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There are none :)
* Some input devices (touchpads) will send far too many events
which the scroller respects and that is extremely intensive
for the genlist of the process explorer. Fix is either in EFL
or configure scrolling behaviour for the device.
* Alignment of some items. Please, for now, find an optimum width
manually, which the program will remember on all future runs.
Theme constraints (and i'd like to support others than default),
and the ability to select various fields means this is a necessity
for now until...who knows...
* Memory calculations. These ARE accurate AFAIU, but they are not
standard practice of all items aggregated as with other tools.
* Other issues are possibly OS bugs. FreeBSD, for example, depending
on the query will list two different times for process CPU time.
Some inclusive of interrupts and others exclusive. Not a bug.
* If you are writing an EFL application...copy my practice at your own