225 Commits (f0bc6a0b1bf41822b116ac891253053001f785e9)

Author SHA1 Message Date
toma f0bc6a0b1b Put the label in a better place 13 years ago
titan 4b9816830d Use eina_stringshare where plausible. 13 years ago
titan 97b5b3ad0f Add change directory functionality... some of the eina stuff may be wrong, if it is please let me know. Still getting use to eina. 13 years ago
Gustavo Lima Chaves 0b7106ce77 Fix build here. 13 years ago
titan 9e69452b80 Allow ephoto's large view to show all image types, not just jpeg... bit of a hack I know.. better ideas, let me know. 13 years ago
titan fa09a70bf8 Add the ability to show the selected image if view large is pressed and an image is selected and add the ability to double click an image to view it large. Also formatting. 13 years ago
titan e73f692de2 Fix elementary warning that was getting thrown. 13 years ago
titan c334b2ab20 Add a flow browser. It can be accessed by clicking View Large from the toolbar. It is functional for viewing your images at high resolutions. 13 years ago
Mike Blumenkrantz 652468a6e8 clean up m4 files on maintainer-clean 13 years ago
Mike Blumenkrantz c5efd33775 efreet_mime_{init,shutdown} are important apparently? 13 years ago
Mike Blumenkrantz 93959279ca not checking for null values?? BAD CEDRIC! NO COOKIE! 13 years ago
titan 12c68013d8 Remove ephoto_thumb.c and use elm_bg. 13 years ago
titan 83b038d947 eina_stringshare instead of strdup. Slider now works for thumb size! 13 years ago
titan 6926304983 Use elm_layout for the images. Use a hash to keep a match of files and their corresponding thumb_path. 13 years ago
Cedric BAIL 0f3b22a98a * eina: rename ecore_file_ls_iterator to eina_file_ls. 13 years ago
Cedric BAIL 7ca8bbb593 * ephoto: use cleaner ecore_file_ls_iterator API. 13 years ago
Cedric BAIL 32b4c39995 * ephoto: use ecore_long_run instead of idler to do async blocking IO. 13 years ago
titan 868190405b Add needed images back in. 13 years ago
titan 99c0647026 Cleanup theme... remove unneeded parts and images... formatting 13 years ago
titan 1218856b51 This is a rework of ephoto using mostly elementary. It is very basic and doesn't have much functionality at all, but that will come soon enough. Feel free to install it and run it in a directory of photos/images to get an idea of the direction and provide feedback/ideas. 13 years ago
titan f07fc8b156 Remove old ephoto 13 years ago
Sebastian Dransfeld 88b61eed2c remove swap files from svn 14 years ago
Cedric BAIL c3a1174a41 * ephoto: properly remove Ecore_Data. 14 years ago
Cedric BAIL 1f3b3ee1a1 * ephoto: remove unexisting test. 14 years ago
titan 25827bc1c3 Whoops. Free the opts. 14 years ago
titan c50aa91d93 Add ecore_getopt to support options for ephoto. Thanks to PrinceAMD for the patch. 14 years ago
titan a28e26d06d Add some black into the faded transition. 14 years ago
titan d5285b049e Fix slideshow to work properly. 14 years ago
titan 4e6e38a200 Add slideshow functionality, still needs some work. 14 years ago
titan 69c9bca326 Whoops! Fix typo! 14 years ago
titan bbdb4b78cf Remove debug printfs. 14 years ago
titan a8a0794777 Add fullscreen support. 14 years ago
titan 8bf716e895 Fix flow image bug. 14 years ago
titan a96b8a2813 Whoops, little typo, fix changing pages. 14 years ago
titan 9c7fb20968 Fix seg when window is resized too small. 14 years ago
titan ded2e589e6 Fix resizing. 14 years ago
titan b05ae06991 Fix maximize completely. 14 years ago
titan 4b8e6cd326 Get maximize working. 14 years ago
titan 14c1ecfdd6 More reverts. 14 years ago
titan d5a8240854 Bah just digging a deeper hole. going to revert and give myself some time to think about this. 14 years ago
titan 8e54bffad6 More calculation fixes. jeeze. 14 years ago
titan 377e2b5e9e Calculate padding. 14 years ago
titan 2f9546e05c Minor fixes. 14 years ago
titan aeaad2c5e7 More calculation fixes. 14 years ago
titan 1788c2bb88 Whoops, messed up some calculations. 14 years ago
titan d858890c57 Minor cleanups. 14 years ago
titan 9236d613b9 Fix a bug on resizing. 14 years ago
titan ca69fd3fe2 add a flow browser 14 years ago
titan f51a365753 Updates to theme. 14 years ago
titan 5d48a202c4 Fix thumbnailing! 14 years ago