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titan 1218856b51 This is a rework of ephoto using mostly elementary. It is very basic and doesn't have much functionality at all, but that will come soon enough. Feel free to install it and run it in a directory of photos/images to get an idea of the direction and provide feedback/ideas. 14 years ago
titan f07fc8b156 Remove old ephoto 14 years ago
titan c50aa91d93 Add ecore_getopt to support options for ephoto. Thanks to PrinceAMD for the patch. 14 years ago
titan 4e6e38a200 Add slideshow functionality, still needs some work. 14 years ago
titan a8a0794777 Add fullscreen support. 14 years ago
titan b05ae06991 Fix maximize completely. 14 years ago
titan 4b8e6cd326 Get maximize working. 14 years ago
titan 14c1ecfdd6 More reverts. 14 years ago
titan 2f9546e05c Minor fixes. 14 years ago
titan 9236d613b9 Fix a bug on resizing. 14 years ago
titan ca69fd3fe2 add a flow browser 14 years ago
titan b6e4815e66 Evas/Edje Ephoto. Needs a lot of work. Run it in a directory where there are images to see the small amount of progress. Good things to come! 14 years ago
titan e972923902 Remove old ephoto. 14 years ago
titan b71d5906a1 Put in the rewritten code. A lot of things still needing to be done, but 15 years ago
titan 560f86f207 Remove the old ephoto in order to get ready for some rewriting to take 15 years ago
titan 00320aef4c Add many changes, some functional, some not. Added back a file system 15 years ago
titan 20edb14dbe Change from Freebox to Freebox_mvc.. update to work with fill policy changes 16 years ago
titan c7e5687565 A lot of fixes and changes.. still needs a bit of work.. got some bugs to fixes. Wanted to get what I have in to cvs. 16 years ago
Eric Schuele 0fd9b2ff93 warnings-- 16 years ago
titan e5b8c1cea9 More cleanups and work. Also the About window now looks much better thanks to an image from tokyo. 16 years ago
titan 369fd1a164 Several cleanups, changes. The browser is now in its own window. 16 years ago
Peter Wehrfritz 32f813ff0d *API BREAK* see the discussion in the mailing list. misc and e_modules will follow 17 years ago
titan a9aea24c95 Make the slider fixed size, and aligned to the right. 17 years ago
titan b04e087457 Fix the slider when dealing with albums. 17 years ago
titan 82d1aff4ea Various cleanups and fixes. 17 years ago
titan d2b277f884 Add a slider for resizing the thumbnails! 17 years ago
titan dc54fae6a0 Add a new file that separates out dialogs. This is cleaner. Cleanup some code. 17 years ago
titan 2d80b374c2 Small button fill/alignment fix for the exif button. 17 years ago
titan e3bdce12ea Change the size of the tango icons we use, make the .. directory have a different image and redo a few of the images. 17 years ago
titan 66031123a5 Sepia works pretty well now, I do believe. Added a contrast formula based on 17 years ago
titan 96ac239a6d Cleanup 17 years ago
titan 895288a97c Formatting++ 17 years ago
titan 612cbd31ad Cleanups. Fix slideshow segv. 17 years ago
titan c358e3546f Clean it up for translators. 17 years ago
titan 88061e3b04 Add saving images. This works now, but not extensively. *WARNING* Does not carry over exif yet. 17 years ago
titan 50aeff8dc1 Fix some of the dialogs. 17 years ago
titan 17eec468f4 Cleanups, move exif button out of edit view and into toolbar, start album work. 17 years ago
titan 9cebf1809d Small changes, including sizes, etc. Also now we can switch the images when the tabs on the browser switch. 17 years ago
titan 7ab6d84021 Cleanup warnings. 17 years ago
titan b2a63778ed Fix the edit view arrows. 17 years ago
titan 479802437d Keep the toolbar when switching to edit view. 17 years ago
titan bbc54e284e Add functionality to go to single view when an image from normal view or list view is clicked. 17 years ago
titan 4fbb26010d Add some more stuff to ephoto including directory viewing now. 17 years ago
titan 077cfd531f Make her compile again due to ewl changes. 17 years ago
titan bb4d112681 Add edit tools back. I really need a better design. 17 years ago
titan 9c788c1691 More abstraction. This makes things easier and faster. 17 years ago
titan 8dc67a437d Tone things down a bit. Clicking a image in normal view or list view now 17 years ago
titan 51308346e4 Update ephoto to api changes and shuffle some code. 17 years ago
titan 59c934ac54 Update ephoto to the api breakage for ewl mvc widgets. 17 years ago
titan ea1e0cfdb6 Remove unused pointer from the structure, and it doesn't need to be freed anymore. 17 years ago