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Evisum 0.5.9
* Search "dialogue" added to process list.
* Remember window sizing and location.
* Simplify the process list view. One job, processes. Memory, CPU
and other stats have their own windows.
* Introduce the menu to other windows. No feature takes
presedence (potentially).
* Improved keyboard support. PgUp/PgDown focus. All windows
close on Escape. You can quickly check some stat then close it.
* Rewrite the sensors UI. Some OS don't cache when reading
sensors. It makes better use of screen also.
* Add a basic indicator for power supply.
* Improve behaviour on OpenBSD amd64 and arm64.
* Remove lots of horrible code.
* Fix bug (CPU).
* Purge an overly complicated storage API.
* Internally things are much better. Much simpler.
* ...
Evisum 0.5.8
* Make evisum client/server based.
* Internal changes.
* Process tree tab (process view).
* Add CPU and Memory desktop launcher files.
* Introduce icons for process view and process list.
* Use progress bars for CPU/process/thread usage.
* Improve storage UI to prepare for stats.
* Fix some ASAN detected issues.
* Icons from the rasterman and myself.
* Show system battery total in summary panel (process list).
* CPU frequency logic improvement.
* Display video memory usage per device in memory usage (Linux only).
Thanks raster.
* Lots more included in the commit logs and hidden away completely
irrelevant to the title of the commit. :)
* Remember window sizing.
Evisum 0.5.7
* Use a cache of objects for storage.
* Add kernel threads to the options.
* Add config for backgrounds only as well as effects.
Cycle through the 3 modes with the "effects" button.
* Remove network from the GUI (for now), needs to be more
detailed to have any value.
* Move "misc" to "sensors".
* Improve the "burger" menu icon.
* Add CPU thermal zone support to the UI.
* CPU thermal support Linux (hwmon) and FreeBSD.
* Where possible display CPU core topology correctly.
* Add "helper" overlay to the CPU view.
* Move Linux thermal zone to the sysfs hwmon interface.
* Undocumented fixes.
Evisum 0.5.6
* Remove useless code to silence a
warning from EFL.
Evisum 0.5.5
* Added CPU frequency scaling support.
* Show kernel threads by default.
* Add configurable poll time (see new menu).
* CPU / Mem view respect polling settings.
* Improve genlist behaviours.
* Replaced the elm_menu with a better menu.
* New per-core CPU window (thanks raster).
* Some icons from bling (thanks raster).
* Some photographs of skies (thanks raster).
* Some animation, images and icons.
* Add a mascot (Harvey my Australian dog).
* Fix rare crash.
* UI changes...
* Other small fixes undocumented.
* No more macOS features or changes as they are locking
down their eco-system...things change all the time with
zero documentation and to access various OS sub-systems
you are required signing certicates and your name in blood...
Not really a fan of Darwinisms, more into string theory...
Evisum 0.5.4
* Fix typo (Linux battery).
Evisum 0.5.3
* Option to show kernel threads.
* Show PPID in process view.
* Show process start time.
Evisum 0.5.2
* OpenBSD workaround.
* More translations added.
* Spanish, French and Italian translations.
* About visual fix.
* Search icon in search entry.
Evisum 0.5.1
* OpenBSD improvements.
* Fix some 64-bit memory calculation issues.
* Split out the machine querying code.
* macOS improvements.
* Under-the-hood cosmetic changes.
* Credit photograph appropriately (about).
* Bug fixes.
Evisum 0.5.0
* Introduce a traditional application menu.
* Add a CPU core viewer with rudimentary graphs.
* Add filesystem querying API.
* Support infinite sensors and batteries.
* Take into account ZFS usage on FreeBSD systems.
* Add documentation viewer in the process view.
* Create a process window for proceses (split the UI out).
* View per-thread core usage of process.
* Support threads on Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and DragonFlyBSD.
* Process argument parsing refinements.
* Code refactoring of process and thread query API.
* Fix memory leaks.
* UI alignments and improvements.
* Massive rearrangement of the source tree.
* Indicate process list sorting.
* Fix swap calculation on macOS.
* Allow user to attach to a process (no more excuses users!!!).
* Add an about window.
* ISC licensed.
* Remove old GPL licensed icons (now public-domain).
* Bug fixes.
Evisum 0.4.1
* Fix intl support for some Linux distributions.
* Improve the search responsiveness.
* Improve window resize behaviour.
* Fix process arguments on FreeBSD/DragonFlyBSD.
* Fix command-line parsing of Linux processes.
* Introduce some transition animations.
* Small refactor.
Evisum 0.4.0
* Use a generic list for process listing (pretty).
* Add process menu.
* Set application priority (nice).
* UI improvements.
* Offer kvm_openfiles means of obtaining PID list on
FreeBSD-based platforms. This requires specific
permissions (s+g kmem). We fallback if that fails.
use a genlist (meh).
* Save settings upon exit. Sorting and window size.
* Reduce object creation and deletion.
* Improve display of memory and storage sizes.
* Use object caching where applicable.
* Remove redundant code.
* FreeBSD et al. Get process arguments akin to Linux.
* macOS improvements for process information.
* Process command-line (new field).
* Added translation support (with French and Italian).
* Other stuff.
Evisum 0.3.2
* Add new icon. This works better with our
existing applications. It has a retro
Evisum 0.3.1
* Fix OpenBSD process init.
Evisum 0.3.0
* Fix UI alignment.
* Add search to UI.
* General tidying.
* Fix rare crash.
* Fix some calculations.
* Linux process information improvements.
* OpenBSD specific fixes.
* Various UI improvements.
* Various tidying.
* Move to Meson build system.
Evisum 0.2.6
* Add support for multiple batteries (GUI).
* Various refactoring.
* Increase responsiveness.
* GUI changes.
* Shutdown improvements.
* Fix some memory leaks.
* Battery names (where applicable).
* Various small tidying.
* Use Eina helpers where applicable.
* Add battery names and model (Linux and FreeBSD).
Evisum 0.2.4
* Fix GUI on launch and shutdown.
* Fix tingle compilation (makefile).
* Other bug fixes and improvements.
Evisum 0.2.2
* Fix OpenBSD CPU usage (6.5+).
* Visual fixes.
* Add swapped memory item.
* Updated tingle command-line tool.
* Small bug fixes.
Evisum 0.2.0
* Add command-line utility (tingle) to complement
* Fix object destruction before exiting main loop.
* Add variable unit display (K, M and G).
* Minor refactoring.
Evisum 0.1.2
* Fix process list geometry on resize.
* Install icon in proper location.
* Fix .desktop file.
* Make installation instructions easier.
* Improve non-Linux builds.
Evisum 0.1.1
* Add fallback mechanism on Linux for disk-detection.
* Make life easier for packagers (thanks Juippis and OnlyHuman).
Evisum 0.1.0
* Full support across Linux, MacOS, FreeBSD and OpenBSD.
* Process Listing.
* Single-process view.
* Start/stop/kill individual process.
* Process PID, UID, name, thread count, memory use, nice, priority,
state, CPU ID and CPU usage.
* CPU monitoring.
* Memory monitoring.
* Disk usage monitoring.
* Network usage monitoring.
* CPU temperature monitoring.
* Battery and power status.