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typedef struct _E_Fm2_Custom_File E_Fm2_Custom_File;
typedef struct _E_Fm2_Custom_Dir E_Fm2_Custom_Dir;
#ifndef E_FM_CUSTOM_H
#define E_FM_CUSTOM_H
struct _E_Fm2_Custom_Dir
struct {
double x, y;
} pos;
struct {
signed short icon_size; /* -1 = unset */
signed char view_mode; /* -1 = unset */
Eina_Bool order_file;
Eina_Bool show_hidden_files;
Eina_Bool in_use;
Eina_Bool no_case;
Eina_Bool size;
Eina_Bool extension;
Eina_Bool mtime;
Eina_Bool first;
Eina_Bool last;
} dirs;
} sort;
} prop;
struct _E_Fm2_Custom_File
struct {
int x, y, w, h;
int res_w, res_h;
double scale;
Eina_Bool valid;
} geom;
struct {
int type;
const char *icon;
Eina_Bool valid;
} icon;
const char *label;
E_Fm2_Custom_Dir *dir;
/* FIXME: this will have more added */
EINTERN int e_fm2_custom_file_init(void);
EINTERN void e_fm2_custom_file_shutdown(void);
E_API E_Fm2_Custom_File *e_fm2_custom_file_get(const char *path);
E_API void e_fm2_custom_file_set(const char *path, const E_Fm2_Custom_File *cf);
E_API void e_fm2_custom_file_del(const char *path);
E_API void e_fm2_custom_file_rename(const char *path, const char *new_path);
E_API void e_fm2_custom_file_flush(void);
E_API E_Fm2_Custom_File *e_fm2_custom_file_dup(const E_Fm2_Custom_File *cf);