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#ifndef _EPHOTO_H_
#define _EPHOTO_H_
#ifndef _GNU_SOURCE
#define _GNU_SOURCE
#include <Ecore.h>
#include <Ecore_Evas.h>
#include <Ecore_File.h>
#include <Efreet_Mime.h>
#include <Elementary.h>
#include <Eina.h>
#include <Edje.h>
#include <Evas.h>
#include <Ethumb.h>
#include <Ethumb_Client.h>
#include <Eio.h>
#include <limits.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "config.h"
/*Main Functions*/
void ephoto_create_main_window(const char *directory, const char *image);
/*Ephoto Flow Browser*/
Evas_Object *ephoto_create_flow_browser(Evas_Object *parent);
void ephoto_flow_browser_image_set(Evas_Object *obj, const char *current_image);
/* smart callbacks called:
* "delete,request" - the user requested to delete the flow browser, typically called when go_back button is pressed or Escape key is typed.
/*Ephoto Slideshow*/
void ephoto_create_slideshow(void);
void ephoto_show_slideshow(int view, const char *current_image);
void ephoto_hide_slideshow(void);
void ephoto_delete_slideshow(void);
/*Ephoto Thumb Browser*/
Evas_Object *ephoto_create_thumb_browser(Evas_Object *parent, const char *directory);
void ephoto_populate_thumbnails(Evas_Object *obj);
/* smart callbacks called:
* "selected" - an item in the thumb browser is selected. The selected file is passed as event_info argument.
* "directory,changed" - the user selected a new directory. The selected directory is passed as event_info argument.
typedef enum _Ephoto_State Ephoto_State;
/* Enum for the state machine */
enum _Ephoto_State
/*Ephoto Main Structure*/
struct _Ephoto
Evas *e;
Evas_Object *win;
Evas_Object *bg;
Evas_Object *layout;
Evas_Object *flow_browser;
Evas_Object *slideshow;
Evas_Object *thumb_browser;
Eina_List *images;
Ephoto_State state;
const char *cur_directory;
typedef struct _Ephoto Ephoto;
extern Ephoto *em;