process: macos process address space...

This comment's origin could be disputable it's from libtop.c
from macOS top command. There is very little external documentation
for these things. As time goes on it gets worse....
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Alastair Poole 2020-07-26 22:48:52 +01:00
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@ -546,7 +546,9 @@ _cmd_get(Proc_Info *p, int pid)
args = malloc(argmax);
if (!args) return;
/* See libtop.c (top) for the origin of this comment, which is necessary as
* there is little other documentation...thanks Apple.
* Make a sysctl() call to get the raw argument space of the process.
* The layout is documented in start.s, which is part of the Csu
* project. In summary, it looks like: