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typedef void (*E_Client_Menu_Hook_Cb)(void *, E_Client *);
typedef struct E_Client_Menu_Hook
E_Client_Menu_Hook_Cb cb;
void *data;
} E_Client_Menu_Hook;
E_API E_Client_Menu_Hook *e_int_client_menu_hook_add(E_Client_Menu_Hook_Cb cb, const void *data);
E_API void e_int_client_menu_hook_del(E_Client_Menu_Hook *hook);
E_API void e_int_client_menu_hooks_clear(void);
E_API void e_int_client_menu_create(E_Client *ec);
E_API void e_int_client_menu_show(E_Client *ec, Evas_Coord x, Evas_Coord y, int key, unsigned int timestamp);
E_API void e_int_client_menu_del(E_Client *ec);