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Carsten Haitzler 4ea769764a pager fixups... 11 years ago
backgrounds update radial grad. 11 years ago
desktop enlightenment_filemanager - call EFM from another process. 11 years ago
etc improve e menu contents. 12 years ago
favorites forgot to commit a makefile... 11 years ago
flags add cameroon flag. 12 years ago
icons remove .cvsignore files 12 years ago
images merge 2 flag repos and update lang+flag lists in wizard and lang 12 years ago
input_methods Use the SCIM IMF module when the SCIM input method is chosen 12 years ago
themes pager fixups... 11 years ago
tools add some basic window manipulation methods to enlightenment_remote + e 11 years ago
xsession e Added Korean translation. 12 years ago move "favorites" desktop entries to base data 11 years ago