38 Commits (29e4bb3d1a3be0dacff66d16b99b34aaca1b40df)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Stephen Houston 11c8114e26 Ephoto: Formatting and white space removal. Use like function defintions. 9 years ago
Stephen Houston e8fc02dc65 Ephoto: Be uniform with unused variables. Use EINA_UNUSED for all. 9 years ago
Stephen Houston ef82e33746 Bug fixes, keybinding work, add rotation to single browser, remove photocam until is fixed/can rotate, slideshow starts in window. See summary for more. 9 years ago
Stephen Houston ba54326c1e @feature Moved toolbars to left side panels. Removed grid directory browsing. 9 years ago
Jiyoun Park f1d0cb7022 remove code related with elm_slideshow_item 12 years ago
Daniel Juyung Seo 74b730a5c5 ephoto: Applied elm api changes. elm_slideshow_item_data_get -> 12 years ago
ChunEon Park 09e78fd36f ephoto - more clear variable name 12 years ago
Daniel Juyung Seo a194aa70a8 ephoto: Applied elm changes. Elm_Slideshow_Item -> Elm_Object_Item. 12 years ago
Boris Faure 798b2577bc ephoto: s!e,desktop,background!e/desktop/background! 13 years ago
Stephen Houston d0cc5e7849 Make edje work in slideshow as well 13 years ago
Stephen Houston 962910db6b Commit the version of Ephoto that has always been the most working and preferred. I will bugfix this version and release it. Any of thousands of rewrites I love to do will have to come for another version somewhere well done the road. Lets just take this and make it solid and release it. Shout out to cedric, bluebugs, captainigloo, k-s, otavio, and any others who contributed to this version. 13 years ago
Stephen Houston 4b8960b931 Ephoto: Add in the new changes k-s and I have been working on. 13 years ago
titan 7a11918ac3 Fix a lot of things in ephoto.. reuse some older code but in a good way. Add in a single image browser. Use externals(ugh, but its faster for some reason?) 13 years ago
titan 362047fe24 Speed up the ephoto thumb browser by a lot... Thanks k-s for some old cold that helped :) 13 years ago
titan 48d7093b5e Add slideshow back into ephoto. Works pretty well for now. 13 years ago
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri dae342bc7d damn async things, they're always more complex than what you want. 13 years ago
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri ad73446df7 support more exif orientation modes. 13 years ago
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 717c438a0e ephoto autotools overhaul. 13 years ago
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 770baf199e slideshow is back. 13 years ago
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 9652a108bf ouch, refactor part 2 -- less is more, so get nothing ;-) 13 years ago
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri e21422bf65 ephoto core simplification - part 1 (UNFINISHED!!!!) 13 years ago
Otavio Pontes ad063ce60e From: Otavio Pontes <otavio@profusion.mobi> 13 years ago
Viktor Kojouharov ca05627df0 Preferences dialog. Users can change the slideshow parameters, and tell ephoto to start from the last remembered dir, if it was started with no arguments 13 years ago
Nicolas Aguirre ea18ee503b Use evas_smart objects for flow and thumb browsers, we can now use them as regular evas smart objects with evas_object_show/del/hide ... 13 years ago
Nicolas Aguirre a13304ff1d Change ephoto to use an edje layout instead of elm boxes. 13 years ago
Cedric BAIL 11ee1079e1 * ephoto: some cleanup. 13 years ago
titan 82f69119b6 Add slideshow to ephoto.. It uses elm_slideshow, and this is likely temporary, because in the f uture I am going to do some more extensive slideshow stuff. I'm not happy with this, it seems pretty slow on transitions(I'll take a look at speeding things up), but it will do for now. 14 years ago
titan f07fc8b156 Remove old ephoto 14 years ago
titan 4e6e38a200 Add slideshow functionality, still needs some work. 14 years ago
titan 560f86f207 Remove the old ephoto in order to get ready for some rewriting to take 15 years ago
titan c7e5687565 A lot of fixes and changes.. still needs a bit of work.. got some bugs to fixes. Wanted to get what I have in to cvs. 16 years ago
Peter Wehrfritz 32f813ff0d *API BREAK* see the discussion in the mailing list. misc and e_modules will follow 17 years ago
titan 41637e6b7a Black background for slideshows! Probably one of the most requested features. 17 years ago
titan 612cbd31ad Cleanups. Fix slideshow segv. 17 years ago
titan bb4d112681 Add edit tools back. I really need a better design. 17 years ago
titan 9c788c1691 More abstraction. This makes things easier and faster. 17 years ago
titan a7ced3b637 This should not be freed. Fixes several problems. 17 years ago
titan 34cf1d26e4 Slideshow now works. 17 years ago