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Ephoto is located in git at https://git.enlightenment.org/apps/ephoto.git
You can gather more location from http://www.smhouston.us/ephoto/
Ephoto 1.0 Beta 2:
* Improve stability
* Many Fixes
Author: Stephen okra Houston <smhouston88@gmail.com>
Ephoto: Add an exit icon to the control bar. Update slideshow icons. Use efreet for XDG.
Ephoto: Add back in sorting by image similarity, this time with the crashing and bugs eliminated.
Ephoto: add small icon
Ephoto: Add sorting by image similarity.
Ephoto: Better checking for XDG_CONFIG_HOME.
Ephoto: Check for null on returning text in the editor genlist.
Ephoto: Custom icon.
Ephoto: Don't allow escape to return to the thumb view when the editor is open.
Ephoto: Don't disable/enable similarity sorting now that sorting mode is retained.
Ephoto: Don't disable the similarity sorting at the wrong time.
Ephoto: Don't switch directory when genlist is clicked but an item is not (i.e.. scrolling)
Ephoto: Don't warn, as this behavior is perfectly normal.
Ephoto: Enable rotating from the right click menu in single view.
Ephoto: Fix a monitor bug.
Ephoto: Fix some warnings and potential crashes. Improve safety checking.
Ephoto: Fix tooltips causing box to lose sizing.
Ephoto: Fix up single browser right click menu.
Ephoto: Install thumbnailer to the lib directory.
Ephoto: Make sure titlebar text is accurate and show as modified in the titlebar when the image has been edited.
Ephoto: oops. Put the . in the correct place in the thumbnail dir.
Ephoto: Remember similarity sorting on dir change.
Ephoto: Remove warnings and potential crash by unsetting the fileselector from the popup before deleting.
Ephoto: Replace another direct_ls with stat_ls
Ephoto: Require EFL 1.18.
Ephoto: Save thumbnails in $HOME/.thumbnails
Ephoto: Select and bring in the current item when going from single view to thumb view.
Ephoto: The directory chosen in the config panel should be the root directory, not actually /
Ephoto: Update config about with new image.
Ephoto: Update label for config directory setting. Fix crash while changing directories in single view.
Ephoto: Update spec.
Ephoto: Update thumb dir to be .cache/ephoto/thumbnails/ .. Use XDG_CONFIG_HOME if available, else use HOME/.config
Ephoto: Update year in copyright.
EPhoto: Use eina_file_stat_ls as eina_file_direct_ls does not work on bsd.
Ephoto: Use new indent style on the genlist non tree items.
Ephoto: USE XDG_CACHE_HOME/ephoto/thumbnails if XDG_CACHE_HOME exists, otherwise use $HOME/.cache/ephoto/thumbnails