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#define E_CONFIG_LIMIT(v, min, max) {if (v >= max) v = max; else if (v <= min) v = min; }
typedef struct _E_Config E_Config;
typedef struct _E_Config_Module E_Config_Module;
typedef struct _E_Config_Binding_Mouse E_Config_Binding_Mouse;
typedef struct _E_Config_Binding_Key E_Config_Binding_Key;
typedef struct _E_Config_Binding_Edge E_Config_Binding_Edge;
typedef struct _E_Config_Binding_Signal E_Config_Binding_Signal;
typedef struct _E_Config_Binding_Wheel E_Config_Binding_Wheel;
typedef struct _E_Config_Binding_Acpi E_Config_Binding_Acpi;
typedef struct _E_Config_Desktop_Background E_Config_Desktop_Background;
typedef struct _E_Config_Desklock_Background E_Config_Desklock_Background;
typedef struct _E_Config_Desktop_Name E_Config_Desktop_Name;
typedef struct _E_Config_Gadcon E_Config_Gadcon;
typedef struct _E_Config_Gadcon_Client E_Config_Gadcon_Client;
typedef struct _E_Config_Shelf E_Config_Shelf;
typedef struct _E_Config_Shelf_Desk E_Config_Shelf_Desk;
typedef struct _E_Config_Mime_Icon E_Config_Mime_Icon;
typedef struct _E_Config_Syscon_Action E_Config_Syscon_Action;
typedef struct _E_Config_Env_Var E_Config_Env_Var;
typedef struct _E_Config_XKB_Layout E_Config_XKB_Layout;
typedef struct _E_Config_XKB_Option E_Config_XKB_Option;
typedef struct _E_Event_Config_Icon_Theme E_Event_Config_Icon_Theme;
typedef struct E_Config_Bindings E_Config_Bindings;
typedef enum
} E_Config_Profile_Type;
#ifndef E_CONFIG_H
#define E_CONFIG_H
/* increment this whenever we change config enough that you need new
* defaults for e to work.
/* increment this whenever a new set of config values are added but the users
* config doesn't need to be wiped - simply new values need to be put in
struct _E_Config
int config_version; // INTERNAL
E_Config_Profile_Type config_type; // INTERNAL
int show_splash; // GUI
const char *desktop_default_background; // GUI
Eina_List *desktop_backgrounds; // GUI
const char *desktop_default_name; // DEAD
Eina_List *desktop_names; // GUI
double menus_scroll_speed; // GUI
double menus_fast_mouse_move_threshhold; // GUI
double menus_click_drag_timeout; // GUI
int window_maximize_animate; // GUI
int window_maximize_transition; // GUI
double window_maximize_time; // GUI
int border_shade_animate; // GUI
int border_shade_transition; // GUI
double border_shade_speed; // GUI
int priority; // GUI
int zone_desks_x_count; // GUI
int zone_desks_y_count; // GUI
int show_desktop_icons; // GUI
int edge_flip_dragging; // GUI
const char *language; // GUI
const char *desklock_language; // GUI
Eina_List *modules; // GUI
Eina_List *bad_modules; // GUI
Eina_List *font_fallbacks; // GUI
Eina_List *font_defaults; // GUI
Eina_List *mouse_bindings; // GUI
Eina_List *key_bindings; // GUI
Eina_List *edge_bindings; // GUI
Eina_List *signal_bindings; // GUI
Eina_List *wheel_bindings; // GUI
Eina_List *acpi_bindings; // GUI
Eina_List *path_append_data; // GUI
Eina_List *path_append_images; // GUI
Eina_List *path_append_fonts; // GUI
Eina_List *path_append_init; // GUI
Eina_List *path_append_icons; // GUI
Eina_List *path_append_modules; // GUI
Eina_List *path_append_backgrounds; // GUI
Eina_List *path_append_messages; // GUI
int window_placement_policy; // GUI
int window_grouping; // GUI
int focus_policy; // GUI
int focus_setting; // GUI
int pass_click_on; // GUI
int window_activehint_policy; // GUI
int always_click_to_raise; // GUI
int always_click_to_focus; // GUI
int use_auto_raise; // GUI
double auto_raise_delay; // GUI
int use_resist; // GUI
int drag_resist;
int desk_resist; // GUI
int window_resist; // GUI
int gadget_resist; // GUI
int geometry_auto_move; // GUI
int geometry_auto_resize_limit; // GUI
int winlist_warp_while_selecting; // GUI
int winlist_warp_at_end; // GUI
int winlist_no_warp_on_direction; // GUI
double winlist_warp_speed; // GUI **** NO LONGER USED!!!
int winlist_scroll_animate; // GUI
double winlist_scroll_speed; // GUI
int winlist_list_show_iconified; // GUI
int winlist_list_show_other_desk_iconified; // GUI
int winlist_list_show_other_screen_iconified; // GUI
int winlist_list_show_other_desk_windows; // GUI
int winlist_list_show_other_screen_windows; // GUI
int winlist_list_uncover_while_selecting; // GUI
int winlist_list_jump_desk_while_selecting; // GUI
int winlist_list_focus_while_selecting; // GUI
int winlist_list_raise_while_selecting; // GUI
int winlist_list_move_after_select; // GUI
double winlist_pos_align_x; // GUI
double winlist_pos_align_y; // GUI
double winlist_pos_size_w; // GUI
double winlist_pos_size_h; // GUI
int winlist_pos_min_w; // GUI
int winlist_pos_min_h; // GUI
int winlist_pos_max_w; // GUI
int winlist_pos_max_h; // GUI
int maximize_policy; // GUI
int allow_manip; // GUI
int border_fix_on_shelf_toggle; // GUI
int allow_above_fullscreen; // GUI
int kill_if_close_not_possible; // GUI
int kill_process; // GUI
double kill_timer_wait; // GUI
int ping_clients; // GUI
const char *transition_start; // GUI
const char *transition_desk; // GUI
const char *transition_change; // GUI
Eina_List *remembers; // GUI
int remember_internal_windows; // GUI
Eina_Bool remember_internal_fm_windows; // GUI
Eina_Bool remember_internal_fm_windows_globally; // GUI
int move_info_follows; // GUI
int resize_info_follows; // GUI
int move_info_visible; // GUI
int resize_info_visible; // GUI
int focus_last_focused_per_desktop; // GUI
int focus_revert_on_hide_or_close; // GUI
int focus_revert_allow_sticky; // GUI
int disable_all_pointer_warps; // GUI
int pointer_slide; // GUI
double pointer_warp_speed; // GUI
int use_e_cursor; // GUI
int cursor_size; // GUI
int menu_autoscroll_margin; // GUI
int menu_autoscroll_cursor_margin; // GUI
const char *input_method; // GUI
int move; // GUI
int resize; // GUI
int raise; // GUI
int lower; // GUI
int layer; // GUI
int desktop; // GUI
int iconify; // GUI
} transient;
int menu_eap_name_show; // GUI
int menu_eap_generic_show; // GUI
int menu_eap_comment_show; // GUI
int menu_favorites_show; // GUI
int menu_apps_show; // GUI
Eina_Bool menu_icons_hide; // GUI
int menu_gadcon_client_toplevel; // GUI
int fullscreen_policy; // GUI
const char *exebuf_term_cmd; // GUI
Eina_List *color_classes; // dead
int use_app_icon; // GUI
int cnfmdlg_disabled; // GUI
int cfgdlg_auto_apply; // GUI
int cfgdlg_default_mode; // GUI
Eina_List *gadcons; // GUI
Eina_List *shelves; // GUI
int font_hinting; // GUI
int desklock_passwd; // GUI // hashed
int desklock_pin; // GUI // hashed
Eina_List *desklock_backgrounds; // GUI
int desklock_auth_method; // GUI
int desklock_login_box_zone; // GUI
int desklock_start_locked; // GUI
int desklock_on_suspend; // GUI
int desklock_autolock_screensaver; // GUI
double desklock_post_screensaver_time; // GUI
int desklock_autolock_idle; // GUI
double desklock_autolock_idle_timeout; // GUI
int desklock_use_custom_desklock; // GUI
const char *desklock_custom_desklock_cmd; // GUI
unsigned char desklock_ask_presentation; // GUI
double desklock_ask_presentation_timeout; // GUI
int screensaver_enable; // GUI
int screensaver_timeout; // GUI
int screensaver_interval; // GUI
int screensaver_blanking; // GUI
int screensaver_expose; // GUI
unsigned char screensaver_dpms_off; // GUI
unsigned char screensaver_ask_presentation; // GUI
double screensaver_ask_presentation_timeout; // GUI
int screensaver_desklock_timeout; // GUI
int screensaver_wake_on_notify; // GUI
int screensaver_wake_on_urgent; // GUI
unsigned char suspend_connected_standby; // GUI
unsigned char screensaver_suspend; // GUI
unsigned char screensaver_hibernate; // GUI
unsigned char screensaver_suspend_on_ac; // GUI
double screensaver_suspend_delay; // GUI
int dpms_enable; // GUI
int dpms_standby_enable; // GUI
int dpms_standby_timeout; // GUI
int dpms_suspend_enable; // GUI
int dpms_suspend_timeout; // GUI
int dpms_off_enable; // GUI
int dpms_off_timeout; // GUI
unsigned char no_dpms_on_fullscreen; // GUI
int clientlist_group_by; // GUI
int clientlist_include_all_zones; // GUI
int clientlist_separate_with; // GUI
int clientlist_sort_by; // GUI
int clientlist_separate_iconified_apps; // GUI
int clientlist_warp_to_iconified_desktop; // GUI
int clientlist_limit_caption_len; // GUI
int clientlist_max_caption_len; // GUI
int mouse_hand; //GUI
int mouse_accel_numerator; // GUI
int mouse_accel_denominator; // GUI
int mouse_accel_threshold; // GUI
unsigned char touch_tap_to_click; // GUI
int border_raise_on_mouse_action; // GUI
int border_raise_on_focus; // GUI
int raise_on_revert_focus; // GUI
int desk_flip_wrap; // GUI
int fullscreen_flip; // GUI
int multiscreen_flip; // GUI
const char *icon_theme; // GUI
unsigned char icon_theme_overrides; // GUI
const char *desktop_environment; // GUI
/* modes:
* 1-"pane") horizontal or vertical movement to/from next/previous "screen"
* 2-"zoom") 45degree diagonal movement based on border position
int desk_flip_animate_mode; // GUI
/* types based on theme */
Eina_Stringshare *desk_flip_animate_type; // GUI
int desk_flip_animate_interpolation; // GUI
const char *wallpaper_import_last_dev; // INTERNAL
const char *wallpaper_import_last_path; // INTERNAL
const char *theme_default_border_style; // GUI
Eina_List *mime_icons; // GUI
int desk_auto_switch; // GUI;
int screen_limits;
int thumb_nice;
int ping_clients_interval; // GUI
int thumbscroll_enable; // GUI
int thumbscroll_threshhold; // GUI
double thumbscroll_momentum_threshhold; // GUI
double thumbscroll_friction; // GUI
unsigned char filemanager_single_click; // GUI
int device_desktop; // GUI
int device_auto_mount; // GUI
int device_auto_open; // GUI
Efm_Mode device_detect_mode; /* not saved, display-only */
unsigned char filemanager_copy; // GUI
unsigned char filemanager_secure_rm; // GUI
double timeout; // GUI
unsigned char dx; // GUI
unsigned char dy; // GUI
} move;
unsigned char dx; // GUI
unsigned char dy; // GUI
} resize;
} border_keyboard;
double min; // GUI
double max; // GUI
double factor; // GUI
int base_dpi; // GUI
unsigned char use_dpi; // GUI
unsigned char use_custom; // GUI
} scale;
unsigned char show_cursor; // GUI
unsigned char idle_cursor; // GUI
const char *default_system_menu; // GUI
unsigned char cfgdlg_normal_wins; // GUI
int icon_size; // GUI
} main, secondary, extra;
double timeout; // GUI
unsigned char do_input; // GUI
Eina_List *actions;
} syscon;
unsigned char presentation; // INTERNAL
unsigned char offline; // INTERNAL
} mode;
double expire_timeout;
unsigned char show_run_dialog;
unsigned char show_exit_dialog;
} exec;
unsigned char null_container_win; // HYPER-ADVANCED-ONLY - TURNING ON KILLS DESKTOP BG
Eina_List *env_vars; // GUI
double normal; // GUI
double dim; // GUI
double transition; // GUI
double timer; // GUI
double battery_timer; // GUI
const char *sysdev; // GUI
unsigned char idle_dim; // GUI
} backlight;
double none;
double low;
double medium;
double high;
double extreme;
E_Powersave_Mode min;
E_Powersave_Mode max;
} powersave;
unsigned char load_xrdb; // GUI
unsigned char load_xmodmap; // GUI
unsigned char load_gnome; // GUI
unsigned char load_kde; // GUI
} deskenv;
unsigned char enabled; // GUI
unsigned char match_e17_theme; // GUI
unsigned char match_e17_icon_theme; // GUI
int xft_antialias;
int xft_hinting;
const char *xft_hint_style;
const char *xft_rgba;
const char *net_theme_name; // GUI
const char *net_theme_name_detected; // not saved
const char *net_icon_theme_name;
const char *gtk_font_name;
} xsettings;
unsigned char check; // INTERNAL
unsigned char later; // INTERNAL
} update;
Eina_List *used_layouts;
Eina_List *used_options;
int only_label;
const char *default_model;
int cur_group;
E_Config_XKB_Layout *current_layout;
E_Config_XKB_Layout *sel_layout;
E_Config_XKB_Layout *lock_layout;
Eina_Bool dont_touch_my_damn_keyboard;
* -zmike, 31 January 2013
const char *cur_layout; // whatever the current layout is
const char *selected_layout; // whatever teh current layout that the user has selected is
const char *desklock_layout;
Eina_Bool use_cache;
} xkb;
int repeat_delay;//delay in milliseconds since key down until repeating starts
int repeat_rate;//the rate of repeating keys in characters per second
} keyboard;
Eina_List *menu_applications;
unsigned char exe_always_single_instance; // GUI
Eina_List *screen_profiles;
struct E_Config_Bindings
unsigned int config_version;
Eina_List *mouse_bindings; // GUI
Eina_List *key_bindings; // GUI
Eina_List *edge_bindings; // GUI
Eina_List *signal_bindings; // GUI
Eina_List *wheel_bindings; // GUI
Eina_List *acpi_bindings; // GUI
struct _E_Config_Desklock_Background
const char *file;
Eina_Bool hide_logo;
struct _E_Config_Env_Var
const char *var;
const char *val;
unsigned char unset;
struct _E_Config_Syscon_Action
const char *action;
const char *params;
const char *button;
const char *icon;
int is_main;
struct _E_Config_Module
const char *name;
unsigned char enabled;
struct _E_Config_Binding_Mouse
int context;
int modifiers;
const char *action;
const char *params;
unsigned char button;
unsigned char any_mod;
struct _E_Config_Binding_Key
int context;
unsigned int modifiers;
const char *key;
const char *action;
const char *params;
unsigned char any_mod;
struct _E_Config_Binding_Edge
int context;
int modifiers;
float delay;
const char *action;
const char *params;
unsigned char edge;
unsigned char any_mod;
Eina_Bool drag_only;
struct _E_Config_Binding_Signal
int context;
const char *signal;
const char *source;
int modifiers;
unsigned char any_mod;
const char *action;
const char *params;
struct _E_Config_Binding_Wheel
int context;
int direction;
int z;
int modifiers;
unsigned char any_mod;
const char *action;
const char *params;
struct _E_Config_Binding_Acpi
int context, type, status;
const char *action, *params;
struct _E_Config_Desktop_Background
int zone;
int desk_x;
int desk_y;
const char *file;
struct _E_Config_Desktop_Name
int zone;
int desk_x;
int desk_y;
const char *name;
struct _E_Config_Gadcon
const char *name;
int id;
unsigned int zone;
Eina_List *clients;
struct _E_Config_Gadcon_Client
const char *name;
const char *id;
int pos, size, res; //gadcon
double pos_x, pos_y, size_w, size_h; //gadman
} geom;
int seq, flags;
} state_info;
const char *style;
int orient;
unsigned char autoscroll;
unsigned char resizable;
const char *theme;
struct _E_Config_Shelf
const char *name;
int id;
int zone;
int layer; //E_Layer
unsigned char popup; //DEAD
int orient;
unsigned char fit_along;
unsigned char fit_size;
const char *style;
int size;
int overlap;
int autohide;
int autohide_show_action;
float hide_timeout;
float hide_duration;
int desk_show_mode;
Eina_List *desk_list;
struct _E_Config_Shelf_Desk
int x, y;
struct _E_Config_Mime_Icon
const char *mime;
const char *icon;
struct _E_Event_Config_Icon_Theme
const char *icon_theme;
struct _E_Config_XKB_Layout
const char *name;
const char *model;
const char *variant;
struct _E_Config_XKB_Option
const char *name;
EINTERN int e_config_init(void);
EINTERN int e_config_shutdown(void);
E_API void e_config_load(void);
E_API int e_config_save(void);
E_API void e_config_save_flush(void);
E_API void e_config_save_queue(void);
E_API const char *e_config_profile_get(void);
E_API char *e_config_profile_dir_get(const char *prof);
E_API void e_config_profile_set(const char *prof);
E_API Eina_List *e_config_profile_list(void);
E_API void e_config_profile_add(const char *prof);
E_API void e_config_profile_del(const char *prof);
E_API void e_config_save_block_set(int block);
E_API int e_config_save_block_get(void);
E_API void *e_config_domain_load(const char *domain, E_Config_DD *edd);
E_API void *e_config_domain_system_load(const char *domain, E_Config_DD *edd);
E_API int e_config_profile_save(void);
E_API int e_config_domain_save(const char *domain, E_Config_DD *edd, const void *data);
E_API E_Config_Binding_Mouse *e_config_binding_mouse_match(E_Config_Binding_Mouse *eb_in);
E_API E_Config_Binding_Key *e_config_binding_key_match(E_Config_Binding_Key *eb_in);
E_API E_Config_Binding_Edge *e_config_binding_edge_match(E_Config_Binding_Edge *eb_in);
E_API E_Config_Binding_Signal *e_config_binding_signal_match(E_Config_Binding_Signal *eb_in);
E_API E_Config_Binding_Wheel *e_config_binding_wheel_match(E_Config_Binding_Wheel *eb_in);
E_API E_Config_Binding_Acpi *e_config_binding_acpi_match(E_Config_Binding_Acpi *eb_in);
E_API void e_config_mode_changed(void);
E_API void e_config_bindings_free(E_Config_Bindings *ecb);
E_API void e_config_binding_signal_free(E_Config_Binding_Signal *ebs);
E_API void e_config_binding_wheel_free(E_Config_Binding_Wheel *ebw);
E_API void e_config_binding_mouse_free(E_Config_Binding_Mouse *ebm);
E_API void e_config_binding_edge_free(E_Config_Binding_Edge *ebe);
E_API void e_config_binding_key_free(E_Config_Binding_Key *ebk);
E_API void e_config_binding_acpi_free(E_Config_Binding_Acpi *eba);
extern E_API E_Config *e_config;
extern E_API E_Config_Bindings *e_bindings;