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Valentin Brault 87a24fab77 From: Valentin Brault <> 14 years ago
backgrounds and now wizard is pretty much required. functionalyl its almost all there. 15 years ago
etc fbsd note. 15 years ago
icons Icons compliments of Manowarror. (Hopefully I've put them in the correct location) 14 years ago
images adding greek to avalaible locales in wizard 15 years ago
input_methods update iimf 15 years ago
other More icon works, this commit include changes to the icons on the desktop. 14 years ago
themes From: Valentin Brault <> 14 years ago
tools it is needed to wait a few seconds after a restart of E before to proceed with the next thing, E needs to finish the reload 14 years ago
xsession updating esperanto translation 14 years ago
.cvsignore Quiet! 19 years ago enlightenment_remote replaced by a working interface with using callbacks 14 years ago