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Evisum 0.5.11
* Improve layout of process explorer.
* Consisent UI element sizing.
* Some minor visual improvements.
* Removing some leftover attrocity code.
* Add window alpha to the process explorer.
* Show CPU usage over multiple cores in process explorer.
* Add time on CPU field (FreeBSD reports differently depending
on the query), they are both accurate.
* Add a status bar.
* Resolve some rare-case minor string things from sysfs parsing.
Evisum 0.5.10

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@ -12,22 +12,12 @@ Process List:
Maybe the genlist/buttons widget can be a widget with other features also.
Some issue with scrolling CPU after some time. Not the cache.
Process View:
Some stats over time visually (pretty). Fix the keyboard focus tree.
Add some stats, process CPU time etc. Needs plugged in.
This whole UI bit can be much simpler and better. Cool to check a process
in the list and pop up some live informative stats...
Improve keyboard support.
A flat icon. ApBBB's original icon is better than I currently can do but it's
not quite right.
Have one process polling and writing to disk and mapping to memory some IPC
for real-time stats for a UI.
Fix minor leak on exit when setting custom format on progressbar free callback.
Issue is cache related and abusing genlist related.