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typedef struct _E_Shelf E_Shelf;
#ifndef E_SHELF_H
#define E_SHELF_H
#define E_SHELF_TYPE 0xE0b0101e
#define E_SHELF_DUMMY_TYPE 0xE0b0102e
struct _E_Shelf
E_Object e_obj_inherit;
int id;
int x, y, w, h;
E_Layer layer;
Evas_Object *comp_object;
E_Zone *zone;
Evas_Object *o_base;
Ecore_Evas *ee;
Evas *evas;
E_Gadcon *gadcon;
const char *name;
const char *style;
E_Config_Shelf *cfg;
int size;
E_Config_Dialog *config_dialog;
E_Entry_Dialog *rename_dialog;
E_Menu *menu;
Ecore_Timer *hide_timer;
Ecore_Animator *hide_animator;
double hide_begin;
int hide_step;
int hidden_state_size;
int hide_origin;
int interrupted;
float instant_delay;
Ecore_Timer *instant_timer;
Ecore_Timer *autohide_timer;
Ecore_Timer *module_init_end_timer;
Ecore_Timer *fix_timer;
Eina_List *handlers;
Ecore_Event_Handler *autohide;
Eina_List *zone_obstacles;
unsigned char fit_along E_BITFIELD;
unsigned char fit_size E_BITFIELD;
unsigned char hidden E_BITFIELD;
unsigned char toggle E_BITFIELD;
unsigned char edge E_BITFIELD;
unsigned char urgent_show E_BITFIELD;
unsigned char dummy E_BITFIELD;
Eina_Bool cfg_delete E_BITFIELD;
unsigned int locked;
Eina_Bool hiding E_BITFIELD;
typedef struct E_Event_Shelf
E_Shelf *shelf;
} E_Event_Shelf;
typedef struct E_Event_Shelf E_Event_Shelf_Rename;
typedef struct E_Event_Shelf E_Event_Shelf_Add;
typedef struct E_Event_Shelf E_Event_Shelf_Del;
EINTERN int e_shelf_init(void);
EINTERN int e_shelf_shutdown(void);
E_API void e_shelf_config_update(void);
E_API E_Entry_Dialog *e_shelf_new_dialog(Evas_Object *parent, E_Zone *zone);
E_API Eina_List *e_shelf_list(void);
E_API Eina_List *e_shelf_list_all(void); // includes dummy shelves
E_API E_Shelf *e_shelf_zone_new(E_Zone *zone, const char *name, const char *style, E_Layer layer, int id);
E_API E_Shelf *e_shelf_zone_dummy_new(E_Zone *zone, Evas_Object *obj, int id);
E_API void e_shelf_zone_move_resize_handle(E_Zone *zone);
E_API void e_shelf_populate(E_Shelf *es);
E_API void e_shelf_show(E_Shelf *es);
E_API void e_shelf_hide(E_Shelf *es);
E_API void e_shelf_locked_set(E_Shelf *es, int lock);
E_API void e_shelf_toggle(E_Shelf *es, int show);
E_API void e_shelf_urgent_show(E_Shelf *es);
E_API void e_shelf_move(E_Shelf *es, int x, int y);
E_API void e_shelf_resize(E_Shelf *es, int w, int h);
E_API void e_shelf_move_resize(E_Shelf *es, int x, int y, int w, int h);
E_API void e_shelf_save(E_Shelf *es);
E_API void e_shelf_unsave(E_Shelf *es);
E_API void e_shelf_orient(E_Shelf *es, E_Gadcon_Orient orient);
E_API const char *e_shelf_orient_string_get(E_Shelf *es);
E_API void e_shelf_position_calc(E_Shelf *es);
E_API void e_shelf_style_set(E_Shelf *es, const char *style);
E_API E_Shelf *e_shelf_config_new(E_Zone *zone, E_Config_Shelf *cf_es);
E_API void e_shelf_name_set(E_Shelf *es, const char *name);
E_API void e_shelf_rename_dialog(E_Shelf *es);
E_API void e_shelf_autohide_set(E_Shelf *es, int autohide_type);
E_API Eina_Bool e_shelf_desk_visible(const E_Shelf *es, const E_Desk *desk);
E_API void e_shelf_obstacles_update(E_Shelf *es);