Protect this window from being accidentally closed because it is important"
msgstr "Proteger esta ventana de ser cerrada accidentalmente porque es importante"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:300
msgid "Do not allow the border to change on this window"
msgstr "No permitir que cambie el borde de esta ventana"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:303
msgid "Remember these Locks for this window next time it appears"
msgstr "Recordar los bloqueos para esta ventana la próxima vez que aparezca"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:318
msgid "Lock program changing:"
msgstr "Cambiando el bloqueo del programa:"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:319
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:338
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:494
msgid "Position"
msgstr "Posición"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:321
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:340
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:496
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:279
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:932
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_main.c:242
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_main.c:696
msgid "Size"
msgstr "Tamaño"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:323
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:342
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:498
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:113
msgid "Stacking"
msgstr "Apilamiento"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:325
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:344
msgid "Iconified state"
msgstr "Estado minimizado"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:327
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:346
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:504
msgid "Stickiness"
msgstr "Fijación"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:329
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:348
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:508
msgid "Shaded state"
msgstr "Estado de fijación"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:331
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:350
msgid "Maximized state"
msgstr "Estado maximizado"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:333
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:352
msgid "Fullscreen state"
msgstr "Estado de pantalla completa"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:337
msgid "Lock me from changing:"
msgstr "Bloquearme de cambios:"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:354
msgid "The border style"
msgstr "El estilo del borde"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:358
msgid "Stop me from:"
msgstr "Detenerme de:"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:359
msgid "Closing the window"
msgstr "Cerrando la ventana"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:361
msgid "Exiting my login with this window open"
msgstr "Saliendo al login con esta ventana abierta"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:365
msgid "Remember these Locks"
msgstr "Recordar estos bloqueos"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:67
msgid "Window Remember"
msgstr "Recordar ventana"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:228
msgid "Window properties are not a unique match"
msgstr "Las propiedades de la ventana no son únicas"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:231
msgid "You are trying to ask Enlightenment to remember to apply<br>properties (such as size, location, border style etc.) to<br>a window that <hilight>does not have unique properties</hilight>.<br><br>This means it shares Name/Class, Transience, Role etc. properties<br>with more than 1 other window on the screen and remembering<br>properties for this window will apply to all other windows<br>that match these properties.<br><br>This is just a warning in case you did not intend this to happen.<br>If you did, simply press <hilight>Apply</hilight> or <hilight>OK</hilight> buttons<br>and your settings will be accepted. Press <hilight>Cancel</hilight> if you<br>are not sure and nothing will be affected."
msgstr "Está tratando de pedirle a Enlightenment que recuerde aplicar las<br>propiedades (como el tamaño, lugar, estilo del borde, etc.) para<br>una ventana que <hilight>no tiene propiedades únicas</hilight>.<br><br>Esto significa que comparte las propiedades <br>del nombre/clase, tiempo, rol, etc. <br>con más de una ventana más en la pantalla y que las propiedades<br>recordadas para esta ventana se aplicarán a las otras ventanas<br>que igualen estas propiedades.<br><br>Esto es sólo un aviso en caso de que usted no quiera que pase.<br>Si lo quiere, simplemente presione los botones <hilight>Aplicar</hilight> o <hilight>Ok</hilight><br>y su configuración será aceptada. Presione <hilight>Cancelar</hilight> si no<br>está seguro y nada será afectado."
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:316
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:346
msgid "No match properties set"
msgstr "No hay propiedades similares"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:319
msgid "You are trying to ask Enlightenment to remember to apply<br>properties (such as size, location, border style etc.) to<br>a window <hilight>without specifying how to remember it</hilight>.<br><br>You must specify at least 1 way of remembering this window."
msgstr "Usted le está pidiendo a Enlightenment que recuerde aplicar<br>a una ventana propiedades (como el tamaño, lugar, <br>estilo de borde, etc.) <hilight>sin especificar como recordarlo</hilight>.<br><br>Debe especificar al menos una forma de recordar para esta ventana."
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:349
msgid "You are trying to ask Enlightenment to remember to apply<br>properties (such as size, location, border style etc.) to<br>a window that <hilight>does not have unique properties</hilight>.<br><br>This means it shares Name/Class, Transience, Role etc. properties<br>with more than 1 other window on the screen and remembering<br>properties for this window will apply to all other windows<br>that match these properties.<br><br>You may wish to enable the <hilight>Match only one window</hilight> option if<br>you only intend one instance of this window to be modified, with<br>additional instances not being modified.<br><br>This is just a warning in case you did not intend this to happen.<br>If you did, simply press <hilight>Apply</hilight> or <hilight>OK</hilight> buttons<br>and your settings will be accepted. Press <hilight>Cancel</hilight> if you<br>are not sure and nothing will be affected."
msgstr "Le está pidiendo a Enlightenment que recuerde aplicar a una ventana<br>propiedades (como el tamaño, lugar, estilo del borde, etc.)<br>que <hilight>no tienen propiedades únicas</hilight> <br><br>Esto significa que comprate el Nombre/clase, tiempo, rol, etc., con más de una ventana en la pantalla y que las propiedades<br>recordadas para esta ventana se aplicarán a todas las otras ventanas<br>que compartan estas propiedades.<br><br>Quizá quiera habilitar la opción <hilight>Coincidir sólo una ventana</hilight> si<br>quiere que sólo una instancia de esta ventana sea modificada, sin que <br>las otras instancias sean modificadas.<br><br>Esta es sólo una advertencia en caso de que no quiera que esto ocurra .<br>Si lo quiere, simplemente oprima el botón <hilight>Aplicar</hilight> u <hilight>Ok</hilight><br>y su configuración serán aceptadas. Oprima <hilight>Cancelar</hilight> si<br>no está seguro y nada será afectado."
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:422
msgid "Nothing"
msgstr "Nada"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:424
msgid "Size and Position"
msgstr "Tamaño y posición"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:426
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:500
msgid "Locks"
msgstr "Bloqueos"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:428
msgid "Size, Position and Locks"
msgstr "Tamaño, posición y bloqueos"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:430
msgid "Everything"
msgstr "Todo"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:444
msgid "Remember using"
msgstr "Recordar usos"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:450
msgid "Window name and class"
msgstr "Nombre y clase de la ventana"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:460
msgid "Title"
msgstr "Título"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:470
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:321
msgid "Window Role"
msgstr "Rol de la ventana"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:479
msgid "Window type"
msgstr "Tipo de ventana"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:486
msgid "Transience"
msgstr "Tiempo"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:490
msgid "Match only one window"
msgstr "Coincidir sólo una ventana"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:493
msgid "Properties to remember"
msgstr "Propiedades para recordar"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:502
msgid "Border style"
msgstr "Estilo del borde"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:506
msgid "Virtual Desktop"
msgstr "Escritorios virtuales"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:510
msgid "Screen zone"
msgstr "Zona de la pantalla"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:512
msgid "Window list skip"
msgstr "Omitir de la lista de ventanas"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:210
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:332
msgid "Icon"
msgstr "ícono"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:231
msgid "Basic Info"
msgstr "Información básica"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:233
msgid "App name"
msgstr "Nombre del programa"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:243
msgid "Executable"
msgstr "Ejecutable"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:275
msgid "Generic Info"
msgstr "Información genérica"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:284
msgid "Comment"
msgstr "Comentario"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:296
msgid "Window"
msgstr "Ventana"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:298
msgid "Window Name"
msgstr "Nombre de la ventana"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:307
msgid "Window Class"
msgstr "Clase de la ventana"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:314
msgid "Window Title"
msgstr "Título de la ventana"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:334
msgid "Icon Class"
msgstr "Clase del ícono"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:343
msgid "Path"
msgstr "Ruta"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:356
msgid "Misc"
msgstr "Misc"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:358
msgid "Startup Notify"
msgstr "Notificar inicio"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:362
msgid "Wait Exit"
msgstr "Esperar salida"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:41
msgid "Always On Top"
msgstr "Siempre arriba"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:51
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:458
msgid "Normal"
msgstr "Normal"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:61
msgid "Always Below"
msgstr "Siempre debajo"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:85
msgid "Remember"
msgstr "Recordar"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:92
msgid "Borders"
msgstr "Bordes"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:102
msgid "Send to Desktop"
msgstr "Enviar al escritorio"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:123
msgid "Shaded"
msgstr "Enrollar"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:136
msgid "Maximized"
msgstr "Maximizar"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:149
msgid "Sticky"
msgstr "Escritorio fijo"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:162
msgid "Borderless"
msgstr "Sin borde"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:175
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:139
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:191
msgid "Fullscreen"
msgstr "Pantalla completa"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:189
msgid "Skip Window List"
msgstr "Omitir de la lista de ventanas"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:205
msgid "Edit Icon"
msgstr "Editar ícono"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:212
msgid "Create Icon"
msgstr "Crear ícono"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:222
msgid "Kill"
msgstr "Matar"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:235
msgid "Iconify"
msgstr "Minimizar"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:246
msgid "Close"
msgstr "Cerrar"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_border.c:46
msgid "Window Border Selection"
msgstr "Selección del borde de la ventana"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_border.c:196
msgid "Remember this Border for this window next time it appears"
msgstr "Recordar los bordes para esta ventana la próxima vez que aparezca"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:136
msgid "Display"
msgstr "Mostrar"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:137
msgid "Show window geometry information when moving or resizing"
msgstr "Mostrar información de la ventana cuando se mueve o cambia de tamaño"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:139
msgid "Animate the shading and unshading of windows"
msgstr "Animar el sombreado de la ventana"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:143
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:197
msgid "Automatic New Window Placement"
msgstr "Lugar automático para una nueva ventana"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:145
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:199
msgid "Smart Placement"
msgstr "Emplazamiento inteligente"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:147
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:201
msgid "Place at mouse pointer"
msgstr "Colocar en el puntero del mouse"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:149
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:203
msgid "Place manually with the mouse"
msgstr "Colocar manualmente con el mouse"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:167
msgid "Window Move Geometry"
msgstr "Geometría del movimiento de la ventana"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:168
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:175
msgid "Display information"
msgstr "Mostrar información"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:170
msgid "Follow the window as it moves"
msgstr "Seguir a la ventana cuando se mueve"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:174
msgid "Window Resize Geometry"
msgstr "Geometría del cambio de tamaño de la ventana"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:177
msgid "Follow the window as it resizes"
msgstr "Seguir la ventana mientras cambia de tamaño"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:181
msgid "Window Shading"
msgstr "Sombreado de la ventana"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:182
msgid "Animate shading and unshading of windows"
msgstr "Animar el sombreado de la ventana"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:184
#, c-format
msgid "%4.0f pixels/sec"
msgstr "%4.0f pixels/sec"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:187
msgid "Linear"
msgstr "Linear"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:189
msgid "Smooth accelerate and decelerate"
msgstr "Aceleración y desaceleración lenta"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:191
msgid "Accelerate"
msgstr "Acelerar"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_display.c:193
msgid "Decelerate"
msgstr "Desacelerar"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:130
msgid "Miscellaneous Options"
msgstr "Opciones varias"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:131
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:164
msgid "Automatically raise windows on mouse over"
msgstr "Subir automáticamente la ventana cuando el mouse pasa por arriba"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:133
msgid "When moving or resizing windows, resist at the boundaries"
msgstr "Resistir los límites cuando se mueve o cambia de tamaño una ventana"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:137
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:189
msgid "Maximize Policy"
msgstr "Política de maximizado"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:141
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:193
msgid "Smart expansion"
msgstr "Expansión inteligente"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:143
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:195
msgid "Expand the window"
msgstr "Expandir la ventana"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:145
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:197
msgid "Fill available space"
msgstr "Llenar el espacio disponible"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:163
msgid "Autoraise"
msgstr "Autoesconder"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:166
msgid "Delay before raising:"
msgstr "Retrasar antes de subir:"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:168
#: src/bin/e_int_config_desks.c:202
#, c-format
msgid "%1.1f sec"
msgstr "%1.f seg"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:172
msgid "Resistance"
msgstr "Resistencia"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:173
msgid "Resist moving or resizing a window over an obstacle"
msgstr "Resistir mover o cambiar el tamaño de una ventana sobre un obstáculo"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:175
msgid "Resistance between windows:"
msgstr "Resistencia entre ventanas:"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:177
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:181
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:185
#, c-format
msgid "%2.0f pixels"
msgstr "%2.0f píxels"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:179
msgid "Resistance at the edge of the screen:"
msgstr "Resistencia en el borde de la pantalla:"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_window_manipulation.c:183
msgid "Resistance to desktop gadgets:"
msgstr "Resistencia a los dispositivos del escritorio:"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_background.c:47
msgid "Background Settings"
msgstr "Opciones del fondo de pantalla"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_desks.c:157
#: src/bin/e_int_config_desks.c:186
msgid "Number of Desktops"
msgstr "Número de escritorios"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_desks.c:160
#: src/bin/e_int_config_desks.c:162
#: src/bin/e_int_config_desks.c:189
#: src/bin/e_int_config_desks.c:191
#, c-format
msgid "%1.0f"
msgstr "%1.0f"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_desks.c:167
#: src/bin/e_int_config_desks.c:196
msgid "Desktop Mouse Flip"
msgstr "Cambio de escritorio con el mouse"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_desks.c:168
#: src/bin/e_int_config_desks.c:197
msgid "Flip desktops when mouse at screen edge"
msgstr "Cambiar de escritorios cuando el mouse llegue al borde de la pantalla"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_desks.c:200
msgid "Time the mouse is at the edge before flipping:"
msgstr "Tiempo para que el mouse esté en el borde antes de cambiar de escritorio"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:125
msgid "Enlightenment Battery Module"
msgstr "Módulo de batería de Enlightenmen"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:126
msgid "A basic battery meter that uses either<hilight>ACPI</hilight> or <hilight>APM</hilight><br>on Linux to monitor your battery and AC power adaptor<br>status. This will work under Linux and FreeBSD and is only<br>as accurate as your BIOS or kernel drivers."
msgstr ""
"Un medidor básico de bateria que usa <hilight>ACPI</hilight> o <hilight>APM</hilight> en<br>Linux para monitorizar su bateria y el estado del\n"
"adaptador de corriente alterna. Ésto sólo funcionará\n"
"bajo Linux y tiene la misma precisión que su BIOS o\n"
"los drivers del kernel."
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:218
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:497
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:215
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:548
msgid "Set Poll Time"
msgstr "Establecer tiempo de refresco"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:222
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:501
msgid "Set Alarm"
msgstr "Establecer alarma"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:404
msgid "Disable"
msgstr "Deshabilitar"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:411
msgid "10 mins"
msgstr "10 min"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:418
msgid "20 mins"
msgstr "20 min"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:425
msgid "30 mins"
msgstr "30 min"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:432
msgid "40 mins"
msgstr "40 min"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:439
msgid "50 mins"
msgstr "50 min"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:446
msgid "1 hour"
msgstr "1 hora"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:458
msgid "Check Fast (1 sec)"
msgstr "Chequeo rápido (1 seg.)"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:465
msgid "Check Medium (5 sec)"
msgstr "Chequeo medio (5 seg.)"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:472
msgid "Check Normal (10 sec)"
msgstr "Chequeo normal (10 seg.)"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:479
msgid "Check Slow (30 sec)"
msgstr "Chequeop lento (30 seg.)"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:486
msgid "Check Very Slow (60 sec)"
msgstr "Chequeo muy lento (60 seg.)"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:762
msgid "Battery Running Low<br>Your battery is running low.<br>You may wish to switch to an AC source."
msgstr "La batería está baja<br>Su batería está baja.<br>Quizá quiera cambiar a una fuente AC."
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:765
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:305
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:333
msgid "Ok"
msgstr "Ok"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:827
msgid "NO INFO"
msgstr "Sin información"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:1002
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:1263
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:1412
msgid "NO BAT"
msgstr "Sin Batería"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:1026
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:1437
msgid "BAD DRIVER"
msgstr "Mal driver"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:1050
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:1294
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:1461
msgid "FULL"
msgstr "Llena"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:1111
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:1522
msgid "High"
msgstr "Alta"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:1115
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:1526
msgid "Low"
msgstr "Baja"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:1119
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:1530
msgid "Danger"
msgstr "Peligro"
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:1123
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:1534
#: src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:1701
msgid "Charging"
msgstr "Cargando"
#: src/modules/clock/e_mod_main.c:96
msgid "Enlightenment Clock Module"
msgstr "Módulo reloj de Enlightenment"
#: src/modules/clock/e_mod_main.c:97
msgid "A simple module to give E17 a clock."
msgstr "Un módulo simple para darle un reloj a E17"
#: src/modules/clock/e_mod_main.c:338
msgid "No Digital Display"
msgstr "Sin visor digital"
#: src/modules/clock/e_mod_main.c:349
msgid "12 Hour"
msgstr "12 horas"
#: src/modules/clock/e_mod_main.c:360
msgid "24 Hour"
msgstr "24 horas"
#: src/modules/clock/e_mod_main.c:372
msgid "Digital Display"
msgstr "Visor digital"
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:114
msgid "CPU Frequency Controller Module"
msgstr "Módulo de control de la frecuencia del CPU"
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:115
msgid "A simple module to control the frequency of the system CPU.<br>This is especially useful to save power on laptops."
msgstr "Un módulo simple para controlar la frecuencia del CPU del sistema.<br>Es especialmente útil para guardar batería en laptops."
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:221
msgid "Restore Controller on Startup"
msgstr "Restaurar el controlador al inicio"
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:228
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:560
msgid "Set Controller"
msgstr "Establecer controlador"
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:236
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:567
msgid "Set Speed"
msgstr "Establecer velocidad"
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:303
msgid "There was an error trying to set the cpu frequency<br>governor via the module's setfreq utility."
msgstr "Hubo un error al tratar de establecer la frecuencia del cpu<br>a través de lautilidad de establecer frecuencias del módulo"
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:331
msgid "There was an error trying to set the cpu frequency<br>setting via the module's setfreq utility."
msgstr "Hubo un error al tratar de establecer la configuración de la frecuencia<br>del cpu a través de lautilidad de establecer frecuencias del módulo"
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:456
msgid "Check Fast (0.5 sec)"
msgstr "Chequeo rápido (0.5 seg)"
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:463
msgid "Check Medium (1 sec)"
msgstr "Chequeo medio (1 seg)"
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:470
msgid "Check Normal (2 sec)"
msgstr "Chequeo normal (2 seg)"
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:477
msgid "Check Slow (5 sec)"
msgstr "Chequeo lento (5 seg)"
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:484
msgid "Check Very Slow (30 sec)"
msgstr "Chequeo muy lento (30 seg)"
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:500
msgid "Manual"
msgstr "Manual"
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:502
msgid "Automatic"
msgstr "Automático"
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:504
msgid "Lower Power Automatic"
msgstr "Bajo consumo automático"
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:506
msgid "Minimum Speed"
msgstr "Velocidad mínima"
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:508
msgid "Maximum Speed"
msgstr "Velocidad máxima"
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:530
#, c-format
msgid "%i Mhz"
msgstr "%i Mhz"
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:533
#, c-format
msgid "%i.%i Ghz"
msgstr "%i.%i Ghz"
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:554
msgid "Restore Governor on Startup"
msgstr "Restaurar el controlador al inicio"
#: src/modules/dropshadow/e_mod_main.c:187
msgid "Enlightenment Dropshadow Module"
msgstr "Módulo de sombra de Enlightenment"
#: src/modules/dropshadow/e_mod_main.c:188
msgid "This is the dropshadow module that allows dropshadows to be cast<br>on the desktop background - without special X-Server extensions<br>or hardware acceleration."
msgstr "Este es el módulo dropshadow que permite dibujar sombras arrojadas<br>en el fondo del escritorio - sin extensiones X-Server especiales<br>o aceleración por hardware."
#: src/modules/dropshadow/e_mod_main.c:298
msgid "Very Fuzzy"
msgstr "Muy difusa"
#: src/modules/dropshadow/e_mod_main.c:307
msgid "Fuzzy"
msgstr "Difusa"
#: src/modules/dropshadow/e_mod_main.c:316
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:878
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_main.c:642
msgid "Medium"
msgstr "Medio"
#: src/modules/dropshadow/e_mod_main.c:325
msgid "Sharp"
msgstr "Definida"
#: src/modules/dropshadow/e_mod_main.c:334
msgid "Very Sharp"
msgstr "Muy definida"
#: src/modules/dropshadow/e_mod_main.c:346
msgid "Very Dark"
msgstr "Muy oscura"
#: src/modules/dropshadow/e_mod_main.c:355
msgid "Dark"
msgstr "Oscura"
#: src/modules/dropshadow/e_mod_main.c:364
msgid "Light"
msgstr "Suave"
#: src/modules/dropshadow/e_mod_main.c:373
msgid "Very Light"
msgstr "Muy suave"
#: src/modules/dropshadow/e_mod_main.c:385
msgid "Very Far"
msgstr "Muy lejos"
#: src/modules/dropshadow/e_mod_main.c:394
msgid "Far"
msgstr "Lejos"
#: src/modules/dropshadow/e_mod_main.c:403
msgid "Near"
msgstr "Cerca"
#: src/modules/dropshadow/e_mod_main.c:412
msgid "Very Near"
msgstr "Muy cerca"
#: src/modules/dropshadow/e_mod_main.c:421
msgid "Extremely Near"
msgstr "Extremadamente cerca"
#: src/modules/dropshadow/e_mod_main.c:430
msgid "Immediately Underneath"
msgstr "Inmediatamente debajo"
#: src/modules/dropshadow/e_mod_main.c:442
msgid "High Quality"
msgstr "Calidad alta"
#: src/modules/dropshadow/e_mod_main.c:452
msgid "Medium Quality"
msgstr "Calidad media"
#: src/modules/dropshadow/e_mod_main.c:462
msgid "Low Quality"
msgstr "Calidad baja"
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:165
msgid "Enlightenment IBar Module"
msgstr "Módulo IBar de Enlightenment"
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:166
msgid "This is the IBar Application Launcher bar module for Enlightenment.<br>It is a first example module and is being used to flesh out several<br>interfaces in Enlightenment 0.17.0. It is under heavy development,<br>so expect it to <hilight>break often</hilight> and change as it improves."
msgstr "Este es el módulo lanzador de aplicaciones IBar para Enlightenment.<br>Este es un módulo de ejemplo y esta bajo desarrollo intensivo,<br>es muy probable <hilight>que falle a menudo</hilight> a medida que se mejora."
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:275
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:928
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_main.c:238
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_main.c:692
msgid "Options"
msgstr "Opciones"
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:835
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_main.c:599
msgid "Auto fit icons"
msgstr "Encajar íconos automáticamente"
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:841
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_main.c:605
msgid "Follower"
msgstr "Seguidor"
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:850
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_main.c:614
msgid "Microscopic"
msgstr "Microscópico"
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:857
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_main.c:621
msgid "Tiny"
msgstr "Pequeño"
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:864
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_main.c:628
msgid "Very Small"
msgstr "Muy chico"
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:871
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_main.c:635
msgid "Small"
msgstr "Chico"
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:885
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_main.c:649
msgid "Large"
msgstr "ancho"
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:892
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_main.c:656
msgid "Very Large"
msgstr "Muy ancho"
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:899
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_main.c:663
msgid "Extremely Large"
msgstr "Extremadamente ancho"
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:906
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_main.c:670
msgid "Huge"
msgstr "Grande"
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:913
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_main.c:677
msgid "Enormous"
msgstr "Enorme"
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:920
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_main.c:684
msgid "Gigantic"
msgstr "Gigantesco"
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:1685
msgid "Cannot add icon"
msgstr "No se puede agregar el ícono"
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:1687
msgid "You tried to drop an icon of an application that<br>does not have a matching application file.<br><br>The icon cannot be added to IBar."
msgstr "Trató de añadir el ícono de una aplicación que<br>no tiene una aplicación que la acompañe.<br><br>El ícono no puede ser añadido a IBar."
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_main.c:151
msgid "Enlightenment IBox Module"
msgstr "Módulo IBox de Enlightenment"
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_main.c:152
msgid "This is the IBox Iconified Application module for Enlightenment.<br>It will hold minimized applications"
msgstr "Este es el módulo IBox Iconified Application para Enlightenment,<br> contendrá las aplicaciones que estén minimizadas"
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:165
msgid "Enlightenment Pager Module"
msgstr "Módulo paginador de Enlightenment"
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:166
msgid "A pager module to navigate virtual desktops."
msgstr "Un módulo de paginación para navegar por los escritorios virtuales."
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:397
msgid "None"
msgstr "Ninguno"
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:405
msgid "Top"
msgstr "Arriba"
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:413
msgid "Bottom"
msgstr "Debajo"
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:444
msgid "Very Slow"
msgstr "Muy lento"
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:451
msgid "Slow"
msgstr "Lento"
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:465
msgid "Fast"
msgstr "Rápido"
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:472
msgid "Very Fast"
msgstr "Muy rápido"
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:480
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:626
msgid "Desktop Name"
msgstr "Nombre del escritorio"
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:484
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:630
msgid "Enable Popup"
msgstr "Permitir ventana emergente"
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:490
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:636
msgid "Popup Speed"
msgstr "Velocidad de la emergente"
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:494
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:640
msgid "Fix Aspect (Keep Height)"
msgstr "Fijar proporción (Mantener altura)"
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:498
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:644
msgid "Fix Aspect (Keep Width)"
msgstr "Fijar proporción (Mantener ancho)"
#: src/modules/start/e_mod_main.c:78
msgid "Enlightenment Start Module"
msgstr "Módulo Inicio de Enlightenment"
#: src/modules/start/e_mod_main.c:79
msgid "Experimental Button module for E17"
msgstr "Módulo experimental de botón para E17"
#: src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:95
msgid "Enlightenment Temperature Module"
msgstr "Módulo de temperatura de Enlightenment"
#: src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:96
msgid "A module to measure the <hilight>ACPI Thermal sensor</hilight> on Linux.<br>It is especially useful for modern Laptops with high speed<br>CPUs that generate a lot of heat."
msgstr "Un módulo para medir el sensor térmico <hilight>ACPI </hilight>en Linux.<br>Es especialmente útil en portatiles modernos con procesadores<br>rápidos que generan mucho calor."
#: src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:188
#: src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:798
msgid "Check Interval"
msgstr "Intervalo de chequeo"
#: src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:192
#: src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:806
msgid "Low Temperature"
msgstr "Temperatura baja"
#: src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:196
#: src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:810
msgid "High Temperature"
msgstr "Temperatura baja"
#: src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:200
#: src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:802
msgid "Unit"
msgstr "Unidad"
#: src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:676
msgid "Fast (1 sec)"
msgstr "Rápido (1 seg)"
#: src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:683
msgid "Medium (5 sec)"
msgstr "Media (5 seg)"
#: src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:690
msgid "Normal (10 sec)"
msgstr "Normal (10 seg)"
#: src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:697
msgid "Slow (30 sec)"
msgstr "Lenta (30 seg)"
#: src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:704
msgid "Very Slow (60 sec)"
msgstr "Muy lenta (60 seg)"
#: src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:715
msgid "Fahrenheit"
msgstr "Fahrenheit"
#: src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:722
msgid "Celcius"
msgstr "Celcius"
#: src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:758
msgid "Temp1"
msgstr "Temp1"
#: src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:767
msgid "Temp2"
msgstr "Temp2"
#: src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:776
msgid "Temp3"
msgstr "Temp3"
#: src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:816
msgid "Sensor"
msgstr "Sensor"
#: src/modules/test/e_mod_main.c:21
msgid "Module Config Menu Item 1"
msgstr "Configurar Item 1 del menú del módulo"
#: src/modules/test/e_mod_main.c:23
msgid "Module Config Menu Item 2"
msgstr "Configurar Item 2 del menú del módulo"
#: src/modules/test/e_mod_main.c:25
msgid "Module Config Menu Item 3"
msgstr "Configurar Item 3 del menú del módulo"
#: src/modules/test/e_mod_main.c:29
msgid "Something Else"
msgstr "Algo más"
#: src/modules/test/e_mod_main.c:62
msgid "Enlightenment Test Module"
msgstr "Módulo Test de Enlightenment"
#: src/modules/test/e_mod_main.c:63
msgid "This module is VERY simple and is only used to test the basic<br>interface of the Enlightenment 0.17.0 module system. Please<br>ignore this module unless you are working on the module system."
msgstr "Este módulo es MUY simple y solamente es usado para probar la interface<br>básica del sistema de módulos de Enlightenment 0.17.0. Por favor<br>ignore este módulo salvo que este trabajando en el sistema de módulos."
#: src/modules/randr/e_mod_main.c:84
msgid "Enlightenment Randr Module"
msgstr "Módulo Randr de Enlightenment"
#: src/modules/randr/e_mod_main.c:85
msgid "Module to change screen resolution for E17"
msgstr "Módulo para cambiar la resolución de la pantalla en E17"
#: src/modules/randr/e_mod_main.c:187
msgid "Restore Resolution on Startup"
msgstr "Restaurar la resolución en el inicio"
#: src/modules/randr/e_mod_main.c:210
msgid "Resolution"
msgstr "Resolución"
#: src/modules/randr/e_mod_main.c:309
msgid "Resolution change"
msgstr "Cambiar resolución"
#: src/modules/randr/e_mod_main.c:311
#: src/modules/randr/e_mod_main.c:381
#, c-format
msgid "Keep new resolution <hilight>%dx%d</hilight>?<br><br>Restoring old resolution %dx%d in %d seconds."
msgstr "¿Mantener la nueva resolución <hilight>%dx%d</hilight>?<br><br>Restaurando la vieja resolución %dx%d en %d segundos."
#: src/modules/randr/e_mod_main.c:390
#, c-format
msgid "Keep new resolution <hilight>%dx%d</hilight>?<br><br>Restoring old resolution %dx%d NOW!"
msgstr "¿Mantener la nueva resolución <hilight>%dx%d</hilight>?<br><br>¡Restaurando la resolución %dx%d AHORA!"
#~ msgid "Icon Edit Error"
#~ msgstr "Error al editar ícono"
#~ msgid ""
#~ "Error starting icon editor\n"
#~ "\n"
#~ "please install e_util_eapp_edit\n"
#~ "or make sure it is in your PATH\n"
#~ msgstr ""
#~ "Error cargando el editor de iconos\n"
#~ "\n"
#~ "por favor instala e_util_eapp_edit\n"
#~ "o comprueba que esta en tu PATH\n"