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@ -8,19 +8,16 @@ ________/ /__/ /__/ /__/ /_______/ /_/ /_______/
Make the config system work better loading and saving config.
Add options to the config.
Add a config dialog.
Add more options to the config.
===Thumb Browser============
Add a way to view more info
===Single Image Mode========
Make rotations and flips work
Add neat effects like grayscale, sepia, HSV/RGB, etc...
Save changes made to images
Save changes made to images.
-Slideshow features such as changing transition and possibly moving images.
-Possibly look at implementing moving slideshows.
===Other Random Features====
-Exporting to flickr, facebook, etc..

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@ -227,7 +227,7 @@ ephoto_about_window(Ephoto *ephoto)
"<b>About Ephoto</b><br/>"
"Ephoto is a comprehensive image viewer based on the EFL.<br/>"
"For more information, please visit the ephoto project page on the Enlightenment wiki:<br/>"
"For more information, please visit the Ephoto project page on the Enlightenment wiki:<br/>"
"Ephoto's source can be found through Enlightenment's git:<br/>"

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@ -183,7 +183,6 @@ ephoto_window_add(const char *path)
ephoto->pager = elm_naviframe_add(ephoto->win);
elm_naviframe_prev_btn_auto_pushed_set(ephoto->pager, EINA_FALSE);
elm_object_style_set(ephoto->pager, "fade_invisible");