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typedef struct _E_Font_Default E_Font_Default;
typedef struct _E_Font_Fallback E_Font_Fallback;
typedef struct _E_Font_Available E_Font_Available;
typedef struct _E_Font_Properties E_Font_Properties;
#ifndef E_FONT_H
#define E_FONT_H
struct _E_Font_Default
const char *text_class;
const char *font;
Evas_Font_Size size;
struct _E_Font_Fallback
const char *name;
struct _E_Font_Available
const char *name;
struct _E_Font_Properties
const char *name;
Eina_List *styles;
EAPI int e_font_init(void);
EAPI int e_font_shutdown(void);
EAPI void e_font_apply(void);
EAPI Eina_List *e_font_available_list(void);
EAPI void e_font_available_list_free(Eina_List *available);
EAPI Eina_Hash *e_font_available_list_parse(Eina_List *list);
EAPI void e_font_available_hash_free(Eina_Hash *hash);
EAPI E_Font_Properties *e_font_fontconfig_name_parse(const char *font);
EAPI const char *e_font_fontconfig_name_get(const char *name, const char *style);
EAPI void e_font_properties_free(E_Font_Properties *efp);
/* global font fallbacks */
EAPI void e_font_fallback_clear(void);
EAPI void e_font_fallback_append(const char *font);
EAPI void e_font_fallback_prepend(const char *font);
EAPI void e_font_fallback_remove(const char *font);
EAPI Eina_List *e_font_fallback_list(void);
/* setup edje text classes */
EAPI void e_font_default_set(const char *text_class, const char *font, Evas_Font_Size size);
EAPI E_Font_Default *e_font_default_get(const char *text_class);
EAPI void e_font_default_remove(const char *text_class);
EAPI Eina_List *e_font_default_list(void);
EAPI const char *e_font_default_string_get(const char *text_class, Evas_Font_Size *size_ret);