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import os
import distutils
from import build
from distutils.log import warn, info, error
from DistUtilsExtra import auto
from epour import __version__
class sdist_auto(auto.sdist_auto):
filter_suffix = ['.pyc', '.mo', '~', '.swp', '-workspace', '-project']
def _data_files_append(distribution, target, files):
""" Tiny util to append to data_files, ensuring data_file is defined """
if not isinstance(files, (list, tuple)):
files = [files]
if distribution.data_files is None:
data_files = distribution.data_files = []
data_files = distribution.data_files
data_files.append((target, files))
class build_edc(distutils.cmd.Command):
description = 'compile all the edje themes using edje_cc'
user_options = [('themes-dir=', 'd', 'directory that holds the themes '
'(default: data/themes)'),
('main-name=', 'n', 'main edc file name of the themes '
'(default: main.edc)')]
def initialize_options(self):
self.themes_dir = None
self.main_name = None
def finalize_options(self):
if self.themes_dir is None:
self.themes_dir = 'themes'
if self.main_name is None:
self.main_name = 'main.edc'
def run(self):
distutils.dir_util.mkpath('data/themes', verbose=False)
for name in os.listdir(self.themes_dir):
edc_file = os.path.join(self.themes_dir, name, self.main_name)
if os.path.isfile(edc_file):
self.compile_theme(name, edc_file)
def compile_theme(self, name, edc_file):
Compile edc file to using edje_cc, and put the generated theme file
in the data_files list so it got installed.
theme_dir = os.path.dirname(edc_file)
sources = []
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(theme_dir):
sources.extend( os.path.join(root, name) for name in files )
edj_file = os.path.join('data', 'themes', '%s.edj' % name)
if distutils.dep_util.newer_group(sources, edj_file):
info('compiling theme "%s" from edc file: "%s"' % (name, edc_file))
cmd = ['edje_cc', '-v',
'-id', theme_dir, '-id', os.path.join(theme_dir, 'images'),
'-fd', theme_dir, '-fd', os.path.join(theme_dir, 'fonts'),
'-sd', theme_dir, '-sd', os.path.join(theme_dir, 'sounds'),
edc_file, edj_file]
info("changing mode of %s to 644", edj_file)
os.chmod(edj_file, 0o0644) # stupid edje_cc create files as 0600 :/
target = os.path.join('share', self.distribution.get_name(), 'themes')
_data_files_append(self.distribution, target, edj_file)
def has_themes(bar):
return True
build.sub_commands.append(('build_edc', has_themes))
author='Kai Huuhko',
maintainer='Kai Huuhko',
description='A BitTorrent client',
'Epour is a BitTorrent client based on EFL and rb-libtorrent.'
license='GNU GPL',
'libtorrent (>=1.1)',
'sdist': sdist_auto,
'build_edc': build_edc,