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#ifndef E_MOD_MAIN_H
#define E_MOD_MAIN_H
#define E_TYPEDEFS 1
#include "e_int_config_paths.h"
#include "e_int_config_env.h"
#include "e_int_config_paths.h"
#include "e_int_config_env.h"
EAPI extern E_Module_Api e_modapi;
EAPI void *e_modapi_init (E_Module *m);
EAPI int e_modapi_shutdown (E_Module *m);
EAPI int e_modapi_save (E_Module *m);
* @addtogroup Optional_Conf
* @{
* @defgroup Module_Conf_Paths Paths & Environment Configuration
* Configures where to search for fonts, icons, images, themes,
* walpapers and others.
* Can also configure environment variables used and propagated by
* Enlightenment to child process and applications.
* @}