14 Commits (28a4d401bf65e3634e01f16fb701d0db416971da)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Jerome Pinot f3cff05b5d ephoto: remove references to COPYING.icons that were left over 10 years ago
Stephen Houston 1b0e2ac4af Ephoto: Use standard icons, remove unused code, and match dark theme. 10 years ago
Rui Seabra 2077ae41a0 Compile fixes of dist'ed tar ball and fixing rpm spec so it doesn't include debug stuff in the main package. 11 years ago
Rui Seabra 7dee70343f Remove explicit ecore dependencies from the rpm specs of edje, e, eeze, empower and ephoto, as well as the extra modules template. 11 years ago
Rui Seabra 0542e177c5 Removed explicit eio dependency from edje's and ephoto's rpm specs as it's in EFL now. 11 years ago
Rui Seabra 04efcb4248 The previous commit was a slight fix on the efl spec for an error I made, its comment applies to this commit: adapt rpm specs to the new efl dependency instead of several independent dependencies. 11 years ago
Rui Seabra 08abfdbacd Some build fixes, namely for rpmbuilding. 13 years ago
titan 1218856b51 This is a rework of ephoto using mostly elementary. It is very basic and doesn't have much functionality at all, but that will come soon enough. Feel free to install it and run it in a directory of photos/images to get an idea of the direction and provide feedback/ideas. 14 years ago
titan f07fc8b156 Remove old ephoto 14 years ago
titan b6e4815e66 Evas/Edje Ephoto. Needs a lot of work. Run it in a directory where there are images to see the small amount of progress. Good things to come! 14 years ago
titan e972923902 Remove old ephoto. 14 years ago
titan b71d5906a1 Put in the rewritten code. A lot of things still needing to be done, but 15 years ago
titan 560f86f207 Remove the old ephoto in order to get ready for some rewriting to take 15 years ago
titan c0fd818dbd This is the new ephoto. It has been completely redone from the old one, 17 years ago