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This should wait until most of the features are in and the strings are stable.
☐ Make strings localizable
☐ Create pot file
☐ Generate po files
Add Torrent-dialog:
✔ Use dicts to hold torrent info between sessions. @done (15:57 30.06.2014)
✔ Migrate the old ihash->torrent_file dict to the new list of torrents @done (15:57 30.06.2014)
✔ Dialog window @done (15:57 30.06.2014)
✔ Options @done (15:57 30.06.2014)
✔ File selector @done (15:57 30.06.2014)
✔ Storage path @done (15:57 30.06.2014)
☐ Add preferences for initial/automatic values for the above
☐ Torrent tooltips
Using handle.status()
☐ More tooltips in general
☐ More D-Bus controls ./epour/Epour.py>EpourDBus
☐ Auto-paste magnet links from clipboard ./epour/gui/Main.py>TorrentSelector
Remake this feature
✘ Construct and populate ./epour/gui/Preferences.py>PreferencesSession with an Idler @cancelled (21:20 01.07.2014)
☐ Moving finished torrents to a different folder
✔ Move proxy settings to its own naviframe page and don't autocollapse the frames @done (13-08-18 18:02) @project(Misc)