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Chidambar Zinnoury 4f202da6ec e clock: scale calendar. 11 years ago
backgrounds * edje: fix count that lead to memleak. 13 years ago
etc improve e menu contents. 12 years ago
flags add cameroon flag. 12 years ago
icons remove .cvsignore files 12 years ago
images merge 2 flag repos and update lang+flag lists in wizard and lang 12 years ago
input_methods Use the SCIM IMF module when the SCIM input method is chosen 12 years ago
themes e clock: scale calendar. 11 years ago
tools ticket #920: [Patch] Add -module-list to enlightenment_remote 12 years ago
xsession e Added Korean translation. 12 years ago finally - xkbswitch into core e. needs some polishing work. what i 12 years ago