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Some of the things (in very short form) that need to be done to E17...
(These are in no particular order)
* apparently with locales other than english/c the about box textblock breaks
newlines on every word (maybe the utf8 decode patch? for evas?)
* e_apps wont pick up changes in favorite menu dirs made by the applications
config dialog after a while (i think once u get 1 app in it stops listening)
* Need global unique identifier for gadcons, so that their config will move
with them from one shelf to another.
* fm2 needs a right-click file properties dialog
* fm2 needs to display symlink info on files somehow
* fm2 needs to display more than 1 file being dragged (if more than 1 is being
* fm2 needs a way of mapping a internal e actions to do (like add as
wallpaper etc.)
* fm2 needs a way to use custom icons per dir/file
* fm2 needs a way to bypass thumb gen anim on just a unrealize/realize as well
as change state instantly if it already was selected
* fm2 needs to not unrealize then re-realize on resort/arraneg - keep objects
* fm2 needs a mime/extension/glob filter
* fm2 will pop up tonnes of error dialogs if u try delete a lot of files in a
tree you can't delete - fix to make this a dialog with a log etc.
* dnd needs to do xdnd properly.
* fm2 needs icon views (auto-arrange, snap to grid and free placement), for
fwin windows and the desktop
* language packs: need to have a tool to load/setup a language pack (which
means .mo compiled files from a .po, an optional font and a config file that
specifies the locale and font) and then install the font(s) either as a user
or superuser, and the .mo in the system or a user locales dir.
* finish off icccm support
* finish complete netwm support
* add a "taskbar" module
* add cpu load module
* add setup/install wizard to seed .desktop files etc. etc.
* finish clientinfo dialog for borders (netwm props etc. etc.)
* gui config dialogs for all config
* make it possible to disable border buttons/actions (tell theme what is
disabled) like close, maximize, etc. etc. buttons.
* make e internal windows (config panel, dialogs, config windows etc.) use
special border styles by default
* accidental DND removals of icons from ibar - make it harder by not removing
if you do not drag it far enough away (put the icon back where it was).
* e app editor needs to be able to let users select what mime types that app
can handle :)
* emit more signals to window borders when window move starts, stops, resize
starts, stops, on raise, lower, etc. etc.
* client list menu could do with work on ordering, using separators to demark
this desktop and other desktops, sorting by recently used, separate
section for iconified apps etc. etc - configurable.
* remove a lot of ipc commands that should be done via the gui now
* remove config items marked for removal
* about dialog can do with redesign
* desklock's pam profile should be configurable as system-auth doesn't
always work and the fallback checks might not work either.
* If a user has set a border type on a window, don't bother to check for
changes in properties to change the border based on prop changes.
* need to audit, namespace and expand text and color classes
* need to specify what is NEEDED from a theme, what is optional (in terms of
parts, groups and signals). etc.
* winlist could divide windows up into blocks - sub-lists within a container
per desktop (with stick windows considered to live on the "current" desk
when winlist starts)
* make it easy for modules to hook into ipc and extend it for themselves
* e_color_dialog needs to have an area for favorite and recently selected
colors. store in config and use ilist? or store as color files and use
e_fm2? or custom widget?
* virtualize e_bg to be able to put a bg in any canvas (given any desktop
config input) and return an object.
* desktop flip animations need to allow control over accel/decel and
have a better ui - add wobble and controls etc. etc.
* internal windows (config dialogs, etc) should re-open after a restart
* insets in shelf needs to rottate with shelf
* a way for modules to add config panel items
* a way for external apps to register config panel items (and be executed)
* option for svg icon render resolution size
* for startup - apps that say "wait for me befofe running the next app" have
a timeout so if they never complete - complain and continue anyway.
* nice to have a menu item for a window for "add keyboard shortcut to run this
app" would be nice usability
* emit signal to submenu entries if they have a submenu shown for them or not
* setup configs for gnome and kde (as options) if they are installed (eg
run gnome-settings-daemon).
* check evas engine can work on a given screen before using it
* add non-opaque move/resize (use shaped windows with canvases etc.)
* add "osd" subsystem for things like volume controls on keybboards, etc.
that overlay the screen
* pager should be able to be configured to control more than the current zone
(select which zone they control)
* icons for all config panel items
* icons for most mime types
* add evas pre/post render callbacks per evas canvas and callbacks per object
for pre/post render too
* optimize clock theme (speed/cpu) (rotation in edje??? or evas???)
* evas could detect an image is scaled multiple times and keep a scaled copy
that it could share in cache, and then punt the original back to cache.
* evas could support 8bbp alpha only images for dropshadow
* on disk app cache for .desktop files, icons and paths
* new fm2 code's file scanning isn't insanely fast - icon size calcs etc. speed
up for special cases like list view?
* new fm2 code re-lays-out a dir every time the queue is processed - maybe try
to speed this up