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2012-01-17 00:02:23 +00:00
fonts This is a rework of ephoto using mostly elementary. It is very basic and doesn't have much functionality at all, but that will come soon enough. Feel free to install it and run it in a directory of photos/images to get an idea of the direction and provide feedback/ideas. 2010-07-01 18:49:22 +00:00
images Commit the version of Ephoto that has always been the most working and preferred. I will bugfix this version and release it. Any of thousands of rewrites I love to do will have to come for another version somewhere well done the road. Lets just take this and make it solid and release it. Shout out to cedric, bluebugs, captainigloo, k-s, otavio, and any others who contributed to this version. 2011-06-28 22:26:16 +00:00
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